Saturday, June 07, 2008

More.. and more... walaupun...

Yes, here are a few more pics. Pas abih malam media, kami semua diam diam gi private supper gituh. Bukan haper... but year in year out, this kids semua, whatever happens to them, unlike some yang tak amik pot meka pas abih competition, I keep in touch with them as like I say, they've become part of the Fantasia family.

Fans come, fans go - the real fans join the Fantasia family - which includes former students, and those who follow the kids no matter what.

For those yang sebelum ni tau la.. susah senang I know their problems and stakat mana leh bantu, I try. And I am proud of my Fantasia family which I've become part of for six years now.
Whatever my stand on their abilities inside the Akademi, outside, this is what happens.
And that's why Akademi Fantasia is so special to me.

It's given me REAL friends and REAL family. Working together closely, it's not hard to get close and to feel pride over their successes and sadness at their failures.

I wish all these kids in the sixth season all the best, and hope they will live up to the Fantasia family tradition of being one.

Anyway, masa supper ramai gak aku berjaya organise.

Wan, Nik and Su from Maestro and Astro, Juan and Linda Jasmine selain the kids in Alif, Faisal, Naim, Lufya (and friend), Rina, Nadia and Riz made up our private supper club yang by invite only.

Salute Riz join walaupun dia pagi buta tadik balik kampung nak shooting Trek Selebriti.
Toi kena balik sebab member dia kat rumah, Ika and Yana went back, while Nubhan entah ke mana. Stacy couldn't join though she was supposed to and kesian dia di paksa join bebudak production sebab nak briefing ke Sabah today for the Aku Stacy shoot. Wait for pics on that.

Rojak da janji nak email pics Stacy di sana.

Anyway, enjoy the few pics of our supper club gathering kat Kopitiam di Jalan Yap Kwan Seng where we enjoyed our fun time.

Er.. tu bukan benda mistik melayan ek. Aku isap rokok time sibuk amik pic ni

Hah.. ni baru betol...lamanya Nadia pose!

Riz lapar habis, while Lufya sempat stop pose

Tagteam ni asik gang bersama je sepanjang malam

Wan and Linda.. belakang tuh enter frame perhal. Si Alif pun perasan

Su and Nik (thanks Nik for being the sweetie of the night!)

And finally... ni a video of persembahan Stacy masa dia nyanyikan Aku Stacy. Aku tak sempat amik the other performances, tapi this is fun sebab semua menggila menari sekali. Enjoy the video.. and be posting more soon.