Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Here's my delayed review of Diari semalam. Sori ler sebab lambat, but since the songs for this week have been updated in the last entry, so not too bad la kan? Remember to listen to the original songs in the Imeem player at sebelah before the Konsert ujung minggu nih.

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 8 hari pertama

I think it's a little too late nak focus on preparations for the Konsert, so cam buang masa jerk meka ulang tayang all the persiapan.

Matilah kata persiapan wardrobe lebih menark on the actual night. Nadia with the glittery potato sack, Stacy ngan her uncomfortable ensemble which swept the stage, Stanly ngan vest dia yang fitting... apa la meka ni. Trying to stick up for Jasmi kot. Try sticking it up him better la kalao dia asik camni.

The start of the Diari focus on the kids.. being taken out... AGAIN! Perlu ker?

I'm sure it was all fun and games, but tak perlu lah. Yes, I'm sure that will somehow make them perform better... NOT! Kang da kuar Akademi banyak masa tu tuh, because kalao terus camni meka bukan ada show pun pasnih.

I don't believe I wasted twenty minutes watching the stupid first part hoping for something worth my time.

Sarimah puts wasted time to good use and shows her secret to big... I mean.. beautiful hair

The second part with Ramli and the faculty's evaluation was better.

I actually was bored with all the shenanigans and went straight to the evaluation scene.

I understand how Ramli feels about being bored about repeating the same things. There is nothing different week in and week out.

I actually like Ramli's teguran pasal Nadia. Bukan sebab tak sokong Nadia, tapi kerana aku lebih pentingkan dia improve. Stakat nak tahan dalam Akademi tapi tak mampu nak improve (jeling dua tiga orang yang azab dan masih dalam Akademi).

Siti Hajar had a point, because tak guna nak puas ngan sorakan. People seriously don't know the difference between screaming and hittting the right notes. So better tuk budak nak improve.
Bab Toi, thank goodness Ramli kata dia sumbang habis and out of lapan minggu he killed all the songs. As in hancurkan yer.

As for Stanly, still no control of his vocals, not even the most basic.

Wish they had shown the full evaluation. Nih tak.

Another session away from the rest of the faculty, Ramli tanya betul ke bebudak paham apa yang di ajar sedangkan some of them tak perform.

But better focus kat sesi luah perasaan antara Siti, Fauziah and Gen kat luar yang tak puas ati bebudak nih gak. Amik ko siapa yang sumbang sebenarnya... we need more sessions like this where the truth comes out and not sugar coated for the delusional ones who think some of these kids can sing.

Anyam ketupat!

Walaupun kat luar pujian melambak, this doesn't mean performances are good.. not the right measure. This just shows that technique and quality tak semestinya as said by popular opinion at times.

I still think it's a joke for Naluri Lelaki to be given to Stanly, while Stacy's song is boring.
Matilah lagu bonus in Paling Comel pun Ramli MS sendiri gelak. And we're supposed to take it seriously? Thank goodness Toi tak dapat lagu killer tuk dihancurkan as usual.

Bola bola api???

Stanly dan naluri lelakinya...

That's all folks.. be posting later...