Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sorry ler concert review lewat sikit. Like I said in the last entry... seriously bogged down with work. Not to mention Internet line gila, plus Imeem pun down masa tuh, so nak upload lagu pun susah. But everything's ok now, kat sebelah ni so layan je.

While the fouth concert is the halfway mark, almost... I think this was the worst concert, and I really can't take having to review it so, here's a quick look.

Biggest failure of Akademi Fantasia this season. Dia nih, angkuh, besar kepala, dan tak sanggup ubah walaopon cara dia tuh tak kena.

Empat minggu berturut-turut dia hancur dan fail at his job. I see no improvements, and that is the most positive I can describe his dismal performance. While Astro da sign contract ngan dia, I bet that they're regretting every moment of it cause he is so full of it... thinking he's all that. He's all that alright... want to know what THAT is? Matilah ko!

Self-absorbed and berangan, he's destroying everything Aznil built in five years of the show previously which has made the show so big.

Ngan intro yang slalu syok sendiri, menjerit membingitkan keadaan, at least he's consistent in two things.

Wat lawak bodoh - yang hanya dia leh paham.

And making mistakes.

Round 1
Pas Toi perform, AC perkenalkan Adlin Raman Ramli. What the... camna tuh pun leh sasul???

Round 2
Masa Alif nak perform - AC kata Alif akan sampaikan sebuah lagu dalam Bahasa Malaysia, so despite similarities in language, technically the song is in Bahasa Indonesia, ngok!

Round 3
Then masa Nadia nak perform, dia perkenalkan Toi sebagai raja 'KALER BLAND! BAJU PUTIH, TENGKOLOKNYA UNGU... KALER BLANDDDDDD KATANYA ORANG PUTIHHHHH!!!"

Round 4
Shortly after dia kredit the backing by mereka dari YAYASAN WAWASAN JOHOR???
Later masa Nubhan perform dia sebut nama pengarah yayasan sebagai
"PENGARAH WAWASAN YAYASAN JOHOR Encik Tuan Haji Jamil... Jamal... Jamal...."
It's Haji Jama Johan, pengarah Yayasan Warisan Johor.

Smile! You're on candid camera!

Kalao dulu Aznil paai cue card, especially not to get names of people or songs wrong, dia ni confident without. Nak kata BODOH kang marah.... tapi hakikatnya?

Bodoh sombong ke apa nih... tambah berterabur tapi still week after week, suka ati Mayfirst dia je nak mengarut!

Kena ke produksi amik hos yang English as bad as the students????

Tak perkenalkan the original singers like Halil Chik tuh aku da tak heran sebab da berapa minggu dia camtuh. Dah la tak sebut celebrities in the crowd who are in attendance. Takot orang overshadow dia kot.

Bodoh piang!
(malas tol nak rating dia tak improve langsung every week HAUS!)

I have no idea what the intro was all about, and I'm not going to even try to figure it out. I suspect benda ni semua plan for AC nak tayang whatever strengths he has, whatever he imagines them to be in that little alternate world of his he chooses to call a reality. In other words... syok sendiri lah...

Joget Bunga Melati (Halil Chik)
I don't know how to take this. As much as I despise him, I have to say, this week he is the MOST improved student. Yerlah considering he sucked eggs big time for three weeks in a row, not too hardlah. Tapi sakit hati tol pengkritik tak seorang pun tak puji perubahan mendadak pada persembahan dia langsung. Meka ni regular pengkritik, si Adlin lak not the first week.. so they would have a sense of how horrible he was before this. Credit were credit is due la...

Memang la dia play safe and all - but honestly da memang dia ni vokal kronik, so focus repair tuh jer la. It was a boring performance that would put me to sleep... but at least my ears didn't bleed. Memang lah still scary but...

This just teaches the students sebaik mana perform, tak guna, tetap akan kena keji.

Laukku Cukup Masin (Spider)
Such a joke... aku malas komen dia. He is not a singer. He's a walking, talking parody of everything of what a singer is.

Am I the only one to see what a joke he is? Aku tanak sebut pengkritik mana, tapi someone has definitely been watching the Diari and taking note of Hetty Koes Endang's comments.

So many things wrong that I don't even credit him having sung a song. Out.. out.. out....!!!!!!

(Matilah undian dia naik ler pas nih sebab loving husband konon bagi hadiah kat bini sempena birthday, and bini pun bertudung... so imej wise memang meletop la!)

Menghapus Jejakmu
Boring karaoke session, tapi considering he just got the song for over a day, and his performancs was still not the worst, I have to compliment him a little. Not much... sikit jerk. Sebab it wasn't good enough to merit proper praise.

Yaadaa yaadaaa from emotional critic.... entah la kak Ogy macam kritik with such venom
A mess... but not as bad as a joke or emotional outburst.

Like a viiiiiirrgiiiiinnnnnn.. Alif does Madonna, thanks to Jasmi Rejab's personal styling

Hati Kama
Kalau Saida dicarut kerana mess things up and overshadowed by Noraniza Idris, aku nak sangat tengok meka letak Stanly berduet ngan Bob to see the if the result will be any better.
She is definitely not the strongest dalam Akademi, and letak sebelah kak Ani, lagik la nampak beza standards.

Plus - she practised alone, so the question of performance interaction tuh jangan la nak emo sangat memandangkan the surprise inclusion of a guest tuh da nama pun surprise.

Tapi Saida kalao minggu depan tak imrpove a whole lot more, dia pon memang in the danger zone da skali ngan Rina dan Toi dari segi pola undian.

Kasih Tercipta
Overweight, overbearing, overrated, overdose.

PENDEK kata semua la over.

Ini realiti dunia hiburan. Kalau seseorang tu mempunyai kekurangan, dia kena lebihkan la dari segi lain. Example, we have performers like Bob, Adibah Noor and even Hazami who don't fit the stereotype of rupa menarik tapi whatever their kekurangan bab tuh, anugerah Tuhan dari segi bakat meka overwhelming.

So kalao you're someone like Stanly... just lupakan hasrat nak jadik penyanyi la. Nyanyi cam terkekik je keja!

Rupa komersial takde, sora langsung takde... dok dalam Akademi ngan undian bunian mana entah...

Long having overstayed his welcome. WORST performance of the week, and pelajar ngan PRESTASI paling menjunam sejak konsert pertama.

Everything teruk, dari memjerit, melalak out of tune, pitchy, tempo. lupa lirik... semua ada.
I know way more people who look and sound a million times better than him.

But surprise surprise... semua cam tegur manja jerk. They should have openly said he was the MOST HORRIBLE.
(sama standard si Stanly ni ngan AC Mizal... memualkan!)

Terbang Helang
Berapa rasanya harga baju kelawar dia tuh ek? Matilah kaftan! And rambut baru bangun tido dia tuh?

Tema pyjama party ker?

Masa dia nyanyi lirik nanti lemas sendiri, aku risau dia lemas dalam kain bermeter tuh jerk. Janji bersih pentas pas dia abih.... sapu abih!

You know, it did sound a little lounge singer like, but Ogy lupa that the song was hardly a competition song, so I think she took out her frustration on Rina.
Mediocre at best.

Langsir? Oh.. Rina rupanya
Mengapa Di Rindu
She did ok I guess. Da kata da dari rehearsal,dia membawa lagu ni kurang merdu, not like the original. She did a contemporary take of it, because her vocal range is more apt to that.

Aku tak paham, why there is a need to copy, sampai tahap interpretasi dikatakan membunuh lagu. Yes, the song in its original form is lebih lembut, but I take it as according to her voice, is the most appropriate delivery.

Cinta Hampa
What the... yes, we probably have to thank Nubhan sebab Ogy terus kurang crabby pas diberi bunga with the spotlight back on her and she lightened up immediately. But his flat delivery, which ended up seperti nahas jalanraya crash hancur. Sumbang mambang.. but do we expect dia nak kena carut seperti sepatutnya?

As if...ada yang ada fan base jerk terus very the nice kritikan manja.

Overall, I think bukan saja penonton, peminat dan pengkritik tak grasp the concept of this week. Selepas minggu rock, yang menjerit, melalak pun leh get away with things - which was a test of their range, attitude and power, minggu ni was a notch down to see when it comes to the majority of laid back tunes, mampu ke meka nak control their delivery.

For a simpler song - hancur camni.. he should be hung butt naked upside down with red ants poured all over him. Sumbat dalam anthill teruih pun takpe.

I may not sing well.. but kangkang mesti dapat undi...

Just in case, lebihkan sikit... damn.. wish I had stuffed my pants more..

Aku tak kisah kalao jap agik karatz (peminat la tuh) dia nak marah, but hakikatnya he sucked.
Sehancur Rina last week with Enter Sandman, dia however failed to manage to get everyone caught up in the hype of the song. Nih not only did he fail to work up the crowd despite the song being infectious and a catchy hit, he had the same repeated problems from when he did Separuh Masa.

He had so many problems from AGAIN stamina, consistency in delivery with his pitchy out of breath and numerous other problems. Hancur!

You've got to be joking... pengkritik, seperti bab beberapa orang lain yang peminat kecoh lebih dalam dewan tak lak komen semua tuh.

I have no idea kenapa instead choreography disebut sedangkan bebudak ni takde kena mengena bebenda nih.

Merasalah anjakan paradigma!

"Teks lagu... controlled the crowd.. controlled the song.. whatever."

Bagus? As if... just another small time talent show participant.

Cinta Khayalan
Lovely new song, and good first single. She sang it straight forward, tapi honestly aku nak carut pun susah. Pas empat minggu, dapat lagu batu nak wat it in your own way at a time when developing your identity is just a far away thought as you're struggling to get things done right, is really hard.

No matter what problems she had, this was my performance of the night.

Not mind blowing ker hebat sangat ke apa.

But for the whole night, ni was definitely the highlight.

(backing vocals berterabur dua ekor tuh aku bagik )

Menuju Puncak
Musim ni banyak moment bersejarah kan. First time ada miming.. first time baju horror nak mampos (well, not the first time, so tak masuk kot), first time ada dua orang yang bebetol TONE DEAF gila babs, first time ada yang wat circus tumbling tots masa Menuju Puncak... banyak sangat nak list.

Kali ni first time ada OKU!

Matilah... lutut sakit Rina dok tepi je nyanyi.

And yet still, tarian berterabut, mic pack Stacy tercabut, affecting her again (second time terjadi sepanjang musim ni, and it's only the fourth concert), nyanyian pun still not up to par. Ala ala jerk...

Paling malas kali nih aku prasan Toi dan Nubhan, and paling lemau bab tarian as in just falling all over, Stacy.

JUST WHY THE HELL DO WE NEED THAT #$%^& to drag the bag up? Just like the stupid need to ask the kids to step forward if they felt they were weak in their performance. So you ask them to build their confidence to feel they did their best, and you ask them to admit they didn't?


In less than 30 seconds, the elimination was over.

I think Faisal paling cepat thrown out of the hall. in three minutes da announce, salam and out of the hall, takde last goodbye to the other pelajar as always.

Minggu ni aku nak ponder over something, which is the erratic undian. Gila taw!

I mean, look at this...

Aku tak puas ati si Stanly tuh tinggi sangat satu hal... honestly who the #$%^ are his damn freaking voters? People with too much money and too little sense of hearing and taste?
Ini kedudukan ketika undian ditutup.

Alif - 17%
Stacy - 14%
Stanly -11%
Riz - 10%
Saida - 10%
Nadia - 9%
Nubhan - 9%
Toi - 8%
Rina - 7%
Faisal - 5%

Matilah ko!!! Gila ke haper. Empat mnggu hancur si Stanly tuh, tetap tinggi undian... katanya.. WALAUPUN! (matilah statement ni di copyright lama da... Riz guna tanpa bayar royalty jerk)
Honestly, the voting trends are very disappointing, even Nadia dok bawah dia. And why is Toi above Rina?

Other than that, I have no major problems, but honestly in terms of overall development, as well as prestasi, Stanly really should be the next to go. Him or Toi. Making it a double would be fun.
Dahla.. sakit ati jerk tengok undian punya peratusan.. ridiculous. Kalao benda nih berterusan, memang mee segera jer la banyak keluar dari Akademi.

Speaking of which... kenapa tak wat brand mee segera Akademi Fantasia ek? Merchandising gituh... mesti laku. Matila ko!