Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hope you guys enjoyed the concert last night. Happy that Stacy pulled through. Actually masa rehearsal, she actually lost her voice and struggled through her practise run. Seb baik she did way better masa konsert Cornetto smalam. Just minor flaws here and there. Not too bad for her first major performance post Akademi Fantasia, with the frantic dance routine and all and a headset that refused to stay on.

Anyway, before I go on, congratulation to all fans of Stacy for voting her in at number one again on Carta Era!

Ok... now on with the pics.

Don't you think Stacy looks a little Ayumi Hamasaki in these shots? Love the make up!



A lousy shot by me of them on stage

The crowd despite the rain

The ladies

The group

One more

Tak sempat amik pic Mawi together with everyone sebab dia ciao cepat. Borak ngan Mawi on the phone je. Erm.. ada la tuh bab kerja. Heh! Ok la.. I think I need some well deserved sleep! Besok lagik another full day. Toodles all!