Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home ground

Busy day today rushing about and all. Sempat tengok Diari but like I said, not going to do a recap of it sebab da dekat sangat final.

So today aku nak ke bab meroyan straightaway.

There is this argument that Stacy will never be champion sebab dia akan ikut tradisi dan menjadi runner up, only because she is from Sabah.

And what if she wins? Expect the claims that dia menang because she IS from Sabah.

Whatever... I just think all this state voting is crap! I mean honestly musim ni yang kita paling nampak undi kenegerian. That's why Nadia dok bawah skali, sebab she only has KL to her name, and that isn't much considering urbanites don't spend money on these sort of things though they appreciate talent perhaps a little bit more.

I think the only KL based champion for real was Vince (tapi time tu first season so takde pattern emerge lagik) and Zahid (tapi like Riz dia ada his 'kampung' in Perak too).

This season kita nampak everyone surviving on their home votes.

Toi hidup week after week obviously a huge majority du to Johor votes, Nubhan because of Negeri Sembilan in large, and Riz from Perak and Stacy from Sabah.

But the pattern I think will depend on who has the largest pull from everyone in general and I think Stacy, Riz and Nubhan will have that biggest pull.

Nadia sadly aku risau sebab even with the pull factor I am so afraid she won't have enough to overcome the advantage of the hone votes macam bebudak lain.

Well... we'll have to see. If you have the common sense like many other like minded people out there, AFUNDI kerana anda percaya dalam bakat seseorang tuh, not because of state pride.
And I thought negara kita da merdeka dan tak terkongkong mentality camnih.

State loyalty is whacked when it comes to competitions like this.. it really is.