Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jangan Tegur

Got up feeling woozy today sebab stayed up the night nak finish up work for my column and a story or two for cover. At least with that out of the way, takyah melekat office hari nih, and leh kuar assignment. That's the part I love most about this job. If you want to cut the chase... you can. Just do things in a more rajin fashion - and you get to kick back a little.

Anyway, got myself straightened out and headed to Mines Shopping Fair nak ke Lemon Restaurant owned by David Teoh. Ada pelancaran filem Jangan Tegur by MIG Production. It's a new horror movie they're shooting soon written, directed and starring a very talented young man, Pierre Andre. The same dude yang responsible untuk Jalan Pandang Belakang.

The cast termasuk Julia Ziegler and Rozita Che Wan. Yang tak dapat hadir include Nadia Mustafar, Almy Nadia.. a few. Tapi kak Ellie Suriarti and Azri Iskandar who are also in the cast sampai lewat sikit sebab meka ada rehearsal lain.

The complete cast for the movie includes Kaza pun ok... amik ko! Mesti horror besh... walaupon aku tak der ler enjoy sangat Jangan Pandang Belakang (except part nenek tuh yang go on, "bughok bonar kawan ko tuh" *shivers*)

Hah.. ni some pics.

The leads - Pierre, Julia and Rozita.

Pics candid manja.

Amik banyak tuh jer pon. Spent some time talking to Pierre. Am really impressed with him la. That's one young man yang memang focused on what he wants. I can only hope that my plans turns out even half of what he has done in such a short time.

Anyway, we ended the thingie about almost 8pm. Tapi tetiba kak Ellie sampai pas practise dia so dok borak anyam ketupat sat. Mak aih... kalao da dok gossip tak hengat masa.

I absolutely adore kak Ellie. For me, she is indeed one of the best actresses in the country. And underrated too. Aku penah tengok one of her mono-presentations kat Aswara... terpegun. I can still remember her performance. Too bad most actresses now harapkan gosip murahan nak rampas suami, laki orang jer. Matilah ko.. don't you even dare mention anything about a cat *gelak pecah perot*

Anyway, kak Ellie is having another monologue thingie soon, so I'll keep you guys updated on that. She's doing the Islamic musical Sirah Junjungan (so want to watch that!) which is expected to be a powerful presentation and then Jangan Tegur first.

Anyway... tengah sibuk borak borak... bini David... Jane offer len chee kang. So ok jerk. Now this is authentic Chinese styled len chee kang. Sebab molot memasing da kering, aku pun down everything quite fast. Farihad punya bowl pun nak kering da time tuh.

Alamak... da hampir habis rupanya. Almost. Then... Rudy made a discovery which left all us nak throw up.

Yes... it was actually a bloody fly in the len chee kang. Must be the Asian twist to the fly in my soup joke (I think the bloody thing looked drowned!). But no one batted an eyelid sebab sibuk gossip (Rudy stakat ask them to take it away with a disgusted look), though I felt sick after that membayangan entah haper yang masuk da. Eew!!!

Well.. still... it was good len chee kang (matilah!!!)

Sped off to meet Boo after hari pertama dia keja part time. Bangga dia nak independent. Walaupun keja biasa jer part time for a convenience store, aku memang bangga sebab dia tak harapkan sesapa nak survive. Hey.. not all of us are born with silver spoons shoved way down our throats.

But I suppose bitching about it isn't going to change anything - and while opportunity doesn't knock that much when you start with that handicap of not having that leg up, one day... things will happen if you keep going at it, and keeping your intentions for wanting to succeed right and clear. Me? Aku nak make lots of money so I can afford a fantastic retirement for my parents. Tuh jer.

And if I can move beyond that - maybe I'll get that Prada suit I want. And those Gucci sunnies which are on 40% discount. Damn.. off topic lak. Sorry... shopaholic.

Boo had to do assignment sikit, so about midnight pas jemput dia, lepak McDonalds Shah Alam (tatau section berapa) tuk just menyibuk dia and a four other course mates dia nak wat presentation.

Had fun... chatted, helped them out a little. And before you know it, da 4am. Mak aih!
Sempat complete this entry - and then preparing for bed.

Fazura punya court case bersambung tomorrow - da janji nak gi lend moral support. Also adik Acaf call aku da, mintak tolong pick up Sunburst nya tickets. Alamak... lupa. He's supposed to call me when he reached KL besok...

Damn... looks like I'm not getting much sleep tomorrow.

Malam esok lak da janji Nik nak ke final Raja Lawak. Argh... Saturday lak packed. Damn! Between Sunburst, Akademi Fantasia and Dynas punya wedding. Matilah aku!
Ok la... nak tido la. Pening pikir jadual camni...

Enjoy these pics from yesterday punya entry aku tak sempat letak.

Door gift dari Astro Oasis yang unik. Fighting fish (I think). And a scented candle... I don't know how they're related... got two, so gave one to Boo.

Weird toilets in Parkroyal Hotel.I understand if the guy needs a head (matilah lawak lucah), but what's with the headless thingies.