Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a joke

First let's get the concert review out of the way. Entah lah... cam tak teruja langsung konsert keenam ni. Cam membosankan sangat jerk. Salah selection lagu ker, pacing show ker.. not sure. Whatever it is, I found it quite boring.

I don't know what to say about yesterday night's concert. Honestly.

To start off, the whole sanding thing was, well... erm... well... sweet I suppose.

Tapi patutnya they made it more special by making sure keseluruhan pelajar musim pertama hadir. Kalao leh, undang ler semua bekas pelajar muncul skali.

And then kalao leh, patutnya bukan Mila yang nyanyi tapi Zarina. Hehehehehe... mintak dia nyanyi Pulangkan. Leh? I mean, make it light and fun... besides I'm sure Zarina wishes them the best, so no harm kan?

It would be nice to see how nostalgic things could get.

This was just... a trigger, nothing more. Which was a waste. Just like the whole iklan thingie. Gelak sekali dua. tapi bila da lama sangat cam buang masa.

Aduh... malas teruskan comment.

Cita pasal performance la. Oh by the way, aku kembali to diamonds and pam jamban punya rating. Tapi minggu ni special sikit cause ada bagik hadiah pada exceptional performances. Read on.

He looked like he was doing a bad cross of Riverdance meets the Karate Kid and a ballerina gone wrong tul masa dia menari. Something weird in the jerkiness of his moments yang bila buka mulut jer terus ilang step.
Wobbly all over (and I mean the voice ok) and when he wasn't that or sumbang, he would go totally flat. Bunga lenggok dia semua macam kena steamroll jerk. I have no idea why he's still here. Go home already. You wasted six weeks of being in the Akademi. Entah haper yang di belajar. Konon hebat, tapi tak satu pun performance yang even mediocre. Every one of them has been hideuously painful.
And what the hell was that last pose yang mengeliat semacam tuh?????
And again and again... what's wrong with all the pengkritik for not hearing and seeing it. Charity work ker?

I think vocally he did ok, tapi parts of it, apart from his body language cam forced sangat. Slight improvement in the character department, but not enough progresss for me.
I don't get the nervousness and why he can't get over it.
One irritating habit, kenapa asi dok peluk tubuh jerk keja dia.
He also has to find a way to overcome how not to fizzle out during his performance. Slalu starting ok, but midway terus burn out. Dia nih mediocre and not among the worst for sure, tapi he needs to work harder to find a little magic in his persembahan.

Rama Rama
The arrangement sounded a little harder, more heavier jadiknya. I suppose it was actually playing up to her strengths of her character.
Firstly I have a problem with her outfit. The dress was fine. And I can forget the top sebab nak cover la kan sleeveless, which was fine.
Tapi the fishnet stockings and boots were just all wrong.
Seb baik ler Nadia became the first real SINGER to perform for the night. Sora dia memang menarik slalu and consistency dia aku kena perkatakan sebagai her main strength. Even though aku rasakan dia takkan ke final kerana undian slalu rendah sangat. aku harapkan sesuatu supaya dia leh get the attention she deserves.
Hope from now, she puts a little more of herself into her performances while balancing it with a more polished approach.

Tak Bisakah
I am so sick and tired of them highlighting his f**king angklung playing skills. Who cares? Ni Akademi angklung ke?
Nope... didn't think so.
The guitar playing was such a sad attempt to get him attention. Kalao nak Akademi Gitaris ok la gak... ni nyanyi pun takleh.
Masuk je first line terus lupa lirik.
And then it was flat all the way. Aku rasa budak-budak kat area rumah aku lepak kat tepi longkang kat ujung jalan bak kapok pun lagik power anytime, even without being in the Akademi for six weeks.
The gimmick of playing the guitar was to cover his weak stage abilities to move about without appearing macam Zombi Kampung Pisang, and it would have worked, again, kalau dia leh nyanyi.
Hope for double elimination dia dan Stanly. Nyampah! Buang masa je dok Akademi.

Dia ni paham tempo tak? Menyampah aku! It just didn't work.
His body pun cam out of sync with everything else.
What was supposed to be upbeatly poppish ended up like lagu pop yeh yeh sumbang. What a waste of a killer song with no punch at all.
Dengan semput dia and blurness dia onstage, plus ngan sumbang sora dia yang merata, he actually joins Toi and Stanly for being the deserving penarik beg.

Don't Speak
Now THIS is a professional in the making.
Walaupun dengan set-up props yang tak perlu yang aku rasakan macam Aishah time Anugerah Juara Lagu (seb baik tak baik bak budak budak onstage jerk), she rocked it.
The first verse was AMAZING! Such control! That was a five star effort!
She continues it in the chorus.
She lost some steam in the second verse, and her energy cam drop sikit, but vocally there was little to gripe about.
During the musical bridge tuh cliche sikit la with the papers being thrown and all. Very predictable. Siapa la punya idea tuh.. ish ish ish.
Cuba dia nak lepas geram dia tuh hempas pecah pasu ke, campak meja ke... tapi sepak cushion pun jadik la.
And lain kali jangan la pakaikan dia kain perca ye.
Yang sapa bising pasal sebutan, it was so minimal... so cam picking at bones jerk.
A powerful performance no less and the only one yang tak sumbang the whole night, and again, as predicted, the best for the night!

Seribu Tahun
What's wrong with the wardrobe and make-up department.Kenapa sapu lip gloss overdose tuh kat dak tuh???
Berkilat seribu batu pun nampak.
Vocally, the good points, he's on par with Nadia in terms of overall control, but has the same problems she has, which is a little flat here, a little sharp there.
Breathing, and ad libs also his weaknesses, which eventually leads to a little pitchy delivery here and there.
Kalao dia keep it simple without trying to colour it up too much, he could have sounded better. Tried too hard here and there, but in a night when we had the likes of Toi, Stanly and Nubhan, dia nampak way better.

First of all, this song sucks big time for a show.
There is no rea melody there, and the hook is whacked.
Rina lost whatever little melody there was from the start
Dia nyanyi ke bercakap pun aku tak pasti, as she made things worse by not appearing to sing.
Honestly, as much as I hate Stanly and Toi especially, this was the one of the worst performances from the whole night, and also from Rina since the first concert.

8 Pelajar Akademi Fantasia 6
Menuju Puncak
Buat kali pertama (again) dalam sejarah Akademi Fantasia ada DUA orang yang OKU yang takleh join. Overall the performance is getting better, but maybe that's because there's lesser numbers to deal with.
Nubhan is still lazy freak who shuffles ike a bum onstage cam badan dia berat sangat. Nampak sangat pemalas dia. Nak nyanyi pun nampak banyak curi tulang, sama cam Toi.
Stanly lak konon sora besau haram dengar langsung, which in his case I suppose it's a good thing.

So we're down to two girls, and five boys, who are mediocre at best. Three of which in Nubhan, Stanly and Toi berapa lama mau tahan lagik, tatau la. Geram jer...
But like I promised, ni ada hadiah to two exceptional performances. Aku tak kata exceptionally good or bad.
So obvious I mean exceptonally menyakitkan hati. Diperkenalkan sponsor kita.

Bukan low budget airline yer... just no budget airline jerk.

Yer tuh dia! klubbkidd airlines... aku pun tatau wujud syarikat penerbangan nih. Tapi sebab da sponsor aku kredit kan jer lak ek. With the tagline 'flying freaks home for free', hadiah pada two exceptionally horrendous performances goes to....


dan Stanly...

That's it! First class, one way tickets to go home. Please use it now! Expiry date cam your potential in the music business. Immediate!

Tolonglah Akademi Fantasia wujudkan AFKELUAR. And allow us to send these two home at least to preserve deria pendengaran kita while we still have it! Kalao ada contest pengundi paling banyak hantar undian aku nak sponsor hadiah la. Pemenang AFKELUAR tetinggi akan menerima buku eksklusif ni.

As not advertised on TV

Of course ada yang tertanya.. sing like who? Ala.. like Stanly.... Apa? Tak kenal? Google him and you'll find this.

Geram katanya... anyway, here's a little puzzle from Wheel of Fortune. Sapa teka, takde hadiah, cuma dapat kepuasan mencarut jerk katanya. Sapa leh jawab... angkat tangan. Nak angkat kaki pun leh.. tapi tak senonoh lak... cam subjek jawapan.

I'd like to buy vowels, please. May I have an A, O and I!

Anyway... on to more interesting stuff.

Riz's dad tegur aku pas konsert tanya pasal komen komen aku masa Diari EXT and I explained that Riz does bring on the drama a little too much at times. And sadly enough, it is a reality that semua tuh, will eclipse his performance.

The point here is, and please read this, especially pada mereka yang emo merembes, tak paham bahasa selama ni. this is a TV show.


You don't know these kids, and a couple of them, fortunately or unfortunately I do. But what I say here in my blog, is based on what we see, in Diari or Konsert, which is a reflection of reality.
Hakikatnya dalam dunia hiburan sebenar, korang tau ke artis mana yang camna sebenarnya? Do you know them?

You only perceive to the best of your abilities, right or wrong.

And that's what reality TV and Akademi Fantasia is all about. PERCEPTION!

Also understand this, like I told Riz's dad. Anggap cam kita semua nih layan Akademi Fantasia, macam tengok bola.
Dalam tuh, ko sokong Perak aku sokong Selangor. Aku kata pemain korang kaki bangku, kayu, makan suap... ko kata pemain team aku sokong telur berat, dan gerak cam mak nenek. Normal la. Pastu pengkritik lak ibarat referee... slalu kena kutuk kayu (kekadang benar)

But at the end of the day - it's only a game. Sheesh. Don't get so emo la people.

Beberapa orang Riz FC nak perang ngan aku wat memacam statement suka hati mak bapak sebab tak puas ati. Sampai komen Diari EXT aku which fair - where I mention he was consistent but too much drama pun nak take to heart. It's the truth ma. Deal ith it.

Ni nak reka memacam cita lak.

Konon pastu nak perjuangkan memacam like you know so much when in reality, you spent your life on a couch in front of the TV. Nak kata grow up, kertu la plak da.

Kang overdose perangai, dalam nak sokong, kena kutuk lak pelajar tak bersalah sebab fanatik camni lak overdose.
Aduh.. tiap musim ada jerk yang perangai ting tong berangan cam feeling saviour of these kids.
Bebudak ni dikritik ke kutuk ke..... meka yang tanggung. No one else! Menang pun meka gak, bukan ko. Kenapa? Berangan nak dok melangut tepi dak tuh kang?

Ko hengat ko merembes, ko dapat ke puaskan nafsu ko kalao ko backing beriya?

You want to bring it on to the next level by personal b*tching, let's turn up the drama. But back off while you can. That's a warning.

Anyway, thanks to Riz's dad for the chat (also yang cousin dia yang bertudung, tak sempat tanya nama - thanks for the compliments on my blog - katanya... walaupun.. *gelak sat*) and also to sweetmm who's heading Riz FC for taking up the cause to settle things to avoid then getting out of hand after beberapa fan club pelajar lain kurang senang perangai anggota tertentu yang molot poaka leh tahan. Otai cam dia paham la situasi peminat overdose... sabau ek kak.


Moving on... tadik ke persandingan Khai and Rosma.

Korang da tengok all the pics of the couple kan, so takyah la tempek agik kan.

Instead, ni gambar tamu lak.. a part of them at least. Love this picture though ramai lagik missing. Masa time amik pic ni, Sahri dan Salima takde. Also missing were ramai lagik geng. Zarina, Mas, Zahid were supposed to come but like a lot of others ramai ada hal cam show dan sebagainya while some came but jap jer. Love this pic.

Fantasia family rocks!

Enjoy the pic guys... damn tired. Tadik pas habih event ramai ramai including Shuib, Bob, Irma, Mila, Fahmee, Man, Juan as well as moi gi melepak Precint berapa ntah sampai kol berapa.

PS - Persembahan konsert keenam kat player sebelah da. Layan....

Part of the Fantasia family
(Pix courtesy of Aida from My Celebrity News Online)