Tuesday, June 03, 2008

“Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging”

Yesterday started pretty late, simply because my first meeting was late in the evening. No thanks to the heavy rain, sampai tertutup NKVE (banjir kilat kot... amik ko highway pun kerapkali leh masaalah camni - and we pay toll for this?), LDP jam nak mampos (thanks to the great road system we have ), aku tak sempat make it to Damansara in time.

So instead met all the guys later in Taman Desa with our celebriuty backing for an online project. Meeting haper takleh cakap for now, but here's a bunch of the guys I met up with.

Semua pun bloggers. In fact, for those who use the Nuffnang service, the guy on the extreme left tuh head honcho Nuffnang, which is Timothy Tiah aka Tim aka Timmy. And the babe next to him is Sam... yes, if you use Nuffnang mesti pernah communicate ngan meka nih.

Aku takleh cakap sapa lagik kat meeting tuh, so kena rahsiakan wat skang. But one really hot celebrity babe ada. Eh.. nanti jerk aku cita.

Oh by the way, peminat Akademi Fantasia, tunggu ujung minggu ni banyak berita and pics coming on the kids.

Apa dia takleh bagitau dulu. Tunggu ek!

By the way, speaking of Nuffnang, they're known for throwing some of the best parties in town!They had a Pajama Party some time back, and screw it... I missed it!

Masa tuh ada er benda lain. Kali ni funkier! They're having the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging Party!

The fun part? Ok, being at a party with 100 or so bloggers from all over Malaysia (snd Singapore too if I'm not mistaken) is one thing.

The best costume gets a Dell XPS M1330 laptop! And there are two up for grabs. I'm a cinch to win at least one, I'm sure cause I have a transformation team at hand to show these kids how its done. Matilah bangga sebab leh tukau jadik binatang! Heh!

So now, I'm considering either of two animals I know it's possible to convincingly transform into.

Ok, so I guess the obvious choice is a panda because of my body type and my chubby face. Like du-uh, but honestly I'm thinking about the best effects once transformed. Yes, some people may meet just the basic requirements for the party, like wearing a t shirt with animal motif or prints, but I'm pulling out all the stops!

Nanti jer la tengok camna.

Whether it's just make up or using prosthetic masks, I'm game for it - depending on my 'experts' on hand. Am not going to don some cheap ass mask though, or a ready made gorilla suit.

Yawn... never mind, I'll post the finished results if and when I do make the 'change'. One thing is for sure, I am positive about taking home the Dell, as the top of the food chain there. That's confidence for you!

If you have a blog, and you haven't joined Nuffnang, join now and enter this. It's the party of the year for bloggers, and you definitely don't want to miss this! CLICK HERE for more info!