Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Firstly ni some pics yang aku tak sempat nak posting semalam. These are from the Akademi Fantasia press conference to announce the calon-calon pelajar. Obviously aku tak banyak amik, focus aku hanya pada Saida, which is definitely my favourite for this season. Don't know if she's going to be in, but elok lagik ler dari some of the other losers in the line-up

Honestly semalam layan sora meka preview sikit, nothing jumped out. Takde apa apa yang menarik minat atau outstanding langsung.

Why do I like Saida? She's 32 (same age as me), looks hot - walaupun she's a mother of four, and she has a warm personality AND she translates all that to her voice, not amazing diva punya suara, but suara yang, soft and soothing.

For the boys - sorang pun tak menarik apart from Stanley from Sarawak, who stands out walaupun takde the looks yang the others are. Well, better to be talented than a himbo pretty boy kan...

Ok ok... you get my point kan? Anyway, here are the pics...

Saida... so sweet.

The delay nak upload the extra pics ni sebab pas abih, emailed my story in, and then hung out with Juan, Nik from Astro and Nora from Measat Publications, kat La Bodega kat Pavilion.We were then joined by Badrul kawan Nora, manager tuk Rolex kat Pavilion. I promised these lovely people to post some pictures of us hanging out (I love the Vanilla smoothie - try it), so here they are.

Nik pose macho while Nora bagik pose ayu.. merasalah. Charan in the background, while Juan and Bad join for the group pic.

Oh by the way - yer yer... kena puji Nik siikt sebab choice of doorgift dia menarik. Through the years, I've collected the various Akademi Fantasia merchanside. Walaupun aku biasanya give away these kind of freebies to other people because I could hardly care - this one aku suka sangat. I mean Akademi Fantasia is moving into its sixth year... kids can be ready for primary school already la at that age!

It's been that long since I followed the first season... so ni more to add to my collection of stuff from Akademi Fantasia through the years.

Congratulations to Nik for the good choice of stuff, The carry all bag... the bean-bag like cushion with the jersey material is the best though. The notebook was cool sebab kat dalam ada composite shot all the calon calon ala America's Next Top Model. The other thing? That was in the goodie bag and not even worth talking about.

We hung out and chatted and all - sampai it was time to make a move. Owh Lord.... did you guys notice the chandeliers hanging int he middle of Jalan Buit Bintang?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

They do kind of look... well... almost nice. But they kind of border on the really cheesy too. Still, things looked pretty festive... which is good kan?

After all - people around that area, like many others, have a lot to celebrate too, kan? Matilah aku!

Pada mereka yang tengah melantak tuh, please stop before you move on to these next pics... or at least skip this part... sebab semestinya ni la segmen (music please!)... gambar terbaru dalam galeri siri perosak selera!

Pics ni ditangkap di Pelita, Bangsar beberapa hari lalu.

Sorry sangat pics tak clear, sebab dia dok tempat yang gelap sket, plus of course I obviously couldn't use my flash.

Tapi dalam semua siri perosak selera aku, aku rasa nih yang paling terok sebab bontot dia kat celah tuh berkerak siot!!! Itam lining yang nampak.. *pengsan sat*. Honestly, words cannot describe my horror, and even these pics cannot gambarkan sekerak mananya linng bumper dia.
Please... if anyone knows this lady, recommend her a good scrub - or a nice pair of pants to fit her so tak expose kerak dia lelebih tuh


Anyway, esok ada event Anugerah Bintang Popular, so more pics there then ok. Until then, good night guys.