Sunday, March 23, 2008

A joke?

Malam tadi memang hyped ler nak gi first concert for Akademi Fantasia musim keenam. Mana taknya... nostalgia siot. Start dari musim pertama aku on off tak kena demam lagi aku da cover sana sini.

By the time musim kedua sampai aku da ketagih. And the rest is history. So this is the sixth season, and surprise surprise.. ada sumber kata ni mungkin yang terakhir. Yes, you've heard it before kan. But this is supposed to be REALLY it... so as part of our local pop culture, Akademi Fantasia means a lot to me.

From the good times spent with friends before, during or after the concert (usually spent caruting), to the coverage (pecah lobang sakitkan ati Astro jerk) to the friends I've made - and my extended family in those yang pernah part of the show. Sentimental siot.

So here's to another great season of b*tch*ng!

Expectations aku memang high. No more polyphonic ringtones. The Akademi sarat ngan the best people in the music industry. It may be the last year... and we've had a great first week of the Diari... so I was hoping a lot for this concert which would mark whether Akademi Fantasia will be as big as it was. Nak recapture glory days la.

One of the first people I bumped into at the venue was Sarah.

Wished her condolences sebab memang Ika bakal murder lagu dia kan... I guess this must be Sarah's reaction when she heard Ika sing later (see pic for reference). Don't mind my camera... flash kasar sikit so nampak moka dia cam porcelain doll lak. Sarah looks hot! Da kuruih sikit dia nih... seksi tol... minus having to show any skin.

Anyhoo... went in and it felt good. Dewan Sivik ler aku banyak memories of the second, and still best season ever.

The new look for 2008

Motif disco balls?

Started snapping a few pics. Korang layan jer la dulu ek...

Sarimah with her brother - leh jadik artis kan rupa? Rockstar alert!

Residen Akademi Fantasia - Shafiq and Mariam

Vocal queens - Syafie and Siti Hajar

Mommies of the Akademi - kak Fati and umi Fauziah.. love you both to bits!

Sempat kacau Shafiq dan Mariam jap. Korang nak tau sapa cayang bucuk si Mariam tuh? Aku bagi clue. Not too long ago, kat venue sama, laki dia pon wat show sini. Heh... cepat pecah pala nak speku!!!
Messed about until the show started. And we're in business. Let the carutan officially begin!

Nice intro - the kids bursting in. Tuh Stanly...

Baju... erm... ok la. Tapi intro busuk!

Ok let's start... by the way kalau maalah rasmi Akademi Fantasia, Aksi ada Madam Zora, aku perkenalkan Tora to be featured here ek as my muse.
Cheap chocolates you can never eat but buy for overpriced for plastic toys which are not even worth the price of the cardboard box it came in.
Not like it mattered for most of us growing up.

Kind of like how the show went... very the metaphor tau - no substance, decent presentation, and unarguably, a waste of money to spend on but you do anyway.

We kick off with obviously AC Mizal - I think a lot of people still consider him going for a job interview. Akademi Fantasia sepuluh minggu jer tau.
Apa halnya orang nak kata bagi dia masa lagik.
Takkan nak tunggu konsert ketujuh ke kelapan baru nak improve. Dia calon pelajar ke?

I mean honestly... he did NOT do a good job.

So anyway - you got the job - you should have done more than enough preparation tuk pastikan ko tak f*ck up.

Sikit sikit tuh aku paham ler.

Tapi kalao da propah bertahun wat tuh nih, hai... takkan kalao screw up nak wat alasan nervous ke... bagi masa lagik ker.


Aku tak pernah compare dia with anyone, jauh lagi ngan Aznil. Memang susah sesapa leh kendalikan konsert cam Pak Nil. tapi ngarut la kalao cam malam tadi. Anal sangat tau!
Ngan menjerit sana sini tak tentu arah cam orang kurang waras, honestly bingit sangat. Already have to put up with the horrendous singing of some of the kids, now even the pengacara camtuh.

It all came across as fake, stiff and contrived. He tried too hard, and ended up with nothing to show for. His jokes fell flat and he never interacted with the audience or fed off their vibe.
Dunno how people going to stand all the other concerts.

He couldn't even get the names right. Lagu Stacy jadik Don't Want. It's No One la, fool!
Me? I've kind of practised zoning out when he opens his mouth.

Now on to the show... and the real reason for it.

By the way... tahun nih, bagus aku bagi diamond, sesuai ngan konsep Akademi Fantasia tahun nih bling bling.

Kalau azab, aku sekali lagi bagi pam jamban! Sesuai la stakat toilet plunger dapat kalao nyanyian busuk ala ala toilet sumbat gituh.

Simply The Best (Tina Turner)

This was a strong opening for sure. The song was right for setting the pace.

Tapi lom apa apa aku da menyampah. The whole trigger of having the phone call was pathetic. And bringing on Rina's daughter and cucu lagik teruk. Hey! Baru minggu pertama apa ke tujuan nya nak camtuh.

Nak pastikan dia tak kuar nak main drama ker? Tak jadik ok.

Especially when you have AC grinning away camtuh. Takes away anything (not like there was much) from the moment.
And when the call was cut off, si AC beriya nak sambung call kenapa? Menggelupur tul mamat nih.

Rina was a little stiff in her performance and there is definitely much room for improvement.
Of course it was nothing special at all. and she brought it on just like a dozen other club singers along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Just wondered if she understood what she was singing.

Still she did a decent job, and as far as the competition goes, I want to see how well she does. If nothing else for smple entertainment value la.
Erm... love the pumps, but the hell is with the leopard print skirt??? Even Tina Turner wouldn't be caught dead in that!

Sayang Sayang (Aliff Aziz)
He did pretty okay. And I think apart from the tergelincir sana sini, another thing jer yang bebetul bug me.

One is the fact that he likes to hunch... you know like kind of scrunch his body when he's singing.

Of course ler bebudak ni nervous.

Pengkritik pun tak consider background bebudak nih.

Ko nak compare ngan Rina yang da experience?

Or Riz yang bersepah reality show masuk?

Budak ni stage fright bagi la discount sikit.

In a week or two kalao tak conquer lagik stage fright, baru bambu siot.

I don't understand why they were so hard on him, sedangkan he was hardly among the worst.

Mediocre yes, tapi azab tak la. Tapi cara meka semua kritik dia beriya jerk.
Abih selama ni stupid pretty boys who can't sing pun meka leh puji camna? Won't name names here... tapi ramai jambus in the competition before this survive with even less.
Besides... awal awal aku da katakan I hate this song and it wouldn't bring anthing out.

Engkar (Bunga Citra Lestari)
She tried way too hard, and she sure as hell didn't come across with any substance.

If anything, she flatlined on her performance.
Consolation prize pertandingan karaoke Plaza Alam Sentral leh la kot.

My ears have started bleeding at this point.

If Alif kena hentam, they should have buried Lufya terus!
It was way below mediocre - and was definitely a WTF moment.

Lord knows kenapa pengkritik tak bom dia kaw kaw.
Sebab dia cantik?

Eew! Why we validating bimboism here?
Honestly, she has not only yet to stand out, she didn't bring anything at all into the performance and for me, it was just a total waste of time.

I know air time is expensive, and they should seriously consider even bothering to allow her on stage again.

I'm sure there are some model-esque competitions that she can enter, but one thing for sure is that she pretty much is pathetic when it comes to singing.

Bukan takleh nyanyi.

Semua orang leh nyanyi... well most people anyway. We'll get to the case of the tone deaf Ika later. But doesn't mean she has what it takes to be a singer... or a recording artiste at that.
Not especially with that pasar malam red dress she's wearing.

Memburu Rindu (Hattan)
Dia start nyanyi jer aku perasan telinga aku pun start kuar nanah bercampur ngan darah nih.

Menjerit (yes, menjerit yer bukan menyanyi) cam buah kerandut kena sangkut kat zip.

One of the worst of the night and so syok sendiri.

Little did I know that things were just spiralling downhill from here.

I'm so glad that the critics told him what for... and were wholly honest about how he destroyed the song.

While some of the others may suffer from a bad performance for various reasons, si Naim ni aku tak nampa masa depan dia langsung luar Akademi Fantasia.

I mean, let's be honest.

If you can scrounge up enough money on your own - perhaps you can assemble your own product. Tapi hakikatnya dari sudut pertandingan ok jer la.. tapi hakikat sebenar, dalam dunia realiti, tak nampak langsung kemungkinan he'll be someone.

I have been proven wrong before - but rarely.

I think setakat Akademi Fantasia nih, ramai proven to disappear da as predicted walaupun tengah musim, tengah laku, ramai peminat pelbagai.

The only person that has proven me wrong is Rich - and I am proud he has as he has worked hard to build himself to this level together with Estranged.

Naim? Ada kemungkinan ke? As if...

And by the way - why do rock kapak songs always come with jeans and leather jacket. Why don't they go the whole hog and go with shoulder pads and big hair too?

Kesetiaan (Sarah Raisuddin)
Korang betul ke nak aku komen nih.
Tambah jer dosa aku nak review persembahan dia nih taw!
After the likes of Lufya and Naim, I thought we had hit rock bottom. You know when they say things are at their lowest, that they can't get any worse... well she proved that in Akademi Fantasia, anything is possible!

Kak Ogy kata dia nyanyi cam performance kindergarten.
Merasala cam show Taska Kampung Pelir Hitam.
AC leh bangang nyampuk dapat 0 for her performance better than negative. Er.. that's so for you only lah. Your performance is the only thing that comes close to that.
The truth is, when we thought we had scraped the bottom of the barrel, turns out you can actually go deeper than that.
I seriously think this girl is tone deaf! Can she even hear that she's all wrong?

Ke dia bebetol rasa dia nyanyi sedap?

Walaupun kena basuh memacam ngan tenaga pengajar - takde beza langsung. Ok... mungkin too much la aku cakap camtuh. Sapa ada layan Diari knows she can be much worse.

I know... it's so unimaginable kan?

Wonder what they were thinking when they put her in. Ika is one of the few people who prove that there are Malaysian out there who really have to much money to spend - seeing she can still be in the competition.

She is the type of person that should inspire TV stations to put a banket ban on this kind of people from entering any sort of singing competition in the future - any even anything that requires her to open her freaking mouth, so they never torture loyal viewers.

By the way, nak gak aku tau sapa yang audition leh lepaskan dia. Dari 6,000 takkan takde yang lebih elok? Tekan quality control gila babs punya tapi hasil camni ke? Kritik skang pun tak guna. Sapa mintak bagi masuk.

And by the way - WTF is she wearing???

Pagi Yang Gelap (Hujan)
Si Toi ni memang bernasib baik.
Satu dapat lagu yang catchy... so orang teralih perhatian layan lagu, dari layan nyanyian busuk dia.

Actually... was he even singing? He sounded more like he was doing dictation sangat.
Very the ujian lisan bacaan gituh!

Performance dia antara yang paling longkang.

Kan aku dari Diari da perhatikan kata dia nih very the badut nyanyi kat kenduri kahwen.
So justified lah.
Suka tau prove me right!

Secondly dia lucky sebab sekembalinya dari iklan, tiba tiba persembahan dia rata rata di puji sebagai 'jujur'.

Erm... people.. he's in a singing competition here. He's not taking a f*ck*ng lie detector test here!
Kalao nyanyi da azab perlu ke cari point nak puji lagi. How these kids gonna ever improve?
Is that even possible?

Spekulasi jer la.. but I think everyone noticed by the commercial break - the critics tetiba baik baik belaka. I mean Ogy dan Ajai la.
Suddenly zip mulot lak... SEOLAH kena tegur.

Of course expect denials la. Tapi kalao korang layan the konsert, mesti korang perasan.
Honest pun honest la... doesn't make it good. Besides... Raja Lawak 2 da abih da... wrong competition walaupun venue sama dik oi.

Rindu (Hetty Koes Endang)
The first real performance yang leh puji for the night yang deserving of any sort of compliment.

Kekurangan sikit sikit sana sini but she's doing very well!
Definitely in my favourites list now along with the rest.

Cuma satu je aku worry.

Cita balik tabir... jangan dia jadik perangai diva cam kes Amylea dalam Akademi da. Hope she keeps focused and keeps improving.

So far from the little that's been shown on the Diari, she seems to have the makings of a champ, even though this is way too early to say lah.

Tapi aku rasa sampai tahap skang pun orang leh nilaikan da.
I mean - it's all well if you have a good voice and can entertain... but I think followers of Akademi Fantasia are more discerning now.

Skang meka carik yang bebetul ada bakat. Tamau mee segera.

It happened once big time masa musim keempat... where a lot of mistakes were made.

And since then, there has been little lapse in judgement.

Nadia - being young, has not only her vocals and performance, but also her youth as an
advantage against the others.

Potential besau nih nak berjaya dan sayang ler kalao dia tak maximise it.
Hope the tenaga pengajar will guide her cause she really is a diamond in the rough.
Er... the rough behind that sack she's wearing that makes her bloated.

Ketulusan Hati (Anuar Zain)
Datang ngan rambut pesen rambut sikat across Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, I give the performance more credit hanya kerana dia like Toi, dia ni bernasib baik dapat lagu yang bebetul strong.

I have doubts he can deliver anything apart from weepy ballads.

That does help a long way. He wasn't the best, but I have to admit, as much as aku meluat tahap gaban ngan perangai dia yang drama queen berangan dan syok sendiri, that he did pretty well.

Ignored the pengkritiks comments da sebab semua since Toi da indah indah belaka. Kesian bebudak lain kena bom kaw kaw, ni yang Toi onwards only good things to say.

But what this proves is that the competition skang is all about those with experience versus the inexperienced.

Riz da penah masuk Malaysian Idol musim pertama (top 30) and Gangstarz, so no surprise dia like Rina, da selesa performing in front of an audience and tak crack under pressure like many of the others.

I think the pengkritik patut pay attention to that much, because it obviously is a factor to how well they hold themselves together on stage.

Do I think he can last in this competition?

No... despite the voice, in the past, it's been proven.

Those who have attitude prolems, like in the real world - don't survive. Besides, in the history of Akademi Fantasia, there has never been a bigger b*tch than him.
Siapa lagi jer minggu pertama ramai tak kuasa nak layan?

(sebab drama queen dapat bonus rating tiara plastic ngan bulu pink)

Diriku Tapak Sulaiman (Elyana)
She looks like a secretary out on happy hour lah!
Actually I'd lost my confidence in her tapi she did better than I expected.

Owh hold on. Pass kasut jap. Why is AC so irritating???
Menyampuk je keja cutting people off endlessly.

At this point, I wish Ning had evaluated on the performance of the kids on a more technical note.

She is an accomplished singer and knows the topic better than most singers, and I wish she had dissected them that way and told them what to look out for as opposed to more general comments.

Back to Yana however... she did quite ok.
Nothig to shout about - but mediocre sometimes is not that bad - when yang lain semua melalak tak hengat.

I really thought she would have at least a week or two more in the Akademi, and penyingkiran dia memang unfair.

But well... when it comes to SMS votes pernah ke fair pun?

The people have spoken.. terima je la.

Even if they're deaf as hell, their money per.

Tapi Yana hopefully pas ni tak disappear into nowhere sebab dis nih leh lagik cari makan dunia hiburan ni.

Ruang Rindu (Letto)
Ni geng Riz dan Toi.
Sebab da dapat lagu yang sedap so takyah effort apa pun.
Getting a song that caters to your strengths helped - though of course in Nubhan's case.. there wasn't much anyway. So it went very very very very far in helping him even appear unlike a moron onstage.

Tone sora dia sedap, tapi mana ada feel?
He barely scraped past, without any real challenge to his delivery.

He had as much emotion as AC's rambut kejung overdosed with hairspray or whatever gunk that holds it in that unnatural position.

At this point, I just found it weird that someone who just sang a hit song akin to a children's bedtime lullaby tak ditegur technically.

He was safe and he was boring and so oh so forgettable. And with a strong song like Ruang RIndu, it was pretty sad, cause he should have killed it like Riz.
Can they eliminate him soon?

At this point in time, I am inclined to think that dia ok minggu nih hanya kerana lagu yang selamat dan biasa biasa jer yang tak uji vokalnya.
Tunggu jerk. Ini bakal hancur gaks nih.
Lagu Ruang Rindu with the vest and tie get-up? *sigh*... I give up...

No One (Alicia Keys)
Stacy or otherwise known as Putet was I think for me, the most memorable performance. Lantak la orang nak kata dia tiru Alicia Keys ker haper ker.

Abih artis kita semua tuh original sangat ker. Lagipun she doesn't have that much experience and for her to perform that well was worth the applause.

For me, she was worth every pujian she got unlike the others who were so easily lavished with praise.
This part kiritikan kak Ogy aku tak paham. I understand what Ogy means that she didn't have to bounce about so much. But asking her to stand in a spot was hardly an option for an a boppy number like No One. I think she deserved a standing ovation for a first week effort like this.

Dia ngan Nadia skang bersaing gila la.

Take note AC. The title of this song is NO ONE, not DON'T WANT. Or was that another silly joke?
Anyway, thank God they got her wardrobe right.

Satu Kiblat Yang Sama (Rabbani)
Like Alif, aku rasa dia nih unfairly judged gila.
Entah la because he comes across cocky ker (tapi si Riz berangan pun orang tak nampak camna), but Faisal didn't do as bad as they made him out to have.

Honestly, he was in the mediocre lot with mistakeS strewn all over.

I mean, if you're going to mark the class, takkan nak grade orang differently kan?

Dia kena hentam but Toi punya dimanjakan. Weirdness.
He wasn't anywhere near being the worst for the night, but criticisms came like he had sucked so bad.

Oh well... if you trust what's coming out of their mouths wholly...

And yes, Faisal is not enough my favourites list nor am I saying he did well. Just think they were a little off in banging him like that.

Bab nih lak Ogy nak gali lebih lebih lak. Bab si Toi tak reti lak gali. So it means her grading is based on her comprehension?

Anyway Faisal can go further and even though this performance meleleh sikit nanah kuar tinga sebab persembahan piala sumbangsih gituh, au masih leh maapkan.

Maybe on the outside jer dia cool, tapi dalam dup dap sapa tau kan.
We'll see.

Apapun kesian dia jadi kambing hitam kali nih just because dia favour nasyid. Memang la ramai leh komen baik masuk Akademi Al-Quran jerk.. jangan jadi klon Mawi... tapi perlu ker perbandingan based on genre. But I suppose biasala kalao evaluation seperti tuh dari pengkritik kedai kopi yang pandai download MP3, CD tak beli beli. Irrelavant.

Again - meka hentam kaw camna pun - erm... ujibakat siapa yang pilih ek? Korang pun nak tau tak?
And on what he's wearing... don't get me started. Just closing ny eyes now.

Terlalu Cinta (Rossa)
When she came on I felt like crying.
Initially because she went so out of tune! My God! Sakit telinga!!!
She is a nervous wreck. I mean I love Saida absolutely but she really has to get a grip on her emotions. Jangan cepat goyang atas pentas tuh.

The pressure of her being compared endlessly to Siti Nurhaliza is tremendous, and I think AC was an idiot for that whacked Datuk K reference. Bodoh tol. Da la lawak lapuk, tak menjadi, and what he did brought about the wave of comparisons again to Siti.

Is it possible that now the competition's started that they stop comparing her and start listening to her real voice? Saida is Saida la.. jangan asik sebut nama Siti lagi. Memang adik beradik, tapi bakat memasing ma.

Among the girls - Saida rates among my faves beside Stacy and Nadia.
Package deal.

Cuma unlike the other two dia ni kena basuh sikit bagi confident lagik.

But how do you blame her when she was dressed in a jubah four sizes too big (even Riz coud fit into it) dan whatever you call it that was absolutely gross that was just draped around her shoulders.

Don't care... giving her extra one point for sounding so beautiful when she got it right.

Contoh lawak busuk dan lapuk abad ni dari AC MIzal

Saida - nervous, but cantik gila... walaupun under the ugly clothes. AFUNDI SAIDA

You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)
I think this boy's main problem (apart from the ill fitting suit he was put in) is the fact that dia ada sora yang power, but he still doesn't know how to control it.

That and like Saida, he was a bundle of nerves tol!

There were a lot of faults, but like Saida, I can hear a beauty to his voice which even on his worst day, he can kill off even the best of the other boys.

I know people are going to say they're getting ill deserved praise from me, but the key factor here is that technically, Rina and Riz, who did quite good malam tadi both have more than adequate experience in years as well as in front of a live audience.

Manakala aku rasa those like Nadia and Stacy are naturally gifted (walaupun Stacy ada pengalaman dengan Evoke masa kat Gangstarz). Saida and Stanly nih contoh meka yang kena 'badi lantai' or stage fright which can be overcome in time. Being the first week, kira bagi 50% gituh nak tengok meka mampu ke tak overcome that nervousness.

I'm sure they will... even Alif, so camnapon, for me, their potential is overwhelming enough in their first performance to temporarily blind me.

Depends on what you place as a priority. Mine is potential - which means they sound like they could rock the planet. By the next couple of weeks I expect them to bloom - cam Mila musim lepas.

Menuju Puncak
This is one of the worst performances of the theme song EVER! Menang lagik dari Akademi Fantasia musim ketiga konsert kedua time Mawi kayu nari time tuh dalam konsert kedua musim ketiga.

Aku tak paham... dalam Diari semua nampak ok ok la. Tadik nampak cam memasing dancing to a different song, with different sets of steps. I pity Linda has to put up with such incompetent dancers despite coming up with an overall good routine.

And if the dancing was horrible... the singing was not far off.

Nadia dan Riz dapat lead sebab menang challenge of the impromptu performance arituh kot.
But honestly start si Nadia pun cam tenggelam. Riz masuk sounded like a different key (I could be wrong)

The chorus semua cam semput ke lupa nyanyi ke sibuk miming sampai sora nipis jer semua.
Masuk verse two, Nadia da semput, si Riz langsung tak dengar da. Diet time! Takde stamina langsung. Perot melambong sana sini taper... Bob leh pun dulu, tapi mitid sora taleh maintain. Time ngumpat, nangis leh lak?

Dok setempat nyanyi Anuar Zain punya lagu senang ek... ni? Hancus!

All of then should be shot for desecrating the years of sacred tradition of pride behind this song.
Oh by the way since this year's theme colour is black and red, we wonder why the outfits are red and white. So Hotlink and.. Mayfirst!!! Tentu diiii hatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! *puke*

Die! Die! Die!!! For that performance... die!!!!

Last look at the 14

Cak! Da ada beg!

Opocot...!!! Terkejutnya... dua beg lak.

Eh eh... dia nak wat kejutan la... tiga beg lak

Eh eh... terkejutnya! Not by the fact Yana je kena eliminate pas kejutan busuk, but the real kejutan sebab Ika masih dalam tuh...WALAUPUNNNNN

The thirteen standing

The boys (boys ker...matilah carut!)

The ladies


I found the pace ok, but I think the main blame goes to AC. Sebab actually for any show, it's entirely dependent on the host to slow down, or to pick up the pace, depending on the energy you're feeding off. From the vibes in the room, basically, you'll be able to determine what people are receptive to or not. And AC showed he does not care, or doesn't have a clue to what people want.

Nuts... he didn't even interact with the people in the hall masa commercial break pun. And when he did once or twice, you actually wished he didn't.

Kejutan ke trigger pun... busuk tahap gaban. Except for the running in of the kids through the main door. That was nice. Though I recommend classier transportation. Not a yellow or orange bus cam bas sekolah (was it?)

The Rina famly affair was one of the triggers I found a freaking waste of time.
But the finale tarik tiga beg kuar konon nak suspen tapi only hantar Yana kuar was just pathetic.
Tu memang namanya cheap thrills.

And it was just funny their trigger backfired. I wasn't the only one to applaud when they brought a second, then a third bag onstage.

In fact people around me started to clap. So I did too.

Merasalah komentar katakan tiga beg - kejutan sebenar dua tuk pengkritik tetap, dan satu tuk pengacara. Matilah carot! Aku tak campor! Lari sebatu ala marathon dulu.

And AC didn't even know how to control the moment. Honestly lain kali kalau nak terus camni tak kisah what the viewing public wants (or in this case doesn't want) then takyah la nak speku ke nak kecoh host sapa lagik. Letak jer cleaner Astro teros lain kali. They wouldn't do worse.

Here's hoping they brush up for the second concert sebab konsert pertama just totally killed off the momentum set by the impressive Diari for the first week.

Too bad... if they kept the pace up with the Diari, things just could have been better. Nay.. it could have been the start of the best season yet of Akademi Fantasia. But now... it'll go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

Apapun, one thing is for sure... after that my opinion hasn't changed about anyone. Cuma strengthened my support for Nadia.

So my favourites list right now - in no particulat order is Saida, Stacy and Nadia for the girls, and Stanly and Alif for the boy.

Apa lagi.. AFUNDI jer. Kalau nak tengok lawak ngok AFUNDI Ika. Or any one of the rest.

PS - Sorry lambat sangat update. Tengah sibuk sedut mp3 dan video nak share ngan korang. Uploading jap agik. Kena rush through some paperwork for a couple of meeting next week. But kalao nak further reading, I suppose you can try these few recommended links which will probably have more info.

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