Friday, April 11, 2008

Hanjeng, budak ni, aku paaaangg skali!!!

First major announcement for today.

As we all know, the blogger movement is getting bigger by the day, and semakin ramai bloggers berkeliaran gituh at events and all. Some have brought the game to another level, and some have become a problem for organisers of events by running amok.

So finally, six of the biggest entertainment bloggers doks semeja nak bincang.

Present in order of appearance, myself, Juan, Ajami, Budiey, sultanmuzaffar and mrmanager.
Semalam jumpa kat Lotus, memacam dibincangkan. First on the society we plan to form for all lifestyle and entertainment bloggers. Dari sana, soal etika, memandangkan ramai bloggers play journalists but don't know the ethics involved. Yerlah.. anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection and a digital camera can blog - but the ethics are a whole different thing.

Tujuan, hopefully, there will be some sort of regulatory body by bloggers for bloggers to make sure everyone plays their role positively and helps each other. This is not some berangan attempt, and the six bloggers as founding members dijemput as part of the experience and readership they've gained. Dari pengalaman, ke ikutan, these are the biggest names in the blogosphere as far as Malaysian entertainment goes.

The society however is not exclusive and will not conduct a hierarchy, and everyone will be invited to join, pending agreement to the rules and regulations drawn up.

Banyak discussed so won't go into that for now until ada black and white, but banyak sangat we talked about, don't know where to start.

Tapi ni positive beginning, and hopefully from here, we will move on to the next level, including improving our own output.

Merasalah katanya siap go around the table nak discuss pasal kritikan memasing toward each others' blog, which was I think good.

So guys, if you have a blog, we will keep you posted, because we really want to take this to another level. The pro-tem committee for this society now remains at the six of us who initiated this movement.

Apapon - here's hoping that bloggers will be more respected, and be as ethical as any professional in the publishing business. After this, being a more united front, we will also view seriously issues of plagiarism, and threats to the bloggers community.

The line-up initiating the entertainment bloggers' movement. Back, from left : Juan Danza, klubbkidd, Front row, from left : Ajami, MrManager, sultanmuzaffar and Budiey.

Matilah semua nak amik group pic kena pastikan moka memasing tak horror kol 3 pagik kaannnnnnn...

Letih but happy at the end of the three and a half hour meeting. Dahler pas ke Zouk for Sean Kingston punya show yang nan ado.

Honestly it was the most boring performance I've been to. And at the end of it, you had to be left wondering if he will ever be anything more than just a one hit wonder.

What was fun however was spending the Friday night with some friends at Zouk... sebab da lama tak jejak sana. Kami semua lepak VIP area party on our own oblivious to the show which was... well.. rather boring. Takde mood pun nak amik pic sangat.. so this is all I took.

Zouk on a Friday night

Cool car! Siap ngan headphones tuh!

The view from the VIP section... not very good.

Arghhh.. malas. But here's the ulasan for the final Diari of the week.

Nampaknya hari ni banyak focus pada persiapan, or lack of from bebudak.

Start ngan Nubhan boring everyone with his song (kecuali sapa yang merembes tengok dia lah). Another conversation with the camera yang da arituh mintak Nubhan carik sapa dua pelajar tak silap aku yang tak suka dia or something (waste of time really).

Anyhoo, rattling off one name or another, until sampai nama Rina.
Kata Nubhan semua ok.. but time Rina punya nama, Nubhan kata Rina ni agresif sangat, so nak wat camna...
Riz lak Nubhan kata dulu benci kat dia, sebab perangai tak suka. Tapi dia kata skang cam kawan baik.
Dia kata Stanly eadang ter ter ter... tapi no real description. Matilah... !! Censored ker. Matilah ter apa?

Hetty Koes Endang dropped in the Akademi, of course we know who the pengkritik jemputan is going to be la kan? Very the musim kedua, tapi bagus la.

She shared her experience and advice. Including bab smoking, which bab lelaki dia kat kata kisah, but kalao pompuan jangan.

Moving, memasing nyanyi tuk Hetty. From, Rina, Nadia, Stacy, Saida among those.
For Rina - some notes out. Nadia di mintak lembutkan, while Stacy has both the problems, while Saida sama cam Rina.

Faisal lak lack of assertion in his vocal delivery and expresionless, Toi leh lupa lirik tengah nyanyi and Hetty kata problem dia articulation. Stanly lak kata Stanly terlalu berhati-hati while Nubhan malas dan patut bukak mulut. Alif still struggling too and Riz lak medocre.

Heh... I love how she is so spot on with just bebudak nyanyi sikit jerk. Selama ni benda aku carut tul jerk... so wish people would pay attention to the weaknesses. Bukan tanak puji bebudak, tapi they need to now their weakness and pay attention to them, rather than drown in compliments yang too little. Hope Hetty really does become pengkritik esok.

With Siti Hajar nya kelas lak.

Rina was just mendatar jer, Stanly is not only out of pitch but just main main.
"Hanjeng, budak ni, aku paaaangg skali!"
Merasalah kena ngan Siti Hajar. But she was laughing so no malice involved, so memang gelak skali aku sebab nampak dia rasa wasting masa je Stanly buat suara.

Faisal thankfully tak sesumbang previously, nampanya finally lessons paying off.

Sesi Nadia ngan bung Ramli. Nampaknya the drills are getting tougher finally, so bagus la.

Yerlah, bukan nak kill of the kids with the boot camp routine, but they should be thankful for all this - at least they don't come out as a joke in the business.

Nubhan one round. I doubt he will deliver as well.

Rina in the next scene rupanya tulis wasiat bil dia ponteng kelas. Why they showed that I have no idea, so moving to to Linda's class.

Dia mintak bebudak bebudak nari improvise wat style sendiri.


Is Alif actually doing the running man??? MATILAH!!! Pecah perut aku gelak. Toi lak cam marching tetiba feeling breakdance, while Faisal ala senamrobik. . Aduh.. pecah perot aku gelak.
In the end Alif and Nadia menang. Eh wait a minute, everyone dapat hadiah camera. Erm.. takperla. Janji aku sempat gelak. Meraslah running man.

Syafie's class lak, Toi masih lupa lirik dah ler I think he's been having problems with the pace. Riz pun tak hafal lagu dia lagi.. aik.. lagu orang konon cepat dia hapal, lagu dia lak problem? Alif pun having problems with nak hapal and lost energy masa nak nyanyi.

Heh... Nubhan pesan kat Toi jangan cam dia minggu lepas, cam gorilla nyanyi katanya! And some fans thought he was amazing. Merasalah Riz pastu join mengadu nasib gak.

Tapi kelakar.. dia kata kalau dia dapat agu Stanlytakde camni.. erm... dia nih leh ke kalao skali tuh tak wat prangai dia tak puas ngan orang? Kawan sendri pun leh kena. I mean Stanly is having obvious problems with his song, tapi cara dia cakap cam seolah he would have it so easy.

Round two and final Diari of the week. Matilah da empat minggu tanpa sedar.

Komen Anita masa dia wat evaluation. Pening bab Toi. He should be out soon la. Tak larat...

Tapi kan.. walaopon aku minat sangat mainan emosi, seriously kesian ngan Alif. I think dia risau, time Ika tukar lagu, dia keluar. So he's probably worried the same will happen to him. Mesti dalam hati dia terbayang orang carut hina memacam dia takleh bak English song. One good thing I see out of this is that at least dia sedar it's a major problem, rather than tak sedar and unaware of the situation.

Just hope he doesn't get dragged down because of this.

Alif feeling vulnerable

Reaksi kawan baik Rina masa dia perform

Matilah perlu ke meka show split screen shot of Rina dan Riz. Merasalah konon da cium molot berbaik da. Heh!!!... sampai Sarimah komen pakai baju sedondon.

Saida wish happy birthday kat dad dia, merasalah at least takde cam Faisal HAPPY BURSTDAY! Golek gelak jap!

Aisey... Rina cam ready nak keluar jer. And dia gi wat confession ngan Riz lak pasal worry dia. Merasalah everyone is strategising! Yang penting amik group pic dan solo pic posing maut sebab cam ready nak bak kenangan tuh semua keluar...

Snaphappy moment!

Trust me, I think these kids, some of them, are really thinking ahead of things nak plan out their strategy.

The camera tanya umi Fauziah, what she think about the concert tomorrow, will it be better. Merasalah non-committal answer, SEPATUTNYA better kan.

Amik ko!

Wow... how these kids focus on their assignments! Such focus... such concentration.. such a load of BS!

Aiyo! Taste ke, amik rasa?

Erm.. sorang feeling so confident, and sorang agik konsep libas rambut

Erm... motif?

No wonder ada yang ngamuk time presentation.
Ramli appears like he's on the warparth.
Kata he spend almost 40 hours a week with them, "TAPI SORANG PUN TAK ADA PENINGKATAN!"
Merasalah da menjerit!
Tuh dia!
"Kamu tahu tak saya spend 10 kali ganda, almost 40 hours a week, cikgu ajar kamu dua kali, saya datang sini ajar lagi sepuluh kali.
"TAPI SEORANG PUN TAK ADA PENINGKATAN! Semua balik asal, kamu balik asal.. balik asal... macam sebulan lepas datang sini. Then for what I'm here? Ten hours a day I'm here. Bila amik microphone aje, naik stage aje macam ni!"

Amik ko the frustration!

Siti Hajar tegur tone placement and breathing. Tegur Toi, Stanly, Saida, Saida.. semua kena boh kaw kaw.

Umi kata Faisal je energy ada, lain takde. Heh.. dia ni mana kisah tak amik pot pon orang cakap.
"You all ingat you all boleh survive macam ni kat luar lepas tiga bulan? Matai tau tak matai? You jadik macam yang lepas lepas tuh!"


Terpegun aku tengok bung Ramli ngamuk. Bukan nak tengok bebudak kena marah.

"Next Sunday, alao you all takde improvement, pengundi tak keluarkan you, saya yang keluarkan you! What's the point, takde improvement!"

Rina nangis and tried to hide from the camera tanak kuar kat Diari. Fat hope! Erm..

Dengar masa rehearsal leh tahan sorang sorang hancur.So tomorrow is anybody's guess.

Here's to tomorrow's concert... outta here!