Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mayfirst!!!! *puke*

Firstly to everyone, I know since the day's almost over, it's a litte too late to wish this, but Happy Labour Day anyway! You know what that means kan... every freaking road into the city (kalao ko dok Lembah Klang) was jammed! Freak! I had some shopping to do, and damn... got caught in the freaking traffic which was crawling everywhere!

But anyway.. it's... MAYFIRST! (matilah sempat carut - mari nyanyi ramai ramai)

So anyway, got some good news today! Yes, where do I start...

FIRSTLY and most importantly, despite it being a public holiday... my cheque cleared!!! Yeah!!!
Kali pertama aku tengok the decimal point move back in my bank account, with five figures in front of it! Merasalah jadi orang kaya baru jap.

Esok banyak errands nak run nak bayar bil, and then nak shopping sikit (matilah kebetulan banyak lak warehouse sale - Zara,and then FJ Benjamin punya on Saturday).

SECONDLY, got word that Missy Elliott will be performing in Malaysia on May 17 as part of the XLive Music Festival happening on May 17 at the Genting Outdoor Theme Park.

Iklan semua pun da keluar as of today, and yes people... other performing are Maliq & D'Essentials, Parkdrive, Stylustiks, Spaceship ft. Goldfish & T-Bone and Posse, Yoji Biomehanika, Filo & Peri, Marcus Schossow, Derek K, Gregoire Pagnoux, Raysoo, Dan The Automator, Alhaca Soundsystem, Goodnight Electric, Lap Sap, B4C and Twilight Actiongirl.

But the best part - mintak mintak tak ubah plan...


Absolutely love her and it's going to be so great to add another idol to the list of people I've interviewed!
Can't wait for Missy!!!!!!

...and THIRDLY got word that the MTV Asia Awards (selama ni kat Singapore, and then once in Bangkok - been to all of them, and got to meet some of the biggest names like Pink, Avril Lavigne FACE TO FACE apart from some other big names) will be coming to... *drumroll*.. MALAYSIA!

Yes, word is, it'll be held in Genting Highlands too.

And guess, who's covering the event...

Me, me.. me!!!


Get to keep the attendance streak ever since the first MTV Asia Awards.

Waiting for more details and list of names of performers coming... will let you guys know ASAP. Have to fix up interviews too... so should be BIG!

Ok la.. so tired. Will review Diari in the next entry ok. Ciao bella!