Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's right around the corner

Yes, Akademi Fantasia is starting. Tadik masa lalu Shah Alam nak lunch with my Boo sebelum hantar dia kerja, lalu the Akademi. Busy nampaknya... heh... sibuk last minute preparations. Esok bebudak da check in. Semua da set, or it would look so.

Here comes the new season.

Matilah ada orang Astro kecoh kang aku spy sana. Erm... public road ma!

Went to Bangsar, got a manicure, joined by Juan. Yeap, it's pamper yourself day. After that, we went to delicious kat Bangsar Village II nak melantak.

Planned this sebab this week the last la hujung minggu leh spend camni sebab memasing pasni akan sibuk tidur the whole day and the evening ke konsert mingguan Akademi Fantasia and spend the next day completing work, and Mondays with the elimination PC.

Waited for Fazura nak buzz us. She forced me and Juan to join her for Sunburst walaupon malas sebenarnya nak join up for the event as takde artis yang either of us bebetul minat. But sebab dia paksa kata da ada tiket for both of us - we had to agree. After all that thought...

Lagikpun aku ada pass, so aku pun decide ok jerk.

Heading there now... update tomorrow on how the concert went.