Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anugerah Planet Muzik

Ari ni sedih sikit sebab... erm.. nanti la aku cita in esok nya posting. But antara sebabnya is tak dapat nak take pics of lepak ngan kengkawan masa Anugerah Planet Muzik cause I lost/misplaced my camera.

Malas nak cita bebanyak pon... I'm sure you guys would have caught the show... If not, you didn't miss much as I can safely say, APM is the most boring event ever!

Mungkin sebab kat negara kita da banyak sangat acara camni kot... even though performances kat APM were quite good, but I dunno... cam ada je yang tak kena.

Actually banyak ler tak kena... tapi malas go on.

Just enjoy the pics guys courtesy of Leesya yang freelance. Ada gak kengkawan nak sumbangkan ek pics tuk aku dalam time tension camera lak ilang.

Here are the results of the night.

Most Popular Song - Itu Kamu (Estranged)
Most Popular Duo/Group - Estranged
Most Popular Male Artiste - Faizal Tahir
Most Popular Female Artiste - Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza
Best New Female Artiste - Farah Asyikin
Best New Male Artiste - Faizal Tahir
Best New Duo/Group - Meet Uncle Hussein
Best Male Artiste - Anuar Zain
Best Female Artiste - Kris Dayanti
Best Duo/Group - Gigi
Best Song - Nakal (Gigi)
Best Album - Peace, Love & Respect (Gigi)
Anugerah Planet Muzik Special Award - Search
Anugerah Planet Muzik Love Award - KRU

Congrats especially to Rich and the boys of Estranged! Also to Meet Uncle Hussein...korang memang besh gila! Rock Malaysian style!

Most of the winners were derserving. Sorry tak list down the Singaporean categories sebab tak amik pot sangat... but congrats to Taufik for his big haul as well. His performance was like one of the highlights of the night, apart from Siti, Meet Uncle Hussein and Matta.

Also liked Dayang with Judika when they performed with what's his name again? Owh.. hardly significant...

Be posting more tomorrow...

I love Kris Dayanti and Acha.. but... what were they thinking???

Ditto for Yasmin and Sazzy

Candid shots are always a problem...

She is a goddess!!! I love you Sarah Sechan!!

Meet Uncle Hussein and Estranged! The new school of Malaysian rock!

Welcome back Faizal!

Love Taufik Batisah's performance!

Didn't they have a sound check before the actual event?

Dayang and Judika were awesome! Oh well.. two out of three ain't bad...