Thursday, June 19, 2008


Had a good rest the whole day and only left the house belah malam je. Firstly, I had to pick up some stuff. So a quick round of unsuccessful shopping tak jumpa apa aku needed tuh.

Then headed to the location determned by Stacy FC for her online chat session on the official website.

Semua da sampai by the time I got there. So started setting up my laptop, camera pun keluar, webcam pun keluar. Macam cybercafe da restaurant kami lepak tuh.

But it was fun, because kali ni I think over a dozen, including Stacy FC punya AJK semua join in.
Aku set up webcam on Tanakwagu's laptop tapi problem, so had to set up on mine, but sangkut kat his laptop which Stacy was using so people could view her chatting.

I think about 19 people managed to get on webcam, while those who couldn't aku direct upload pictures snapped on the spot.
Ni some pictures of the chat session.

Cherry tech support .

Sempat senyum walaupun balancing calls with online chat session.

Milo ais dia pun tak sempat minum (Stacy punya ke?)

Sempat senyum, pose for the cam

Tu belakang tu Tanakwagu. Enter frame ek

Stacy continues chatting. Cherry lak balas SMS

Focus kat keyboard ni...

Aku rasa chat kali ni paling gila sibuk skali. Stacy, backed by Cherry, chatted, waved to the webcam on request, and also took phone calls from fans yang nak cakap dengan dia, selain dari sign autographs to be sent out. But it was all in good fun, and Stacy I think spent over two hours.

Dah lah tak sempat buang make up semua pas meeting tuk konsert Cornetto next weekend.

Aku pas abih, packed up, sent both Stacy and Cherry back and then headed to Danau Kota sebab da janji ngan Juan dan Ayien and wife. Yang menunggu sana, si Alif dan Faisal.

Plan nak tengok bola, Portugal lawan Germany. Actually aku tak minat Euro. Lagikpon aku da lama tak layan bola. Kang sangkut je, obsessed. But malam ni decided tak per la.. layan!!!!

Muka bola

Tuh dia. Muka bola katanya. Si Alif skali ngan Juan, Ayien, dan Naim dan Tada yang join pastu sokong Portugal. Tinggal aku da Faisal je sokong Germany. Tengah nak layan bola, biasa la lapar. so pening nak ,makan apa sebab selera kureng sikit.

So dalam tema Euro, settled for Western food gituh.

Satay? Western food?

Western ke??? And all this while aku ingat satay ni local fare, Amik ko...

Layan punya layan, Bastian Schwienseiger scored the first goal for Germany in the 22nd minute. Semua muka stress, aku dan Faisal jer gelak sambil salam.

Just over three minutes later, Miroslav Klose scored another for Germany.

Alif terus kata dia ngantuk. Heh... dia dan Faisal gerak nak balik dulu. Aku pujuk kata takpe, kita bagi sebijik lak kat Portugal.

Baru dia gerak je, Gomes scored one for Portugal. Heh.. amik ko! Masin mulut aku. Tapi aku da kata mesti Germany menang.

So by the end of the first half aku balik. Sampai rumah layan lagi.

Surprise, surprise... Germany beat Portugal 3-2 by the end of the first quarterfinal match of Euro 2008 being the first to book a berth into the semifinals.

It's been a good night.