Monday, May 19, 2008

Pondering... and more...

Sebab ni minggu terkahir Akademi Fantasia, aku malas nak ulas Diari sangat kecuali kalao ada isu isu berbangkit. So instead aku nak meroyan sorang sorang (lantak la.. blog aku.. sini ler tempat aku nak meroyan pon) because memang blog ni of a personal nature.

And topik of my rantings will be my thoughts leading up to the final of Akademi Fantasia kali nih. And the topic for today is...

Ramai put down the programme as just another reality show. Sejak lahirnya Akademi Fantasia, there have been a lot of others shows yang cuba ikut formula program ni nak come up with another hit. Needless to say, Akademi Fantasia membuktikan tiada pengganti sebab setelah enam musim, it's still going strong, no matter what weaknesses came with the package.

Dengan timbulnya Akademi Fantasia, timbul gak pelbagai home grown punya pengkritik, every one of them claiming some amount of credibility. Yerlah.. jari menjadi juri.. so with the power placed in the hands of the public, konon semua layak tuk membuat keputusan what they want.
Which is kind of true... kind of.


For those who really appreciate talent, MOST of the time they are unheard. After all, does it mean that someone spending thousands of Ringgit tuk AFUNDI akan do the same thing for the kids' albums? Most rational folk would go like, hey.. this is a competition, so kenapa aku nak waste my money.. AFUNDI RM10 pun da psycho yang sanggup undi lebih.. let them get what they deserve!

And in a way it's true. We've seen some horrendous results in the past, and this season, it's not going to be anymore different. Proof? Toi. Honestly. He may come out tops in the votes, but can anyone confidently tell me his first placing in last week's concerts reflect success post Fantasia? Didn't think so.

So it's all a little silly...

But this is Akademi Fantasia, and yes, votes count, even if they do come out with the stupidest results.
But there is nothing wrong with harbouring the hope that satu hari nanti, TV viewers who support Akademi Fantasia will put into thought more about the future of these kids, their performances and whether they're actually of substantial quality atau tidak sebelom mengundi.
Ada yang kata, kenapa ko meroyan, tak paham ke konsep rancangan.

I do understand it, but doesn't mean I have to accept it. Aku tak kisah what the results are in the end I have seen even yang menang pun tak kemana, manakala ada yang terkeluar lebih berjaya.
At the end of the day it's all about initiative. Ada yang kata baik takyah menang sebab Maestro bukan reti jaga... and that's why they fail.

In part, that may be true. But initiative of the kids pun penting gak, so if they end up lazy, shiftless bums like some of the do after the show, padan moka jerk!

Ko hengat cam dok Akademi sepuluh minggu semua nak bagik free lagik?

So what happens now?

This is a TV show. Keep that in mind. This is also a competition. Keep that in mind too. What makes your list of criteria nak menentukan juara?

Mine is first of all - the best and most consistent performer. Secondly, the most challenged dari segi tugasan diberikan AND results. Thirdly attitude and professionalism as well as drive, how bad do they want it.. you can tell. I mean everyone wants to win... but who works for it and delivers.

Everyone memang akan kena demam time musim nih, and semua akan try justify why their picks are the best, mostly emotionally motivated than anything else, dari merembes ngan pilihan sampai la ke influeneced by the drama. So will admit it... others just claim higher moral ground because they're smarter in being stupid and say that's not what motivates them when they know that is so.

Will that help the kids?

Hardly. It offers a false promise.. janji dan harapan palsu diberikan pada bebudak nih, ngan kedudukan diberikan pengundi yang pekak badak atau buta seni, that they actually have a future.

So fantasy for ten weeks is one thing, but reality after is going to be preeeeeetty painful.

Makes you almost wish Akademi Fantasia was like some other reality shows where they actually fix the winners. Oh yes.. that happens. But they just don't talk about it.. obviously. Thank goodness cinta aku tuk Akademi Fantasia is not betrayed because at least, Akademi Fantasia memang audited. Matilah ada pihak yang terasa jap agik.

But back to the PR bit... the previous posting aku tulis about tiga orang yang SEPATUTNYA disingkirkan. Ada kata that never existed. Yeah.. right.

When something doesn't happen, even if it was on the cards, people say what they can.
But the truth is almost too painful to see for some.

At the end of the day, keep voting, as small issues should hardly be detrimental to your support. My revelation was just to let people know what fans needed a wake up call to how f**ked up the results can be.. if they really believe in talent and want to keep supporting it.

Tapi ngan setiap AFUNDI of your hard earned money, especially towards those deemed unworthy by many, take a second to think.. are you buying the hype, or are you really so impressed with the talent shown.

Ok la.. meroyan aku. Note that aku type what I'm thinking jer, so takde actual structure to composition ker nak sibuk check grammar. Just random thoughts I am typing out on things that happen to cross my mind. And that's the topic for the day.
So what happened in Diari today?
Very briefly...

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 10 hari pertama

The only thing worth noting today was the makeover the kids had to go through. Strangely enough kan, why does makeover need a hair colour change? And strangely enough so called experts don't even know the developement time for change with coloured hair. So much for professionals. Couldn't they bring in real experts instead of some wannabe salon hairdressers?
Anyway, bab kaler rambut nih sensitif, so I think that some so-called image consultants should know more beyond going for the obvious bila nak makeover. Tak kreatif langsung.

What Sarimah think of the supposed hairstylists? I love this gal.. she's a riot (for the record she wasn't commenting on them.. but she should have.. espcially with that response)

But they suck, kan, Sarimah?

The second episode of bagik psycho bebudak dapat lagu pepelik semua.
The only other real attraction for today was the evaluation for last concert.

Nubhan was angsa as usual seperti aku da katakan, and Toi was pitchy despite imrpovement. Gee.. didn't I point out the obvious walaupun ramai kata dia bagus sangat.

The kids were asked for final requests, Toi mintak steamboat, Nubhan mintak Japanese food, Riz mintak barbeque with everyone (which obviously will be the wrap party) while Nadia mintak arca meka wat as kenangan yang takleh dibawa balik sebab hak Akademi.

Stacy asked for the best thing, more time with Ramli MS.

So still wondering sapa paling layak and paling serious nak berjaya?

They all got their new songs, some of which were crap and not suited to them, especially lagu lagu baru. Lagu cover meka takyah la aku komen but aku rasa hardly concert material.

Bukan Di Sini (Sofaz)
Ada Untukmu (Lagu Baru)

11 Januari (Gigi)
Hanya Sandiwara (Lagu Baru)

Cinta Zulaikha (Mawi)
Paling Terindah (Lagu Baru)

Aku Lebih Tahu (Mila)
Kalut Lagi Mengarut (Lagu Baru)

Atas Nama Cinta (Rossa)
Aku Stacy (Lagu Baru)

Anyway, aku nak offer something a little different for each of the last days leading up to the final. So every day, kalao leh aku nak offer a little gossip about the finals.

The gossip for the day?

Bebudak yang sudahpun eliminated sebelom ni dikatakan takkan perform sebab nak kelainan since that's been done before. Tapi dengar khabar, the nine kids WILL be performing onstage after all! So good news pada peminat meka yang da tersingkir kalao benar.

Ok, that's all for today. Until tomorrow...