Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lawatan ke Akademi

Siang tadik ke Akademi. My condolences to Stanly over the passing of his mother, Kathleen Sudan James earlier this evening.

Memang mengejutkan apabila tengah kami ramai ramai tengah sembang, bung Ramli dapat SMS letting us know of the tragic news.

Terdiam semua....

Masa tu pengetua panggil Pungut and mintak bebudak sampaikan ucapan takziah memasing. Kalao korang tengok Diari malam tadik you guys would have noticed kami sebenarnya tengah sesi bila abang Ramli dapat SMS berita tu.

God!!! It was sad and kami semua dumbstruck by the news.

Stanly, our prayers are with you... turn to the Lord for strength. Amen.
It was sad... and definitely a moment in Akademi Fantasia history that won't be one that's fond... but Stanly, again, we pray for you to be strong. A mother is one of God's best gifts to us... know that she is now in a better place.

Anyway, siang tadik ke Akademi, apart from that episode, was fun.

Bapak toyol aka Ramli MS. Matlah aku! Ampun bung!

Kalao korang nak tengok the full unedited version of our visit, the Youtube from the Extended Diari dibawah. Nak clearer, Astro subscribers can log on to the Astro video page and layan banyak clips lagik apart from these.

Aku pick up Maliah from the komuter station sebab dia tatau area. Maliah is from Kosmo!, and I'm representing in a way, The Malay Mail, but also thankfully as abang Ramli pointed out, a blogger as well as well as a freelance media person. So over 12 years of experience has bought me more titles. Woohoo...

Korang layang la video video bawah ni of the sesi.

Tuh in order, is the unedited visit by Maliah and I, as well as Zubir dari Berita Harian. Kredit to Sharimie for the videos she uploaded off the website onto Youtube. You rock, babe! Dapat gak tengok aku terikut bung Ramli and Co cam whoring ngan Kutip.. and laser Kutip sebelom lari!
Anyway, puas gak dapat jumpa bebudak because I do hope that we've prepared them enough from making a fool out of themselves come the final this Saturday, after which they will have their first press conference.

Pernah ada PC pas abh final yang panas sebab bebudak were practically blonde sebab cam lembab tahap moisturiser tak reti nak jawab.

Also I hope they tak their new careers more seriously than they carry themselves in the Akademi.

Apapon, thank you to the production of Diari sebab sudi jemput kami tuk kongsi pengalaman, and thank you abang Ramli for playing our tour guide. Matilah aku jadik Astro Ria punya mascot/bimbo sebab lately asik kuar for things related to Akademi Fantasia and then Gaia.

Obviously aku tak amik pics sebab mana leh dalam Akademi, but I hope the videos are enough.
If you watch and LISTEN carefully enough, you'll find a few things that will make you laugh. Not telling what.On to recap Diari.

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 10 hari kedua

Isu hari ni yang panas obviously pasal isu Hujan and how stupid they are on the mechanism of royalties and such.
Tapi aku respek tol abang Ramli sebab tak kuasa band yang lemau tuh tak paham masuk backdoor into the industry, and yet tak paham the business and how it works. Mangsanya si Toi yang kena dapat lagu baru terus which is lagu Mawi sebab have to change lagu tugasan sebab asalnya kena bawak lagu Hujan.
I hope the kids take the moral of this story, and don't be arrogant like stupid wannabe musicians who put down the mainstream, but are too stupid to respect others and their art.
Memang dari cerita aku dapat, kurang ajar gila cara meka deal ngan Astro, and I just hope that they get sat on for this Tak abih abih ada kes. Sampai bebudak belajar nih pon tak bagik pakai lagu. Come on la...
Grow up...
And that was the only thing worth highlighting in Diari today. Kan aku kata nak kurangkan recap da sebab minggu terakhir kerana nak meroyan jerk.
And the bitching point for today is..

Eh bukan komen pengkritik kat Konsert. Tapi pengkritik bebas yang bersepah sana sini. I don't want to say anyone's views are wrong ker haper ker.

But just be aware of yang pepandai komen tuh cam tahu segala.. sometimes... they say things for reasons best known to thenselves.

Biasalah.. Akademi Fantasia time dulu takde sapa nak komen. Honeslty time musim pertama aku pun ikut the later half jerk. Masih aku ingat.

Tak silap masa tuh, konsert keenam musim pertama. Aku kat Langkawi time tuh, tuk layan shooting Cinta Luar Biasa on location ngan Rashid Sibir and crew, which included the ever adorable Nasha Aziz (lama tak lepak ngan my sis nih)

Time dinner tuh meka pasang skrin besau for us to tengok the konsert.. sebab producers Tayangan Unggul ni subsidiary Astro and also sebab masa tuh demam da start. Aku sebelom tuh ramai bagitau pasal Akademi Fantasia, tapi aku refuse tengok sebab aku ingat Diari aku tengok mana Atie nyanyi kat tangga tuh (Save The Best For Last kot) aku terus turn off.

But as aku asik carut how the kids couldn't sing, little did I know I would get caught up in it. And from there, aku followed the Diari and the Konsert. And datang jer final, masa tuh aku jerit tuk Nija, aku da hooked.

Time tuh, hanya seorang jer blogger yang cover, iaitu sultanmuzaffar.
Skang bersepah memacam blog and sites cover the event, including yang bermusim (fan yang merembes) and yang opportunistic (mengaku fan tapi sebenarnya sebab hype dia pon nak ikut). Or how about konsep F&F or friends and family of budak yang join and tiba tiba they know the show inside out.

Most of these are started for a reason.

Like I said, some nak promo benda lain sebenarnya tapi nak orang masuk ngan pancing pakai Akademi Fantasia and merapu like they know it all - but sebenarnya nak promo benda lain.

Others just want hits. And in that process, they say things that are, stupid at best, but masked to appear intelligent. For whatever motives, many fail to realise, how unique Akademi Fantasia is.

Tanya sultanmuzaffar yang ikut dari musim pertama. Dia paham. I learnt it in musim kedua. And dari sana Juan lak terikut (dia pun follow lama tapi musim ketiga je naik psycho bebetul)
Akademi Fantasia has a proud tradition, even among its fans' thoughts and views. Some don't get that - and just mouth off without respecting tradition.

Some use the name of Akademi Fantasia as if they are familiar with it, but know nothing of the glory days of the show, especially dari musim pertama hingga ketiga.

Ingat bila Atie peluk kaki Adi? Ingat bila Marsha merangkak bawah kerusi? Ingat Kaer dan Mas cycled to Tawau? Ingat Burn dan Nana punya intim moments? (matilah aku) Ingat tak the Fitri led synchronised swimming exercise?

Some cakap cam meka paham Akademi Fantasia but they don't.

And they pass their judgement out liek they know who best to win hanya sebab meka merembes with their favourites. Point it, talent and performance and fanaticism aside, Akademi Fantasia is a unique show that has so many factors that it's just not that simple.

I am proud to be a fan of Akademi Fantasia, and dalam satu musim aku mencarut tak abih pun sebab I love the show. No i am not diplomatic for the sake of nak amik hati orang. I write to protect the show, even if sometimes it doesn't look like it.

I didn't just follow this show suddenly pas some other show tanked.

Can you remember the memories of previous Akademi Fantasia? If you say they're not important, if you don't feel a loss when the show is over, if you've never had withdrawal symptoms when the season's over, if you don't even know the full lyrics of Menuju Puncak (ada la yang sibuk nak memorise nak prove a point pasnih), don't play smart by saying what's good for the show.

I'm just tired of people who tune into the phenomenon setahun dua and suddenly they play experts with pola pengundian, and masa depan bebudak and who really deserves it and a million topics.

Most of their so caled analytical studies are merely justification of their interests. In other words... be careful what you read and don't be too easily influenced, no matter who the writer is. Not even me.

At least season in, season out, I've stood by my choices and believed in their careers even way after thw fafare is over.

Akademi Fantasia used to be about fans. Now it's more of people who just want to be part of the hype.

Why am I going on about this? Entahlah.. as stupid as it sounds, the show has become something of a annual tradition, and I just don't like seeing the tradition destroyed by people who claim they have been in on it from the start.

Maybe that's what's really killing Akademi Fantasia.

Doesn't make sense...? Abaikan.. saja meroyan.

Ok.. done for the day. Anyway to end it, got this bit of gossip. Harituh dengar Sarimah on to co host the final. And then dengar it was off sebab ada orang bantah. Now I hear, ada orang production kata... jangan risau sebab it's on again! Whoopie!

jadik ke tak tunggu dan lihat jer lah ek.

Anyway, tadik pas abih sesi kat Akademi, sempat lepak Bangsar Village and then Starbucks ngan Maliah before meeting up with Juan dan bebudak Alif FC. Kejap je.. tapi sempat snap pic nih.

Tima kasih Alif FC kerana membenarkan aku amik pic ni tuk disalahgunakan nak promosi Stacy dan Nadia. Matilaaaaaa..... (tapi Alif sayang meka berdua pon.. kan kan kan)

After that, gerak ke Setiawangsa jumpa geng Nadia FC lak kat kedai papa Nadia sebab meka nak discuss light light pasal what to do for the final. Aku saja jer lepak ngan meka sambil bergosip. Anyway, ni some pics to end this entry. Panjang sangat da entry nih.

Ke kanan...

Ke kiri...

Ada saja...

Wajahmu... eh.. silap lak. Ni la gwng Nadia FC! Ramai sebenarnya.. takde la meeting enam orang! Oops! Ni masa semua nak balik baru amik pic... sebelom tu rancak sangat berborak semua