Thursday, March 06, 2008


Another fantastic, walaupun very tiring day. Started the day early and buggered about nak abihkan keja pelbagai. Tengahari pas lunch ada lagik satu meeting, which I have good vibes about. Ok lar tuh... walaupun tired tapi at least I have one more meeting jer tomorrow sebelom the weekend is clear for me. And if it went as well as today's... then it should be a breeze!

Thank goodness.

Headed back to the office, nak wat keja, but because of the whole election buzz - forgot about it because too many distractions. Sesapa penah gi newsroom for any paper during a huge event like the elections will know what I mean.

Yang pentingnya my office nih bersepah ngan all sorts of sampah... oops... I mean election literature. Ada jer risalah, topi, baju dan sebagainya political party. Nyampah lak tengok. I never really understood why marketing was such an essential part in determining someone's vote.

I would like to think at the end of the day - it's about whether someone can serve the people well or not - not whether they can waste money putting out crappy merchandise that no one wears.
Ni some of the stuff I found in the office.

Ni keja sapa nih? Halim... ko ker? Masaalahnya dia ada anak pompuan ke???

And because of the election buzz, dropped by the Lembai Pantai ceramah smalam - no, not in support of Barisan Nasional - I remain politically indifferent... to them.

If I was voting for that parliamentary seat, I'd give it to Nurul Izzah anyday. Ten years since aku last jumpa dia, but I remember a fiery, gutsy girl who was way more intelligent than her young years.

So I guess that way, a lot of people must be happy (or not) I'm voting for the Klang parliamentary seat - which no surprises to who I'm casting my ballot for, considering the crime rate, the ineffective response and planning throughout the last several years walaopon aku ke forum nak complain ngan MP aku pasal kawasan perumahan aku tuh - but tetap tndakan NAN ADO gituh.

So this is where I voice my dissatisfaction (no la... not in my blog... kat tong undi tuh la... matilah aku tong...)

Hah... back to the ceramah or majlis ramah mesra or whatever you call it time time elections ni yang suddenly mushroom everyhere time election ni (kalao time biasa tak de lak nak mesra mesra rakyat camni).

They closed off Jalan Telawi 3, which I don't think was a smart move sebab it p-ed off shoppers and store owners around the area. Senang senang jer tup jalan sana... da la tuh prime area... ish ish ish.

Tapi due to start at 9.30pm, aku singgah at 9pm, memang ramai orang. Aku budget dalam 1,000 orang.

The breakdown at that point - pekerja parti dalam lebih 200, orang awam yang actually hadir 50, yang curious tambah 50, dan selebihnya orang bunian.

Tapi aku gi sana demi tugas, nak terjah Datin Seri - or Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, depending on which title you prefer (I like the normal just 'Siti' better - as sweet as she's getting - ala porcelain doll skang)

Ada la cita.. nanti ek bab tuh lak.

Anyway, it started drizzling time show Siti, which was a waste sebab ramai orang nak layan show terpaksa pushed back to the covered area. Aku lak nak snappy banyak pics pun malas sangat sebab takot kamera basah. But ok gak.. ujan or not - Siti performed two songs, Ku Mahu and a Teresa Teng tune.

Wow... ramainya!!!!... orang bunian...

What everyone was really there for - diva Siti!!! Sujud cepat!

Sorry sangat ler pics takde yang lebih cantik. Memang keadaan tak mengizinkan. Anyway, thanks Siti for the wishes for my new career. Heh... aduh... basah kuyup wo pas nak ciao event tuh. Merasalah... sejuk macam.. erm berada di GENTING HIGHLANDS lak (oops... matilah... ramai tak paham kecuali kalao anda salah seorang production Akademi Fantasia yang membaca posting nih).

Anyhoo... rushed back, hit the showers... and am off to sleeeeee...ppp.............ndujddwnfjfnlflqfnwqiqewhdo8jl (aksi pala hantuk keyboard sebab tak tahan teros KO)