Monday, May 12, 2008

Marie, mengumpat and then some more...

As I said, semalam dapat lepak ngan Marie Digby. Heh... semua dapat tengok show dia kat 1 Utama dalam celah ramai orang yang bakal muncul, tapi aku dapat spend some one on one quality time with her kat Spices at Concorde Hotel semalam. Besh!

She really is more pretty in person than any photograph I've seen of her.

For some reason, she reminds me of Jewel, but perhaps a more relaxed, quieter version.

Wel not so quiet, because in the first ten minutes, didn't get to my interview sebab we were just borak borak about so many things that popped out. It just came about so naturally. She is such a doll!

And talented too! In the age of Britneys and Lindsays and Mileys, Marie (it's pronounced MAR-EE-EH.. and roll the R and not Marie), she is such a breath of fresh air with her brand of guitar pop.

I hope people listen to her, especially the song Unfold, on her album. It's her favourite track, and now my favourite too.

So anyway we chatted for about half an hour, before she ended up her sessions and activities for the day with dinner. I had to rush off for mine as I wanted to make a move too.

Anyway, here are some pictures, and the best thing, with Marie being half Japanese, she's able to speak fluently in Japanese, and yes, she's going to have a Japanese single, and below, you can catch a very short snippet of it. Thanks Marie! And see you on Wednesday luv... so for fans of Marie, remember,'s 8pm at 1 Utama new wing, near GAP. The showcase is free admission and not to be missed!

Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi! *damn.. wrong cam mode*

Malu malu pulak...

Cam whoring with Marie. Why does lack of sleep make my eyes pop out??!!! Argh!

Later in the night gi layan tengok Iron Man. Wow! Cool film. A bit popcorn, but hey.. what do you expect. This is one of the most credible remakes of a comic book superhero I've ever seen. Good translation to the big screen. Beats the Spiderman crap any day.

I would go and see it again (especially since I missed the first twenty minutes sebab lambat sampai Sunway Pyramid). But the best part? The company!

Ramai wooo gi tengok wayang together. Pastuh adjourn for supper beramai ramai kat Asia Cafe kat SS15 in Subang. The food may have been bad, but at least the movie and the company were good.

The whole gang.. Comel, Lara, Intan. Maz (tatau nama sorang agik) as well as Shahrul (tul ke ni nama dak lecturer UiTM), Esmie, Nafi and sorang agik tatau nama.

And to round off the activities of the day.. here's *sigh* the recap of Diari for today. I do this very grudgingly....

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 9 hari pertama

Honstly aku letih nak review Diari, so here's a compact delivery of things. Tak larat nak cita pasal persiapan konsert yang hampeh minggu lepas, so here's some choice scenes. Besides so much goofing off, malas lak nak recap. Especially with the Apa Kata Hati promo. Cam la tak cukup promosi tme konsert. Aduh... seb baik semua cast kengkawan, kalao tak ikot hati nak carut jerk.

Not worth my time... Aduh.. plus the mother'sd day wishes. A little too late... except for Stacy's story yang sedih sebab she brought on the guilt sebab tak abih sekolah because she worked throughout the period. But dia kata dia nak tebus by succeeding. That's worth a sniff or two...

Kembali da tuhhhhh...Sesi ngumpat pasal Mariam and especially Shafiq sebab kena tegur pasal mic, Teka sapa yang kena tegur and gi ngumpat ngan semua. Wonder why they didn't show the whole day punya sesi yang juicy.

"So what if I oversupport my notes?" Mak Bedah pun muncul balik! Pernah ke ilang...

Just a short recap on the kids' performances by bung Ramli.

Toi - This week ok, but ok tuh kena paham dari segi, kenapa minggu nih ok, minggu lepas tak ok.
Riz - Bad performance. Kena belajar dari bentuk agu macam ni.
Nubhan - Bukan flat, tapi salah note. Angsa.
Nadia - Back to normal. Leta accent tak bersesuaian
Stacy - Stop improving. Stagnant di tahap tu.
Stanly - Meneran yeah yeah tak kena.

The part that made me laugh today was pengetua carut Stanly nyanyi Endless Love dengan Riz. Siap tanya, ke nak Nubhan. Matilah some things if you get the joke you just can't stop laughing.
Here are the crap songs up for this week.

Tapi Bukan Aku (Kerispatih)
Bosan tol dia dapat lagu makanan ruji dia gituh. Sedih la camni! Asik dimanjakan. Nak bagik can raih undi dari kaum Hawa tuk merembes lagik la.

Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley)
His only challenge for him is stamina which has proven to be a problem. Sebab lagu rancak jerk dia mesti semput.

Kerana (Alleycats)
Oh God.. another classic about to be butchered.

Kau Yang Bernama Seri (Handy Black)
Ditto with Toi! Abih la... sengau lak masa check key. Bersedia la nak berdarah telinga.

Lelaki Budaya Darat (Ratu)
Cheeky... sesuai. But woud have loved to see Stacy get this instead because it's more of her character. Challenge dia nak tengok natural ke tak jerk.

Beat It (Micheal Jackson)
Since dia tak pernah dengar lagu nih, even though it's a pop staple, it will be a challenge. But if she can get it, it will be quite amazing.

Medley lagu bonus
Nubhan & Stacy
Ada Cinta (Acha Septriasa &Irwansyah)
Sesuai la Nubhan dapat part Irwansyah. Sama lemau bab vocal. Looking forward to Stacy jerk bab lagu nih.

Riz & Nadia
Endless Love (Luther Vendross & Diana Ross)
Of the many duets, this will be the only one to look forward to sebab dedua mampu. Just correct Nadia's English.

Stanly & Toi
Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta (Mawi & M Nasir)

OK la... nak tidur... letih sesangat dah ni...