Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bedtime stories

Ah! The first day after the announcement. Signs of the aftermath of the crap decision of the government to hike up the prices higher than the skirts of some of the actresses I know when they head out for a night out on the town.

Thank you Mukhriz Mahathir for being brave enough to say the decision by the Prime Minister was not in the best interest of the people, and that it wasn't a very smart move.

Thank you to those who spoke out today in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Sarawak.

While everyone but the butt-kissing few yang untung from all this, pointed out that this would bring up inflation and bring down the standard of living, it was almost a work of fiction to see those in power think this is the best move.

The most irritating part is why they keep repeating that we should change our lifestyle. What style? Sekarang pun banyak tak mampu. Yang ada 'lifestyle' pun yang tukang wat keputusan nih semua and their families who apparently don't think it's a bother kalao naik pun harga minyak mendadak camni.

So ubah gaya hidup? Watch this.

That was the Youth For Change Malaysia's video done sometime back. Ironic isn't it? After the elections, the scenario predicted hits a little too close for comfort.

In a nutshell, we can deduce that lepas ni, kita semua akan ubah gaya hidup and end back in trees or caves no thanks to having to 'change our lifestyle' as the f**kers tell us to.

Wawasan 2020? I dread to think that far lah.

Back to that video, the pertinent question again is, despite the elections being over, nak ubah apa lebih elok sebenarnya. Ubah gaya hidup ke... ubah kerajaan?

To the idiots who made the decision to burden the Malaysian people....korang lak camna? Ubah gaya hidup tak? Are you getting rid of the has guzzling flashy official vehicles and the dozens who follow you with their rakyat-paid petrol bill?

Are you taking a pay cut?

Are you going to stop crap projects which end up white elephants?

Rebate and monthly reviews? Yeah right.. dangle a carrot that will probably spoil before it gets to us.

Bet a lot of people apart from those wiser one in the five states are regretting their asses that they didn't do more to tip the scales.

Is it any wonder that even in the blog of the tempe advocate Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo (sorry if I screwed up his title, think that's right), this are the results of the poll he conducted.

So memang kita perlukan perubahan, but not what's been prescribed by our nation's leaders.

And come July 12 when a demonstration is planned in front of the Twin Towers (our nation's finest erections - yes, I know it's an old joke, but then again, so are our politicians), let's see what the people have to say. The voice of the people was heard in the last election. The powers that be seem to want to remain deaf. I wonder what they'll do if the people get louder in what they have to say.

One thing if obvious for a huge majority of pro, or even anti government followers. The one thing they can agree on is -

uhm... pretty please?
with sugar on top?

Damn, I hate to be political. I've shunned political topics for the longest time, as I have no intention to revisit what I went through before this.

Apapon, let's see how things turn out.

Some say it's the beginning of the end of a lot of things. And I don't think all of us, unspoken though, refer to the lower petrol prices we used to enjoy.

Apapun, on to something more lighter in nature. Petang tadik ada the deayed Secretaries Day thingie at Palace Of The Golden Horses which was initially supposed to include Mawi. Instead after the initial postponement, it became a Stacy and Mila event. Here are some pics courtesy of Eleza. If you want to see more, CLICK HERE.

Thanks babe for emailing me the pics. Hope you had fun.

Sejuk hati sikit layan Stacy dan Mila...

Today ada banyak plan. Nanti aku update. Yes, more usual light hearted stuff. Takde yang stress kan cam isu harga minyak lagik.