Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today has been the busiest day in a long time. Started the day early. Aku gi opis lama aku. Took some time there as massive drama. Ya ampun! I had no idea some people can be so.... heh.. what's the word. Kiasu? Pathetic freeloader is more like it. Oh forgive and forget. Karma has a funny way of catching up kan?

Tunggu la masa yang sepatutnya dan kemudian... RASAIN!!!!

Matilah ko!

Anyway, rushed for meeting with some web designers/programmers/developers on project M (tuh jer codename for now), and got quoted way below the allocatd RM40,000 I thought would barely cover costs. In fact, initial quotation given baru RM20,000 with the works, but with a little added bits and pieces here, went up to RM30,000. With a lot more than I bargained for.

Still, not decided on it, and will see if the dudes the right guys for Project M.

Rushed for one more meeting ngan Julia. Closure for my earlier drama, while Juan had his share of the day.

Got that over finally along with dinner, and I headed back to Bangsar home kejap. More calls, and I had to meet Man for talk on another thing I'm working on, er..let's just say Project S.(motif bebanyak abjad ni???)

Supposed to meet a composer/producer but forgot totally sebab BOTH my phone batteries died after someone called me up with some interesting gosip which went on and on.

Got that kind of sorted out and popped in to see Nadia recording for her song,

Gila gak. Tengok jer what time the picture was taken!

Semangat walaupun letih time recording

Anyhoo, before I end this entry, tengok la pic aku amik masa dalam perjalanan nak jumpa Julia. Heh... ada moral behind the story. This picture became the contoh of that.

So what's the moral of the story? Senang jer. Sometimes from a distance, like this sign, things read like a promise. But as you get closer you realise that it's actually promoting something else.

The truth is often embellished behind interesting sugar-coated fanciful things that are attractive. Bila da dekat, you realise it's totally about something else. Tak paham?

Neither do some people. But they're going to find out soon. And I sympathise with them.