Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mmmm..... seriously?

Aku malas nak ulas panjang panjang. Sebab ulas pepanjang carut to kingdom come pun tak guna kan? Not like anyone listens to me. If I could make a difference, perhaps this is worth going on about. Instead, even pengkritik pun da cam tak betol at times... yang angsa tak ditegur malah dipuji.

Letih wo! They're supposed to critic. Doesn't mean it has to be all bad, but obviouly someone forgot to tell them they're supposed to evaluate the kids. I think Afdlin saw what many people see, So what's wrong with the picture,

Tak guna angguk setuju time pengkritik jemputan mengkritik, when you should have said it during your turn, and not puji like it was an acceptable performance.


Anyhoo, this is the second last concert, so takyah nak go on further nak ulas lelebih as usual. Just short comments of what I think of each performance and their rating. Rating kali nih nak pakai lain lak system.

The bad ratings bukan lagik pam jamban as usual or any of the usual stuff I use. Instead, it will be represented by how many angsa or geese they get. The good ratings represented by a butcher's knife, nak tengok tahap mana dan setakat mana meka berjaya sembelih keangsaan meka tuh.
Let's start.

Beat It
Mmm... I am trying to sa hard to say something nice but in truth, it was an ok performace saja. Aku tetap kagum Stacy mampu control pernafasan dia relatively well with the lousy dance routine and dancers yang very distracting.

But there was no kick to the show and I think the song, and the arrangement was a et down.
Good effort nonetheless, but lousy choice of tune for a show that is deciding the final outcome.

Kau Yang Bernama Seri
I hate to admit it, but dia managed to improve banyak.. finally! Tapi walaupun I give him credit for that, I disagree with pujian melambung diberikan seolah dia memberian persembahan yang sebegitu hebat jerk padahal kali pertama membuat persembahan yang sekadar boleh laaaa.....

Nothing to shout about at all... especially since after you hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but up. He had to improve sooner or later.. he sure as hell couldnt get worse.

Now this is really standard peserta pertandingan karaoke kat Plaza MPK di Klang. And the choreography... yang dia gerak hulu hilir feeling improvisational theatre tuh perhal. So RTM in the early 80s.

Ridiculous. Painful. And honestly, should have been out weeks ago. What took him so long to leave? Bung Ramli jangan marah! Komen aku tak penting pon! Matilah aku!!

Lelaki Buaya Darat
Something was just wrong with the arrangement. The song dari a full on pop party anthem became a sullen piece of karaoke minus one yang tahap muzik cam musim lepas punya polyphonic standards.

And Nadia? Entahlah.. minggu ni aku inclined to admit she's on a decline slowly.

For some reason she's not delivering up to par.

Takdelah tahap sampai angsa... tapi memang namoak dia semakin ketinggalan ngan Stacy. She could have made this song her major comeback, and gunakan tuk menempah tempat lebh secure for the final... but she didn't.

Rock Around The Clock
Again, out of his safe zone, Riz gagal nak carry a song/ I'm not a big fan of Riz (and you guys know thats an understatement) tapi aku nak tengok dia mara dari Toi or Nubhan kerana dia lebih consistent. At this rate however... its pretty sad to see him two weeks straight of substandard performance.

Tapi Bukan AKu
There are some seriously deaf people in this country kalao ada yang kata version dia sedap. Sure he's got tone... but what else can he do apart fron growl off tune. Seriously fed up. He is now officially the most overrated in the Akademi.

Sumbang terlampau banyak sangat sangat walaupun ramai merembes kata bagus... walaupun...

Lagu Jiwa Lagu CInta
Can anyone deny this is the PERFECT pair? Siapa berani kata pasangan nih tak sesuai aku bantai! They were the musical equivalent of Cumi dan Ciki (sapa bawah umur 25 konperm tatau)

Cam karaoke kat tapak Uptown Cheras jerk aku tengok.

Endless Love
It wasn't as spectacular as I hoped for, but better than I expected. Sepanjang malam haus semacam takde yang betul betul besh, this was worth watching and listening. Both Nadia dan Riz worked well together vocally. Good effort.

Thank goodness Nubhan tak MENYUMBANGKAN that much to the song, because Stacy opened it so beautifully. Ada chemistry antara meka, though I doubt the cinta part. At times, ramai kat dewan lebih fokus pada merpati yang kena ikat kaki dipaksa dok kat bangku tuh, but the magic of this performance was undoubted.

The best for the night!

And that's it... memang sebenarnya aku malas nak tulis lebIh pasal konsert nih, sebab walaupun audience smangat nak go into the finals da, the sho was rather lemau for the ninth concert. It wasn't as good as I harapkan it would be to build apa semangat for next week.

And the results? Ok ok je... nothing to celebrate. Stanly should have been out much earlier. Nanti jer la aku cita lebih pasal concert n the next entry. Will also post speculation and gossip on the finals mana yang mampu.

But before I forget, congratulations to the production for the tribute segment, I also have to say congratulations pada Faizal, Aizat, Velvet dan Sahri for the moving performance in their tribute to arwah Loloq... it was so touching, I was CRYING (ada gak guna tisu Premiere yang disponsor nih) And I mean literally crying sebab it was beautiful and meaningful.

Ok.. cukup meroyan. Ni some pics from last night....

Shafiq - RA paling ramai peminat... dan anti (kecian dia)

Nizam Zakaria (penulis dan pengarah Gaia) control macho sambil Tam aka Hamdan ngumpat.Cantik kan tan minah depan tu? Pose maut!

After show punya sesi ngumpat

Tu candid shot.. ni semua pose baik

Sarimah tetap nak solo shot

And another...

Siti Hajar jadik saksi sesi ngumpat Syafie dan Sarimah

Sesi ngumpat mami Fati dan umi Fauziah takde saksi.. tapi the proof is in the picture!

Haziq and his new hairdo

Kefli, Alam, Fitri and Farish.. geng Gempaq