Friday, May 02, 2008

Cam whores unite!!!

First of all ada pesanan penaja ala ala Mayfirst gituh. Well not really la pesanan penaja. Arituh Aznil called up and kata dia da start blog Pastu dia mesej la alamat blog dia. So kengkawan yang minat Aznil, drop by blog dia and say hi ok by CLICKING HERE!

Meletop Aznil skang da mula blogging. Yang pentingnya aku nak claim credit gak ok sebab my advice kat dia some weeks ago for him to start a blog.

Suka la... !!!! Yerla... welcome to the world of blogging, Aznil!

Jangan blog da meletop kang lupakan kita tau.. matilah!!! Heh...

Anyway, fifth day of Diari... aduh... I don't think the kids deserve the Istana Budaya stage... but malas nak cakap lebih. We'll just see tomorrow night how it goes.

Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Mnggu 7 hari kelima
Aktiviti harian di Akademi Fantasia Toi
1. Tidur

2. Makan

Minggu ni paling sakit aku nak tengok dan dengar sora si Toi. Hancur lagu Syakilla! Sesi hari ni start with Siti Hajar trying to work out the endless kinks dalam nyanyian Toi. Unfortunately.. memang some things need nothing short of a miracle. Sampai Siti Hajar kata sampai 'tercirit' kesemuanya.

Of course bila ada stock cam Toi, Nubhan dan Stanly, one of the only male contestants who can sing in Riz nampak lebih elok.

Alamak... seru da mai! Here comes Nubhan.

Sumbang pelbagai! And still not opening his freaking mouth! Argh!!!! Seven weeks and still no ifference. Progress like a snail on medication tol la dak nih. Dealvova dalam siri Akademi Fantasia has been performed before by Faizal di musim keempat and he did a good job before.

Nubhan however, will not even match that, let alone improve on it.


Sebab sibuk cam whoring again with Toi ngan Kutip. Tak perlu. But elok bagik suspen i Kutip ngan kononnya rosak. I don't think the cam whores panicked, but I but they were thinking that the lost an opportunity to cam whore.

Alif tolong motivate si Nadia sikit. But I guess Nadia needed more than motivation. I don't understand why she crashed so badly on One Night Only. Weird... she should be having this easier.

Oh wait... Nubhan gi cam whore lak kat dance floor lak. Aduh.. attention seeker tol dak nih. And along comes who else but Stanly.

Stanly teaches Nubhan how to be a man!

The right pose is always important.. walaupuuuuunnn... suck it in, girl!

On to Riz practising alone in the vocal room. I have a feeling that he's starting to feel the strain of the competition. Tu yang dia ubah sikit kot perangai dia tak menjadi sangat for a while. Closer to the final, dia setting his sights on the target. Kalao betol dia ubah perangai dia and focus on the task at hand, baguih la.

Stanly, Toi and Nubhan have not changed walau sikit pon perangai main main.

Evaluation time... but with tenaga pengajar lain. Bung Ramli tarak.. sibuk kot.

Music Of The Night - tetap biggest problem Nubhan yang tak reti bukak molot.

Toi follow closely sebab nampak and sounded malas. Tak dengar sangat Stanly but from little we saw... damn... please!!!!

They didn't show anything else.. so I'm not going to expect much.

I don't get why kak Fati had to take so long nak mintak si Nubhan mintak maap kat Kutip. MCP biasala....

Alif dan Nadia dapat hadiah for being sweeties to Kutip. In the end, Pungut the other camera bagik hadiah kat Nubhan HAIR TONIC in exchange for an apology. Oh get a life you bowling bowl impersonator.

The first act of desecration of Istana Budaya. Bebudak gi tuk practise sana.

Toi kicked off. Erm.. at least the music was awesome.

I have a feeling meka tanak tunjuk Stacy nya performance sebab konon simpan surprise.

Alif was decent... though I hope he kicks ass cause Rozana is a killer and memang leh meletup kalao dia bak elok,

Through it all yang paling banyak cakap as they showed the kids in Istana Budaya was si Toi. Perlu ke?

Psttt!!! Sarimah I understood the Sultan part about the two. Gelak sat...

Aiyo..perlu ke video call ngan Mila? Matilah bebudak ingat si Ika!!!!

Oh look.. cam whoring with Nubhan again. Yawn!

Oooh this is good. Evaluation with Ramli MS.

Nubhan - ditanya sama ada ready ke tak. Bung Ramli kata kalao dia takleh deliver dia akan potong performance Nubhan.
Alif - breathing support nan ado and flat banyak.
Toi - Sucky when it comes to the higher notes and close to nak jadik angsa. Lips tak bergerak macam botox kata bung Ramli. Matilah botox!
Masa Music Of The Night, Stacy lost her voice.
Nadia - harmony out.
Stacy - melody out but sebab dia sakit
Toi again - phrasing tak sama langsung ngan Stacy.

Erm.. kali ni tak full lak evaluation. We'll just have to see jer la how things turn out.
By the way, for those yang tanya aku ke Anugerah Industri Muzik or Konsert Akademi Fantasia... tunggu for my update. Heh... not telling!

PS - Semalam gi shopping sat. Bought a Nikon Coolpix L18 digital camera to replace my stolen Canon. It was on sale! The specs for the Nikon Coolpix L18 - 8 megapixel resolution, a 3x optical Nikkor zoom lens, and a big, easy to view 3.0-inch, high quality 230,000-dot LCD screen. The Nikon L18 includes a 5.7-17.1mm lens equivalent to 35-105mm in 35mm format, with an aperture range of f/2.8-f/4.7. The camera can focus from 50cm (1 ft. 7.7 in.) to infinity. Matilah ko infiniti katanya.

My new baby!

Also bought AVerTV Volar AX.
Among the specs, worldwide analog TV access, FM radio, worldwide Stereo sound, composite (RCA) input support, software encode allows watching both analog TV on MCE platforms, recording video in H.264 format & playing on iPod, low power consumption, credit card sized remote control Included in an ultra slim size.

In short.. kira
my laptop leh tukar jadik TV and radio and I can record off it with the help of this USB power thingie yang siap ada remote control bagai. Kira aku dok Panggung Sari Istana Budaya pun aku leh nonton AIM. Oops!

Anyway, here are two first pics shot pas sampai rumah. My model, Joey Jr, my sugar glider. Ok so I admit it's blurry. Nak wat camna. Lom sempat nak familiarise ngan function tak sabar sabar nak amik pic.Ok la guys.. be posting tomorrow...

What the...

He hates the camera. No cam whoring here