Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Under my umbrella...

First off. Do you guys know who this is? Clue : she was an unknown struggling singer, until she made a Youtube video, of her strumming on a guitar and covering a popular song which has so far hit way over six million hits!

The answer? Marie Digby. Pronounced Ma-ree-AY Dig-Bee, not Marie ok... and the video was hher rendition of Rihanna's Umbrella.

The original video

Anyway, Marie is supposed to be here for a show. It's an open, free admission show at the One Utama New Wing, on Wednesday, 14 May at 8pm. The venue, will be near GAP, who brought her down to Singapore (day after tomorrow) and is also responsible for her trip down to Malaysia.

Anyway, guess what. I've been offered a one on one interview with Marie on Monday. Which is pretty hot because the press conference will only be on Wednesday just before the show.

Cool!! So I'll post a video of something with Marie and lots of pics by Tuesday latest, so you guys get first hand stuff before she even makes her appearance.

Ok.. a quickie jap. Here's the Diari review for semalam punya episod. Will update today's later tonight.

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 8 hari kedua

I'm trying to be optimistic and enjoy the Diari. I suppose I can find something to love about it with Nadia and Stacy goofing off, curi Nubhan's cap to hide it.

But there a bit or two worth watching ike Ramli who tried knocking some creativity into the thick skulls of the kids, explaining to them how to be open to ideas, and camna tak terkongkong, which applies to cara nyanyian mereka.

Each of them lacked something or other, but it was good that Ramli tried to isolate setiap masaalah mereka so that they can let it come across through their singing.

Toi and Nubhan clueless gila. Instead leh wat stok lawak If I said it once, I'll say it again. Hopeless.

Love the scenes of the two girls practising together and discussing. At least meka putting an effort, and not just main main jerk. Selain bakat, usaha meka and their initiative will ensure them a future.

Riz on Laskar Cinta. Wow.. he's actually struggling. But trying hard to come across right.. unlike Toi. Kesian Syafie.. aku tengok berminggu benda nih da lama sangat ajar, but to no avail.
Hah!!!! Lagu Pupus, beriya Nubhan kata lagu Radja! Matilah ko! Confident kata nak ajar Riz nyanyi. He seems to really hate this song, tapi seriously Laskar Cinta killer kalao leh wat betui, biut dia ni kena learn appreciate.Instead, dia konsep sentap light light sebab kalao dia dapat Naluri Lelaki dia rasa senang lagik. Instead... lagu tuh bagik kat Stanly.. which is the biggest joke... just like him.

More scenes of Nubhan and Stacy, trying to pic up on the supposed cinta cinta theme.
Toi beriya nak tengok tape persembahan mereka kat Istana Budaya, bagus kena keji Syafie sebab bukan nak tengok to improve themselves. Instead nak tengok syok sendiri. Nubhan pun beriya... ngada...

Nadia dan Stacy saja gatai nak jadik Totally Spies katanya. Merasalah Riz jadik Jerry! Gelak sat.... sesuai gak.. sebab Jerry ada problem hair gak. Matilah pecah lobang Stanly jadik official make up artist mereka. Heh!

Toi still going on nak tengok moka dia sendiri. Semua persembahan tunjuk, tapi Nubhan dan Toi nya jerk tanak tunjuk.

Linda has some freestyle thing going on,for the kids. Gelak sat... kenapa? Korang kalao tengok tau la sapa bergegaran overdose. Dia ingat ni So You Think You Can Dance ke, Sehati Berdansa ke overdose camtuh. Nyanyian twtap busuk tahap skunk tak mandi.

Second Diari started with drawings of bebudak on the white board. Because yesterday meka wat drawings of tenaga pengajar kan...

Striking likeness of Toi, I would have to say

I wonder who this is?

Playing the fool tol the boys. Thank God of the four boys, Riz nampak tone down and tak main main sangat da. I think he realises the earlier few weeks about all the drama, and he's more focused now. The most focused of the boys at least.

Uwaaaaa!! Setiap insan, lelaki dicipta untuk perempuan katanya... keinginan seorang lelaki...pandai Stanly evaluate lagu Naluri Lelaki kan. Just wonder if like his singing setakat theory jerk.

Riz cakap ngan umi pasal how dia memang tak suka Laskar Cinta. Wish he'd stop moaning sebab lagu tuh is one of the highlights of the week.

Nubhan yang bak lagu Aizat, but despite the song being good, Siti Hajar evaluate the song breaking it down to technique. Ony problem I have is, can Nubhan even do even a half decent version of Aizat? Think Nubhan is a lot worse.

Usual problem for Nubhan, the biggest is his lacking when it comes to tempo.

Motif kentut?

Sigh... moving on.

Stacy and Nadia kejar Nubhan tuk belasah balas dendam. I think the two girls are the penyelamat for Akademi Fantasia kali nih la. Bukan je dari segi consistency persembahan mereka, but also their fun characters.


Toi and his #$%^ angklung again! The senario adengan Raja Lawak Toi and Nubhan. Buang airtime jerk.

Yawn... wonder if they get to bring Marie into the Akademi.