Friday, May 30, 2008

What? Who?

So it's the end of the week, and yet tak sampai sparuh jalan what I intended to do. Damn! So many things, so little time!

Belah malam, free sikit, so played Santa Claus and dropped in on my sis to send her the shoes I bought. She liked them! Thank goodness I know her taste.

Sempat singgah lepak jumpa Ramli MS kat Plaza Damas. He was with Syd, kak Liza of Riz punya fan club as well as several other people. Caught up with a little gossip and then made a move when the place closed up, and bung Ramli had to meet someone in Ampang.

Met up with friends kat Uptown lak later for supper. Yes, the Ratatouile zone I posted pics about some time back. What can I say... memang tuh port baru pas Pelita da.

Some people can be so excited over chicken chop.

Just a note, for Stacy fans, she's taking the 7.30am flight back to Sabah tomorrow morning. Greet home the champ ok... and sesapa ada amik pics, email me at so i can post them here. I will credit you. Just share how the moment was.

Sempat gayut ngan Stacy, thanks to Nadia, sebab Stacy nya phone abih battery had to call Nadia's. Gayut with both of them a while.

Nadia fans, ingat kat Plaza PKNS Shah Alam besok at 3pm, Nadia will be there for a BSN do. Tak pasti sapa lagik ada, but worth checking out.

Aku kena go there anyway tomorrow sebab kena jemput Boo for brunch before hantar dia balik kampung. Also nak jemput 'anak anak' aku (my hamsters la in Mek and Donald and their two batch of kids).

Be posting more tomorrow...