Saturday, March 01, 2008


This is an urgent message to everyone who was around from 1986 onwards, or knew someone who was. Ok... that didn't make sense.

Basically semalam spent the whole day at home, and decided to do something I haven't done for a long time. Browse ebay for my MASK toys. For those who don't know what MASK is, it's an 80s cartoon, and I, yes I admit... I am a fanatic on collecting back toys from the cartoon which I was such a fan of about 20 years ago.

Anyway found this seller who had some interesting bits. Called the phone number listed and ended up having a very nice chat sebab dia pon dekat ngan area aku since he was in Shah Alam. Aku ingat orang da tak minat kartun ni. Turns out, the dude is one year elder than me, at 33, and a huge fan too. And he was getting rid of his collection sebab dia nak upgrade to mint condition ones. Arghh!!!

I can't even get the regular ones! But while I ended up not buying anything from him tunggu dia cari something yang kena ngan my order, this opened my eyes.... ada ramai peminat MASK out there, or even people who happened to buy the toys back in the 80s!

So this is my call - guys... kalao korang ada, or know anyone yang ada these retro stuff in the MASK collection (not te damn Jim Carrey crap) , please... please drop me a line! Ok... Or leave a message here with your contact details. I'd appreciate it so much.

Going back on the Net to browse some more.

PS - This is a short entry sebab ari ni tak kuar mana pun except jenguk adik Acaf aku jap yang balik sini cuti. Takleh tido lewat - and malas post review Pussycat Dolls Present : Girlicious episode one and two. Esok awal pagik ada judging for AIM. Will update on that. Malam lak ada show Datuk Siti Nurhaliza kat Zoom In for RTM. Be updating ASAP.