Thursday, June 12, 2008

Onward and ever on - destination.. Manchester!

Remember the last entry when I posted the picture of the limited edition Mister Potato packaging? Ok, so I was being horribly vague about my intentions, but here's what it's all about.

Thanks to Nuffnang, THE name in blog ads and the finest blog community in the country (also in Singapore, and Batam - as Phua Chu Kang would have liked it), eight groups of five bloggers each have been formed. That makes it a total of 40 blogger involved in this massive project.

The objectives?

To work out the best way to promote the Mister Potato contest which is ongoing. In other words, play ad agencies on our own to come up with a campaign for an on-going contest they're having. Have no idea what I'm going on about?

Take a closer look at the limited edition packaging that's out now. I know a footie freak who actually bought ALL the various designs in different packaging available to have his own collection ok. Football nut!

The limited edition Mister Potato packaging

The challenge was to come up with our take of how to promote the ongoing Mister Potato competition where 30 lucky winners who emerge with the most number of points from Mr Potato purchases gets to win a visit to Trafford and all apart from cash prizes of RM5,000 each up for grabs to the top three ranked.

More info on the competition is available at

THE site to check out to make your Trafford dreams come true

Now read on to further enlighten yourselves on our noble efforts.
So first of all, I have my team, Group G (nothing to do with Master G, my role from the telemovie Gaia), *drumroll please*. Presenting the team who CHIPped in the project (horrible pun intended)... (Josh, I had to use your bits, they made us look good.. and I couldn't do justice to yours like you did to our blog promos...thanks anyway, mate!)...

When I got the call from Rob from Nuffnang, that I was to co-lead Group G together with Tim, the big taiko of Nuffnang, I seriously had my doubts over what I could contribute to the whole project.

So Group G got to work. Not very easy mind you. Most of us, hadn't met before.. well at least I hadn't met most of them before.And being spread out, and not just in KL, everything had to be online, which given the nature of my freelance projects in abundance... wasn't an easy thing to juggle.

Still, throw in everyone's various field of expertise, and we had a workable project which was, unique, to say the least.

Initially I honestly, with so many ideas, I may have been a tad skeptical. Too many cooks spoil the broth, you see.

However, it was amazing how they all worked it out, and each person pulled their weight that the work was virtually a breeze. The chemistry was definitely there, and everyone functioned well, complementing each other's strengths.

The idea of the sugar dolls, and the execution of it from the Big Boys pastry wizards were definitely the foundation for the whole idea.

Cute little buggers.. aren't they? That's PINK (Why pink??!!...but check out my piercings!)

These characters, were to be translated into a paneled comic strip. Upon agreement, a script was drawn up, and a storyboard drawn up.

Apart from the geniuses at Big Boys Oven for the sugar dolls, hurrahs to Tim for the brilliant idea for the strip specifically and props to Cedric for that lot of work into the layout and storyline especially. Hwei Ming had the lens ready for the pictures. Jason kept everything together, mumbling sensibly through it all.

Everyone chipped in one way or another, especially since there was much confusion over bits and pieces. So much for technology when it comes to keeping in touch, eh?

With all all of them providing ideas best related to their field,

I almost felt embarrassed that I gave only directions. Leadership? I hope I did my best.
But it was amazing to see everyone contributing, which made it so easy for me to co-lead the whole thing with Tim. From the photography aspect, to the photoshop magic, to the sheer genius of the idea to use the ultra cute sugar dolls in an approach skewed towards the target audience of a younger set in what is almost a tribute to the younger generation's obsession with anime and manga...the comic strip is definitely the best marketing approach, I'm sure.

After all, the Japanese at least believe that cute characters, sell a warmer approach to product promotion. Heck, even their police department has a cartoon mascot not too unlike our sugar doll selves.

My share? Apart from sticking my nose in Cedric's share to discuss the strip layout as he was heading for the final drafts, all I could really come up with was something to 'punctuate' the event, by providing a celebrity cameo appearance in the comic strip drawn up to tell our story. Hey everyone loves celebrity cameos!

And since the guys said we were basically seven guys, likening it all to the seven dwarves, we needed our Snow White.

And our cameo? A sizzling hottie by the name of Hannah Tan, who I definitely owe my firstborn to for doing me the favour (boy, she'll have to wait really long for that).

So what do you guys think?

Decent? Or more like simply amazing.. even if I do have to say so myself.

The comic strip

Yes! Hannah loves me, even thought I'm PINK! (I may be pink. but my piercings tetap ganas ok!)

PS - Semalam Stacy chat sampai tengah malam. Kesian dia kurang sihat. Aku sempat kejap online before kena ciao tuk meeting. Tak jadik masuk studio. Semalam giliran Nubhan. Esok aku tak pasti siapa but I'll let you guys know.