Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Nothing much to review about the Diari today, and short of the finals by three days, I will now officially stop doing recaps of Diari Akademi Fantasia. Tapi aku rasa da dekat sangat da ngan the deciding stage of the show, the finale, takyah da. People at this point know who they going to vote, and a lot of the Diari pun fokus persiapan bebudak da. Which is good.. but nothing much for recaps.

Anyway, bab lawatan ke Akademi aku smalam, hari ni kuar Diari. Berapa minit jer klip pun, tapi kalao meka yang sempat tengok klip extended dalam entry semalam, you would have seen the whole thing.

Tapi hari ni pecah perut aku gelak sebab masa meka tunjuk pasal kami masuk, Sarimah sebut Zubir dan Maliah, pas sebut nama sorang sorang held up her trademark sign stating Wat Saspen Jer.

It was a riot! Memang kelakar abih! Tapi sebut nama aku jerk, aku memang burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter. Sarimah!!!! Ko memang sial!!! Seb baik I love you! Ada ke kata aku nih MENAKUTKAN!

Siap ngan mimik muka horror gituh. But ni memang trademark Sarimah perkenalkan musim ni yang memang mencuit hati penonton. I thnk she was just being herself... and people loved it!

Kalao korang nak tau.. yang dari dulu selalu rajin pakai statement penamat KAANNNNNN... tuh si Juan. Memang it was included in our daily conversation dari dulu tapi dia yang paling abuse it ending virtually every sentence with it. Pandai Sarimah popularkan statement tuh.

Anyway.. moving on...what shall I rant on about today ek. How about my the drama that goes on in the Akademi. Too many times, people vote by emotions, and not by the talent they see.
In fact, the drama blinds them, too the positive and negative extremes.

So someone like Riz yang da ditunjuk memacam orang perceive as a drama queen terus tak nampak bakat dia. Yes, I admit I have been on the receiving end of that. Walaupun aku komen persembahan dia consistent semua, people lump me into that category katakan aku benci dia sebab aku don't say that he's the greatest thing ever.

I evaluate like everyone else by the Diari - which is fair enough, but unlike most aku tak penah judge that's the be all and end all.

Toi on the other hand - baik gila.. tu aku ngaku pun, cuma aku nyampah time dia perform. He is a nice person no doubt, but I still think it's crazy people vote like it's supposed to decide the outcome for Miss Congeniality gituh. Perlu ke?

Entahlah.,, it's too late at this point, and it would even make a difference kalao aku cakap vote by this or that.. so pepandai.

But you get what you deserve.

On the plus side, based by experience coming into contact with the kids, I notice yang Toi seems a little too relaxed when we were advising. I don't know if it's lack of interest, or this feeling he has that he's not going to need it because the focus is not going to be on him.

Riz was the only one taking notes, but Nubhan, Stacy dan Nadia pun pay full attention to our tips.

A few more days to go.. and we'll see how they really are.

As for how it decides their outcome, I wish people would remember this is a competition... and people would vote based on the performances not only in the Diari but onstage.

Nuff said...

PS - Di bawah ni klip dari Diari bahagian pertama ari ni yang tak tunjuk full.. korang layan jer ek