Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pesanan terakhir sebelum Konsert Akhir - AFUNDI STACY

Tu dia.. sapa tak suka Stacy terbakar katanya. Pada yang suka harap harap la ni pembakar semangat tuk meka terus AFUNDI STACY!

Tak kisah lah apa pun result hari ni, yang pentingnya, it's obvious who the champion is this time around. Lantak ler sapa nak cakap apa pon, but yes, I do hope Stacy wins. Even in the last few days of preparation, I see Stacy as going all put compared to the others, and yes, she deserves to win.

Will she? Tuh isu lain. Sometimes the right ones win (like David Cook against that wimpy ass pretty boy David Archuleta), sometimes they don't.(if Stacy doesn't win).

Apapun, I hope this time fans go all out for the right ones. Not the ones yang membuat meka merembes jerk.

I hate that mentality whre people think it's all about who they 'like' and trying to justify it's the biggest thing to happen. Kerana merembes terus semua sedap la.

But the choice is ours.. every one of us out there with the ability to AFUNDI.

So, have you AFUNDIed? Make the right choice.


WHo do I want to champion?And siapa aku nak dok tempat-tempat lain? I would like the girls to have a one two finish, but judging from the kedudukan sekarang, I will settle for Stacy sebagai juara, Riz in second and Nadia in third.

Mintak mintak la.. hari ni aku ta nak meroyan lebih.It's going to be a long day.. nak gi stadium jap lagik. Paa sapa yang heading there... see you guys. Apapon.. ingat tu AFUNDI and cheer for your favourites.

And last but not least....pesanan penaja... AFUNDI STACY!