Friday, March 14, 2008

Hands and legs

Argh! Hari ni rushing sana sini. Nak pick up eight Sunburst tickets... not for me. But for adik Acaf sebab aku da janji ngan dia nak collect tuk dia dulu sebab dia baru balik skolah asrama kan. Matilah aku ke Subang Jaya rushing in the rain.

Eight tickets - supposed to be priced at RM200 (RM203 inclusive of some stupid processing fee EACH!), but got them 15% off, so each at RM173, which added up to RM1,384. Aiyo!
Merasalah aku hand over the cash pening. Heh... rasa cam orang kaya lak.

Headed over to Bukit Antarabangsa in the rain and passed adik the tickets for tomorrow and he passed me RM1,400. What the hell am I going to do with the money?

Nak bank in takleh... so bak jer ke hulu hilir. Jangan kena rompak jer lah... tu doa aku sepanjang malam.

Rushed to PJ for the Raja Lawak Astro finals sebab da janji kengkawan nak gi.

Got stuck in the jam.. again.

Why is it, on a Friday, and it rains, the whole of the friggin' Klang Valley mesti sumbat cam longkang tak kena servis Alam Flora (talk about lousy metaphors)

Anyhoo, meka start 9pm, but I only reached the venue kol 9.45pm!!!

Seb baik seats da booking - so ok la.

Enjoyed the show - as much as I would having my toenails pulled out.

Argh! Still, everyone was laughing so I guess mesti kes aku jer takde sense of humour kot.

Nabil won - woohoo for him. Me? Perut cramp siot!

Angin tak makan sejak lunch sebab rushing around. Masa nak balik, shot the only picture for the night - a sign that... well... obviously was worded by a schooled person.

For those who don't understand Bahasa Malaysia, kakitangan means staff. kaki tangan (with the space) just simply means hands legs. Erm... bloody hell. So the parking is for strictly hands and legs?

Juan sibuk nak cup the space for his hands. Erm...

Went to spend some time with my Boo along with Halim and his friend. Got home at about 4am. Esok mampu ke nak bangun ke, nak ke Dynas nya akad nikah. Here's hoping.