Sunday, March 16, 2008

I met John Legend and Incubus!

Yes... people. I met John Legend. And Incubus too.

Ok, so that opportunity is so wasted on me sebab aku tak rally minat either one of them. But tough luck! I got the chance. Matilah riak! For fans of John Legend (including the tons of girls trying to play groupie and swearing at me under their breaths)... eat your heart out!

For fans of John and Incubus (who didn't get to meet them), hope this pics will alleviate your pain (or increase them if you're jealous of my photo op with John!

By the way, while I got to meet with Incubus, didn't get a chance to have a pic taken with the boys sebab ramai sangat orang serbu. Cam ngan John, I got to talk to him and tae a proper pic, and not a fan pic sebab was luckier to meet him in a more sane environment. Yeay!

Guess who's with John Legend?

John signing an autograph for a fan (not me obviously)

More of John

In performance

Heavily guarded everywhere

Incubus in the house!Fans of Incubus enjoy the pics. Sorry i didn't take any of their performance. I was busy with John Legend when they were performing. First set... meeting some lucky fans who won the chance to meet and greet sessions.

More of Incubus

Yes.... the love KL - as the complimentary t shirt they received says.

Anyone screaming in rage now? Anyway, both John and Incubus were awesome. Sempat catch bits of Meet Uncle Hussain and they were pretty awesome too. Didn't watch any of the other acts sebab none really piqued my interest.

Here are some pics of some of our local celebs and friends I bumped into masa Sunburst. Ashraf Sinclair dan Bunga Citra Lestari were about, but tak amik pic. Also bumped into Burn, Nana and a lot of other pals apart from the ones in the photos.

Oh yeah, they were selling these little lighted up stuff - the most popular being the lighted horns. So everyone was kind of feeling 'horny' terus.

Faz feeling horny! Matilah aku! Thanks baby gurl for the invite...

Love this shot I took of Sazzy. Positively devilish!

Yasmin Hani nak snappy orang tapi sempat pose for my camera...

Dayang - a John Legend fan too

So did enjoy it? As much as I enjoyed Raja Lawak. Honestly... biasa je. Cuma seronok sebab kengkawan ramai. Yeap, the same friends who wanted to kill me for having the chance to get up close and personal with John Legend. Anyway, here are some other pics of the night. Banyak sangat aku amik sebenarnya. tapi ni some choice picks of the pics...

Cam pasar malam entrance nak masuk

The sight that greeted me nak masuk the padang

Erm... so that's what those balloons are

To the right of the entrance, two stages a distance from each other with simultaneous shows ongoing

Up ahead at the other end of the field. Two more stages side by side swapping turns showcasing the main acts

A bar in the middle of it all... erm... cam Bangkok lak

One of the two main stages

The main stages

The mess left behind.. Malaysians can so forget their manners and be such slobs in public at times

My media pass with Paparazzi... VIPs (who usually get free passes) got this one my soon to be former numero uno boss was wearing. FREELOADER!!!! (matilah carot depan depan!)
The passes were a cute touch. Artistes got 'Rockstar'... and several others I saw lah for the various designations. All in all it was ok. Despite it having rained a couple of hours before I got there, the field wasn't too muddy.

Unlike a lot of people, sweet talking got me a nice parking spot about five minutes walk from the field, unlike most other people who parked 5km away. Heh...

Aduh... sronoknya nak bergambar ngan John Legend. Walaupun tak minat - da beberapa orang makan hati!

Eh... ok la.. nak catch a nap. Will review the Tirai Akademi Fantasia and the contestants announced to be in later in the next entry ok. Ciao.

PS - For those wondering why I haven't posted the wedding pics of Dynas.. tak sempat ke akad nikah dia pagik tadik. have to so apologise to her! Da la saning belah malam... gi Sunburst lak. Minggu depan lak yang grand nyer... tu lak clash ngan Konsert Akademi Fantasia... damn. So have to make up for it!