Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ever get that feeling you have a million things to do, and not even half the time to do it?

Add it with the incompetency and drama of others, and you feel like everything's held back and you really am stretched to the limit to figure out how best nak terusan ngan apa yang perlu dibuat.

Aduh... maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew, and this is not even halfway towards what I'm working towards. Pening woo camnih.

Some people have it easy.

Me being a scatterbrain satu hal, ni nak juggle memacam benda at once. Minggu depan another shitty week of papertrail to work out, stuff to study over, and meetings to be made.

So am not looking forward to things.


Wish my taxes would clear fast, dapat duit aku seketol tuh, so I can actually take a week off alone on an island anywhere.

Dok ngadap laut... sipping on an ice cold drink and getting a nice tan while curled up with a nice book. I so need some ME time.

So tak sabar...

The worst part is, I think I'm turning into one of those corporate, yuppified geeks (yuppies ada agik ker) going around with an organiser now, sebab banyak sangat benda nak wat. Damn it!!! Things are so weird!

I thought with my career prospects enhanced, things would get more smoother. Or maybe nih transition period.

Tengok jer camna... damn damn damn...

If I don't keel over from the stress of it all, I'd better be f*cking rich! Matilah aku... (hope not literally though).