Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Motorola ROKR E8, Marsha, Velvet, Estranged, Marie Digby, Nadia FC, Alif FC and Diari (banyak tuh)

Sepanjang hari, blogdrive wat hal. Tak cukup tuh, imageshack lak wat hal, so nak letak pics pun takleh, so I apologise guys kalao posting nih lambat sangat nak up kan.

Tambah lagik hectic gila, so it didn't help with things.

First destination of the day, well of the evening actually, was to 1 Utama for Marie Digby! Mak aih!

Can you believe it took me over an hour just to get a parking spot. Gila la! Mencik tol parking sana. Anytime of day pegi sana mesti cam lahar nya. Ni lak nak cepat, it was even more painful to play this kejar kejar game tunggu orang nak kuar keta, then rush over to fight for one lousy spot.

Can you believe the waiting pun da cost berapa Ringgit lak. Untung mall camni.

But it got worse when I headed down for the show, and over a thousand people spread out all about. Malas berhimpit. Matilah claustrophobia aku kang menjadik lagik. So dok area behind the stage jauh sikit from the crowd, layan audio jerk.

Ramai lak kawan kawan serempak kat sana yang saja nak check her out.

The show was good, but it didn't get that much attention from me, because I was too amazed at the number of people who were busy playing pro photographers. Looks like almost everyone has some sort of camera nowadays.

Tapi yang caught my attention was how most of these people weren't enjoying the show, but how they seemed more intent being there to snap a pic or take a video. Maybe events like this da jadik bloggers heaven kot... meka leh carik content, because aku balik jerk, aku perasan a whole lot of activity on the Web ngan individual testimonials of being at the show.

Yes the evils of technology. And artiste is now an 'event' and no longer appreciated for her songs.
Speaking of which, not many who turned up seemed to know about her.

Some guy professing to be the biggest fan asik jerit pronounce nama dia salah.

Most others didn't have a clue to her songs. Until she did her cover of Umbrella then most of them went wild. Erm... so obvious... oh nevermind.

I wasn't the only one to notice as some other friends yang sempat singgah borak pun laser benda sama. Meka datang nak watch a show by someone they loved on the CD, and instead, had to put up ngan orang yang tak penah dengar anything apart from her cover of Umbrella. Bumped into Aizat and family.. they weren't too amused either.

Here are some shots I took from distance.

Oh look.. she's singing Umbrella... and this guy brought out... an umbrella.. how creative (matilah UMBERRAble)

The crowd. I think only five people from the over thousand plus did not have a video/digi/mobile cam of some sort.

After the show, moved away from all the groupies. No way I'm going to be associated with the stampede. Joined Sarah and colleague from EMI at Gap where Marie was going to have the autograph session.

Dok sembang ngan orang Gap and also the Disney rep accompanying Marie jerk.
When Marie arrived (after being literally mauled by overenthusiastic groupies), dia perasan aku dok ngumpat kat one corner dia hi kat aku and cuba ler nak sembang.

Aku hi balik jerk and just signalled to talk later jerk.

Matilah aku rasa cam mesti kena sumpahan by at least five jealous fans da masa tuh like, sapa mamat nih kenal dia taking up her precious time by being there. Matilah aku...

Oh no! Here they come!

People outside the Gap store.. from inside the store

I sought refuge in the Gap store for most parts as the fans outside started literally rioting demanding to be let in. Aiyo! Sabar lah dik! So as the regular fans (kerek tak statement?) beratur kat luar, aku dok tengok dari the comfort of inside the store yang cuma Gap employees, EMI staff and security apart from Marie and her couple of people yang bertugas jaga dia leh masuk.. owh.. dan juga kawan kawan penganjur cam aku yang dok melangut sana. Heh.. merasalah carut diri sendiri.

Malas tol scenario camni. I mean, can't they line up and wait their turn?

I happened on several blogs yang beriya cita camni camtuh, but from their pictures, aku cam meka, and beriya posting meka... rupanya propah. Heh.. kelentong la. Konon meka camtuh camni. Wow... blogging has become fiction ke sekarang?

Malas nak snap any pics, then member EMI kata amik jer pic letak blog. Ack! I'm going to be one of those people.

Sebab da jumpa lepak ngan Marie in a more relaxed environment, rasa cam tak perlu pon. But snapped two pics jer for sesapa yang minat dia (alasan jerk tuh.. padahal bateri cam pun da nak mati da time tuh)

What's that word again...? TOLONGGGG!!!! MAK TAKUT ADA RUSUHAN!!! STRESS LA CAMNI!

Takpe... maintain dan senyum jerk.

I couldn't take the crowd anymore. With less than an hour to go to the end of the autograph session and with hundreds more in the line to meet Marie, I got out before it got ugly, Especially since, I knew Marie had to ciao by 11 to catch her flight.

Made my way to Laundry Bar at The Curve for the launch of the Motorola ROKR E8. Yer.. and I get to tayang the phone. Orang baru nak launch aku da pakai dulu. Semakin hari smakin sayang lak phone nih.

Lepak ngan my sis ngan colleagues dia, as well as bumped about from table to table tayang phone as I got jealous looks, before I bumped into Rich and the Estranged gang. Meka pon had a phone each da! But aku punya set lengkap. Meka nya takde the ear piece thingie. Heh.. jealous meka!

Meka perform malam tuh along with some other acts. Tapi celah all that, spotted two people yang menjerit cam orang gila bila nampak aku. Sapa ek? Here are the piccies.

Cam kenal tak? Pic kabur diamik dalam gelap tanpa flash... confident!

How bout this?

Cam whoring in the dark

Ngan flash...

Tuh dia! Lepak ngan Marsha and Velvet jerk while trying to beat off Marsha who kept trying to nick my Motorola ROKR E8 at every opportunity. Matilah jealous!

Sempat lepak jap tengok Estranged perform jap.

Also bumped into Aizat and family members again. Second time today.

The crowd

The band

After about an hour or so, terpaksa gerak sebab ada kengkawan menunggu kat NZ di Setiawangsa. Janji sebenarnya nak join Juan and Co nak planning bab Alif FC punya booth tuk carnival masa final kang. Sekaligus, jumpa geng dari Nadia FC yang nak story mory drama swasta yang berlaku smalam as well as nak bagik suntikan semangat. Iyolah tuh! Tapi besh gak.. sebab meka sempat eratkan silaturrahim. Uwaaaaaa... katanya.

But I like the cooperation between the FCs and so far these two, as well as Nadia FC and Stacy FC kerjasama and understanding, aku suka sangat. Abih jer... balik KO. Sambung tengok rakaman Diari. Ni sempat wat ulasan sikit as usual recap the day's events.

Sebahagian keluarga Nadia FC dan Alif FC

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - minggu 9 hari ketiga

When you benarkan yang tak ada jiwa seni, masuk ke dalam dunia ini untuk cuba mempraktikkan apa yang memerlukan emosi. jiwa dan keikhlasan, what do you get?
You get Ramli MS having to tell Nubhan how to feel his song, or Stanly how to sing without overdoing his notes.

But on to the drama, Riz dan Nadia, tried to clarify with Ramli MS what happened.

He gave the most simple response, which would make sense to anyone as the obvious solution. Gi mintak maap. Kan senang jerk.

Merasalah kena ada konsep nyanyi Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word ker? Elok.. semua jadik Blue, Stanly jadik Elton John for the newer version.

Erm... what's with the Nubhan and Stacy pairing. Damn... wish they would stop doing that.
Siti Hajar has to give that reassurance to the kids, especially Toi.

How many times do they need to hear the same things before they finally understand what's trying to be hammered through?

Da sembilan minggu.. aduh.. letih tenaga pengajar nak berulang, letih lagik nak dengar every day of nine weeks.

Toi ngan Syafie. What do you expect? Miracles? Toi tetap tahap tuh gak.

Stacy on Beat It. Wish someone would work on her intonation because that needs some work.

Oh look... sempat Nubhan, Toi dan Riz borak pasal Michael Jackson. Erm...

What would cam whoring be without Toi. Tetap nak menyelit masuk!

Back again to the drama. Finally Riz kata sedih pasal the whole issue.

I think it's a case of him always realising too late what he does. Berkejaran Riz dan Nadia nak nak mintak maap beriya. Oh well.. we all know they would have to in the end kan.

In Linda's class, preparation for choreography for Beat It.We didn't get to see much of it.

Sesi makan, Nadia mintak maap ngan Mariam. Then Riz mintak maap lak. Then it's on to Shafiq for apologies.

Lastly to Kutip.A refresher course for them on the basic rules of the Akademi. Nine weeks later.
Shafiq and Mariam lak sembang ngan Kutip. All the b****ing and hopefully, some overzealous fans tak main halalkan jerk kalao ada yang meka minat, wat salah.

For comic relief, 'Kotak Man' yang masuk dalam Akademi. Kotak Man yang pakai baju ala Ramli MS tuh yang dulu letak the lovely defaced pics of the kids a week or so ago.

Muncul dua kali bebudak first try kejar, second time meka da tak larat da.

They had the kids weigh in. Semua naik berat badan. But the thing I observed was how callously meka repeatedly say kalao tak lose weight tak cantik. Come on! The stress for the shallowness is so wrong ok.

It just sends the wrong message to kids out there that they can be ugly for being 100 grammes more. Hello bulimia and anorexia.

The kids did a run through for umi. Malas nak cakap what's lacking or not sebab it's going into the final week, and aku rasa kalao sebelom ni orang masih tak nampak the weaknesses of certain kids, takyah la ulang.

Terselit ada lawak dari Sarimah. I think she's hilarious cita pasal penampilan and all, dia leh tunjuk belakang baju dia ada sepit sepit. Matilah! Aduh.. pecah perot gelak.

Moitf kak Mah? Pas sidai lupa bukak klip ke?

Session with kak Nita. She reminds me of watak Maria dalam The Sound Of Music. She makes me smile for that.

Dalam sesi kak Nita, had to put up with endless efforts of Toi yang nan ado melalak. Damn. But at least we had a lovely shot of his t shirt yang promo Carrefour. LEBIH MURAH ek? You think?

Motice the shirt? Some things couldn't be truer...

PS Letih siot cam Superman ari no terbang sana sini. Fun but tiring with endless events to go to...