Saturday, April 19, 2008

Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi!

Konsert Akademi Fantasia 6 - Minggu 5

Ok, so this is it. The halfway point I was talking about di mana tuk aku da nampak persembahan siapa yang leh pakai and so on. Tapi dari segi talent, only two out of the total of fourteen kids je really leh pakai, which is Stacy and Nadia.

Lain tuh, bukan takleh nyanyi atau takde bakat, tapi serba serbi tak cukup. And in this business kalao nak tunggu ko develop too slow, everything moves on without you. So tough la nak catch up.

Yer... mungin korang pening kenapa bahasa cam kureng mencarut minggu ni. Well, honestly, I am getting tired. Carut tiap minggu pon takde beza.

Undian tetap tak menggambarkan kualiti. Stanly is still in, and so is Toi, Nadia lak gagal nak menang hati pengundi when in reality from consistency dan persembahan she should be top two with Stacy.

It's frustrating, and more often than not - a joke, a mockery to the music industry.

Ok ok...terlebih sudah... heh... nak go on with the review of the concert.

Minggu ni cam banyak problem dari segi production side when it comes to the technical side.

Masa intro pon fade in fade out... then perlu ke aku sebut time Alif tuh dengar sora Adam tengah discuss ngan sapa ntah when dia masuk... rosak kejutan yang tak seberapa tuh...
Anyway minggu ni aku simpan pam jamban dan sebagainya... minggu ni nak happy and positive rating skit. Dengan pakai smileys jerk!


Skali skala wat baik la sikit. Lagikpon the past few days ada a lot of things yang has been good for me and I am feeling very positive. How long it will last after berdarah bernanah telinga aku tatau la... but skali skala forgiving ler sikit review kan.. kan... kan...

Starting with pengkritik, this week aku nak bagik rating pada Hetty Koes Endang!!! Teruja aku tengok dia komen. She had every singe point pointed out with precision, and yet with tact.

Dengan membuat orang ketawa pun, she managed to raise a lot of points in my mind. By the way, this week, aku adopt the stance that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all (abih la kalao totally camtuh takde review langsung! So tetap kritik ler light light)
I thought this was one week where we got to see how real critics musically judge each person.

Pening orang kata Stanly dan Toi leh improve with that crap they dished out.
Read between the lines of what Hetty said. Sua carutan dia yang very the read between the lines. Tapi sayang ler carutan dia pun orang anggap pujian especially dalam kes Nubhan. Heh.... like I always say... ignorance is bliss, and sarcasm is wasted on the stupid.
So ibu Hetty, for that wonderful, professional performance.. I give you a five star salute!

(5/5 for being the only pengkritik musim ni yang perfect evaluation)

The overall show was... erm... well I liked the Diplomats of Drum yang open the show. I don't understand the Sean Khanna part, or the Anugerah Senyum or even Juliana and other triggers that just wasted time, makan masa yang would have been better spent on pengkritik cam Hetty yang lebih power and should have been given more airtime.
So overall...

(1/5 for still thinking orang cam bebudak for all the silly triggers and numerous other things wasting time)

Now on to the performances. Like contoh contoh di atas, aku rate kan persembahan bebudak with smileys... in an effort to try and be more positive. This week jerk! Let's start with the first.

Erm... he doesn't have the moves, nor did he have the attitude. Seriously dia bak lagu nih cam hampeh sangat. I mean it wasn't horrible, tapi cam moisturizer sikit ah (as in pelembab... lembab... get the picture?)

Pecah perot la dia nak cuba nari.. aduh.. konsep tarian haper tuh???

Alif memang favourite aku antara the boys, sebab dia ada commercial potential. Not to be huge, but at least ada la masa depan. Sayang, aku masih pecah pala what genre dia leh bak ngan emosi dia yang nan ado tiap kali dia perform.

(2/5 for persembahan biasa biasa je...)

What the #$%^ do you say about this tub of lard!!! Geram ok tak terhingga dia ni masih dok dalam Akademi. Week after week of contrived performances yang menggelikan!

Aku tak paham ada yang leh kata dia improve. Berbuih mulot aku nak carut dia... bengkak jari jemari aku nak type carutan demi carutan. Nak wat camna... pengundi yang mengundi dia memang tak berhabis on checking their hearing or vision kot sampai sanggup nak spend on this hobbit.

Fifth performance.... fifth kehancuran!

Shoo already!!!

(-4/5... memang ramai nangis bila dia dendangkan lagu nih.. but I'm not sure for the right reasons)

Kalis Rindu
She did quite well, tapi ada something missing from her performance that I just can't quite put my finger on. Cam forgettable sikit.

Tapi dari segi suara dan persembahan, I think her vibe je was a little off... just a little. Lagu nih whimsical but at times she seemed to be trying too hard.

Still the second best performance for the night. I like it and I hope pengundi pandai la sikit... undian dia tetap among the bottom ones. At this rate, kemungkinan dia akan tercicir dari senarai top five no thanks to the undeserving who make it due to other factors.

But hey... this is Akademi Fantasia...

(3/5 for being above average.. tapi... hmmm... missing that x factor in her persembahan)

Sorga Dan Neraka
Entah kenapa tapi aku rasa cam kat kenduri kahwin. It was interesting to see how dull she made the song. Hetty bukak molot jap jer da nampak a world of difference, despite minus the music and walaupun just one line.

It was just mediocre.... very karaoke and just lacked any real effort dari bunyi.

Kesian. The past few weeks dia ni cam lackluster and just... erm.. setakat mengisi ruang kosong jer dalam Akademi.

Not bad.. but not good either.

(1/5 for practically putting me to sleep, and then mengejutkan aku ngan dia nya nada tinggi yang mengilai)

Beautiful Girl
I felt suicidal over this. Rasa tetiba nak ludah je kat stage ngan sound effect HAAAAAAAKkK - TOIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!. Malas nak cakap apa apa. Wat malu jerk la orang cam dia can make the stage.

Don't undrstand the pop yeh yeh approach in costume and choreography of his dancers. Don't get his amateur performance at all.Everything was so wrong about him and his performance.
Takpela... aku anggap ni la segmen badut... gelak jerk.

(-4/5 for being a joke. Nak -5 sebenarnya tapi bagi discount sebab aku have fun laughing at him)

Bila Bunga Bunga Berguguran
Her lack of confidence was her own undoing. Sayang dia kuar dulu minggu nih, sebab aku rasa banding ngan Toi dan Stanly yang takde peningkatan, she should have gone out after them.
Vocally decent, tapi shaky. Her body language pun kurang engaging. Overall, so so performance. Bak kata bung Ramli, progress dia slow sangat.

Still I maintain she has the most commercial value vocally as well as a package to make it kalao dia nak despite the age handicap.

(2/5 for making me feel emo jap sebab lagu ni banyak kenangan)

Kembali Senyum
Dari saat dia bermula sampai habis, he was just wrong. Aiyo...korang dengar balik la nyanyian dia kat sebelah nih. Screw orang kata dia tone sedap... nyanyi hancur. Lum agik dia lemaukan lagu ni.. walaupun lagi ni memang pun lemau da.

Him, Stanly and Toi should be the next for elimination.

Bukan je no progress, smakin regress ada lah...

(-3/5 pengsan dengar dia and tengok seluar dia... bai ikat ngan tali rafia jer)

Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi
WOW!!!! This is the first performance musim ni aku rasa nak pengsan... lotih den tengok Stacy menari, ke sana sini.. my God!!!

Suara dia a little off here and there, but she more than made up for it with her sharp movements yang memang frantic.

Throw in her professionalism of execution and I can even forgive sebutan dia SEKHHHHHHHH-SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....

Dalam lima minggu, Stacy da manage to come up to the point where she is a lot better than even some pro singers. A definite threat to a lot of artistes, Stacy is definitely a superstar in the making! Full package in that little dynamite of a sex bomb!

(5/5 peluhhhh wooo tengok dia jerk...)

Time Is Running Out
What the hell is "ROWWWWWWRRR time is running out"? It's OUR time la ngok! EVERY line dia pronounce as ROWRRRRRR!!!

Not only that banyak sangat sebutan berterabur. DEATH not DEADDDDD.... CAN'T not can...MURDER not MUTHDER...

Lyrics pun mistakes here and there... I wanted freedom jadi I want to feel the... bound and restricted jadi current retricted or something like that.

Sorry but this is one of my favourite songs, but he sucked big time at it. Delivery wise it came across as a dangdut singer trying to be rock. Just wrong.

I have no idea why anyone would be speechless over this performance.

Erm... kenapa ada video clip tuh ek yang menampilkan Korie tuh. What's with the public toilet ad? Sebab dia ni mulot jamban? Owh... most probaby.

(2/5 for being simply overrated)

Menuju Puncak minggu ni tak kuasa aku nak bagik rating. Biasa biasa jer. At this point I already expect something outstanding in terms of vocals and choreography. Apa yang meka lakukan we should have seen three concerts ago. Not too bad.. but so two weeks ago standard yang sepatutnya.

Arghhh... time to turn in.... esok ada Anugerah Planet Muzik lak. And I still have the other stuff I'm up to. Nanti aku cita ek...

Sambll baca tuh layan la lagu lagu persembahan kat sebelah and listen again for what I mean.