Thursday, May 15, 2008


Diari Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 8 hari keempat

With the drama on, and nothing left to blame for their lack of standards in performing, it's time to cry again over the amazing...nay atrociously hideous standards of singing in Akademi Fantasia.

Toi and Stanly in Siti Hajar's class were so amazing! For lagu bonus Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta, Stanly siap wow ngan tarian dia yang begitu meletup!

This is how you do it

And Toi memang hebat time rehearsal! Time dia bukak molot jerk, aku terpaku ngan sora dia.
And then I woke up... and cried about how I could have dreamt that I could have a hearing problem of such a degree.

Nadia was making Lelaki Buaya Darat sound like trying to come up with a cure for cancer. Tak paham kenapa leh susah sangat tuk dia.

Toi sibuk join Gen dan Riz yang tengah berlatih, and kena carut sikit pasal angklung. Matilah main angklung ala Parkinsons katanya!

More supposed relationship cita lak pasal Riz dan Nadia. Aiyo.. fast forward sat. Letih!
Konon Kutip nak dedahkan siapa diri dia, and it's supposedly Fasha Sandha. Jap aku gelak sat. Honestly, she would really know about.. erm.. what was it she's supposed to talk about?

Erm... owh.. Maybelline promo katanya. And we would think they would be putting the time to good use coming up to the final week.

Oh wow.. Stanly is practising on the piano sebab dia nak accompany his own performance, At least we have something to hear apart from him that won't have us keeling over in pain.

Riz lak practise lagu dia, accent out satu hal, apart from the fact that he missed out an 'S' or two here and there. Also a little muffled. Wonder if there's choreography for this?

Why are they practising make up??? Apa la semakin bangang aktiviti dalam Akademi nih lak??? Elok la diajar hebat sangat make up. Muka Riz kena mangsa ngan Toi sampai da nak kelabu da.

Tak cam Maybelline pon. Cam pakai tepong komak. Oh well.. when 'professionals' do their work. Why is the need for make up classes. Puh-lease....

Sikit jer lagik uols...

Cam scene Ebi dan Mila perform My Heart lak...

Dance class, Stacy is doing well with her choreography for Beat It. Riz's was quite complicated and wondering if he can get it.

More unncessary stuff. Riz konon mintak maap tetiba kat Rina. Nadia dipuji cantik tapi kalah ngan Stanly.. erm.. entah la. Pening la some of the stuff they show.

Umi's class and their play in imagination.

Owh have mercy! More of Stanly and the piano stalling and Toi on surprise surprise.. his angklung! What the... takde benda lain ke? Tak abih abih jerk... promosi dia ngan angklun dia tak abih abih.

Nubhan is lame on their duet, but Stacy is doing fine. Nadia and Riz appeared spasmic with her delivery.

Boring la memacam benda not worth it. But Kotak Man emerged to brighten the day.. just before he bumped into the real Ramli MS.

More of the rehearsal. Erm.. malas nak komen. Like I said.. it's not going to make a difference.
Ya ampun! Sapa lak masuk Akademi nih?

DAMN! Mayfirst ke? Pengsan jap.

"Energy menyebabkan gerak langkah you songsong."

Ok, I just want to say something rude here, but I'm biting my tongue... you guys fill in the blanks on your own.