Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tirai Akademi Fantasia

Slept close to noon, but woke up in a few hours jer. Had a last minute meeting. Nak tengok Tirai Akademi Fantasia part one and two punya repeat cause missed it as I was at Sunburst. Tapi tak sempat stay up noon tadik so missed it. Nampaknya sempat curi curi tengok je la part three yang nak umumkan siapa calon yang layak masuk Akademi sambil borak borak ni.

Tengah nak ke meeting dapat lak missed call dan mesej yang berkaitan drama sebalik tabir Akademi Fantasia. Now really... so unnecessary. Aku nak bitch sangat about it, tapi takperla. Aku simpan dulu.

Anyway on to the show, aku sempat catch bits and pieces of it.

The whole team building exercise was so... erm... well... good in a way. But so corporate mindset nak wat camtuh actually. I would have thought they'd be drilled on basics to be prepared for the Akademi..

Teamwork may help in other environments, but in the Akademi where only one big winner will be announced, it al boils down to the ability of one person. So I thought it didn't contribute as much as any other activities would.

Trust and cooperation and teamwork would be great kalao semua nak kerjasama in the future but in the Akademi, it's each person for themlseves ma.

The whole feelgood factor is understandable, but a wee bit mushy lor.

And the voice over was so bad too. Rasa cam bukan nonton Akademi Fantasia lak. Cam layan program kanak kanak. Oh well...

Erm... korang ada tengok iklan Mayfirst tuh tak. Now hands up sapa tak pecah perot layan iklan tuh. Cheesy!!!! And I mean CHEESY!

Plus weird that lagu ikln dia ada sora woman tapi yang tunjuk vdeo dua duta produk jer in Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan and AC Mzal.


Anyway, caught some of the performances... erm... honestly. Tak sorang pun... aiyo... malas carot awal sangat in the season. Let's just see la how they perform.

Right now though, in terms of overall appeal, I think only Alif, Stanley and Saida stand out.. and maybe even Yana. Lain tuh... erm... erm... tamau carot lagik. Tunggu until the konsert.

So did you guys get your favourites in? I think my three favourites for the moment (Yana mungkin join in if she's ok Eh ok la... nak sambung meeting. Seb baik da edit pi semua siap.

Matilah... tahan je jari nak upkan list sebenarnya sejak Jumaat,