Sunday, May 04, 2008


I thought of reviewing the AIM, tapi cam malas lak. Watchd a video of the show and thought biasa biasa jerk.

But have to things to say about the show. Firstly thank you to the Akademi for remembering those who passed on.

Kalau biasa, the tributes aku tak pernah kenal orang tu personally, this time it was different.
First buat arwah Azman, otherwise known as the only and only flamboyant Cleo, who used to be my colleague in The Malay Mail... you wlll sorely be missed my flamboyant friend. And you deserve to be remembered by an industry you've helped build.

Also, for the late Rosli Khamis, otherwise known as Loloq. Sedih kali ni tengok ada yang kenal yang remembered... seems so long ago...

In memoriam...

Apart from the sadder bits there, there were also things to celebrate. Congratulations to a lot of people who picked up wins, especially Faizal Tahir for the comeback.

But two people I really want to congratulate are two young... well.. kind of, fairly fresh names who were among the most nominated, and picked up wins for the night.

Firstly... Audi Mok for Faizal's album. The camera shy weirdo made it! Yeay! You owe me koh loh yoke!!!

Secondly to Sharon Paul, for being part of the winning production team behind Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's Hadiah Daripada Hati. 241B, holler y'all!!! Yeay!!!!

Ramai ex college mate cam Sharon menang malam tu. But sebab Sharon one batch ngan aku, sebut tuh jerk la. 241B rocks!

Congrats again, guys... you guys deserve it and keep up the good work.

Ok la... sebenarnya malas nak posting nih.. ta all.