Friday, February 29, 2008

Whoa! What the...

Arghhh!! Had to leave my house after all today sebab later in the day kena ada kat Panggung Bandaraya. Boo's helping out with a staging of Whoa! Willow... ada la pementasan bebudak UiTM. So kena la bagi moral support katanya.

Aku heret Juan skali sebab anticipate the worst! Traffic was a b*tch, but got to the venue in the end with minutes to spare. Mozac da angkat our tickets for us, so it was time for a ciggy.

When they called for the curtains, rushed in and took our places. Starting, kena Negaraku la dulu. Cam kat panggung kat Siam lak. Tapi takper... patriotik katanya.

Cuma weird part. The vocal ensemble for the production sang it along to the acoustic pluckings of a guitar. I know it was disrecpectful but I burst out laughing! Simply because the vocals were all... erm... well.. you can imagine. Harmony was non existent, and someone forgot to do the lead as the rest berterabur nak feeling wat layers to the harmony - which again never existed.

Motif nak carut orang nyanyi Negaraku? Well.. it's the national anthem... and I think they should just stick to the CD next time. But it instilled this sense of horror sebab aku tatau what I got myself into having to sit through the production.

And to cut it short - it was everything I feared it would be. Seb baik Boo aku terlibat sebalik tabir jerk. Pada cik lecturer yang baca blog aku tuh yang tegur aku masa nak balik tuh (sorry... aku termalu lupa tanya nama lak), ampun ek terpaksa carut.

I have to puji the kids because memang meka enthusiastic.

But next time... shoot the director! And whoever did casting - because the leads were all more sesuai kalao stakat jaga lighting ke something else where we didn't have to endure the pain of their supposed singing and acting. God!!!!

Even the English was... erm... imagine a line like this..."is DAT (that) DUH (the)..." and you can pretty much imagine how it sounded.

Pala pening - tatau because aku lapar kebulur tak makan seharian, atau it was so bad. Skipped to McDonalds with Juan and came back during the credits. Had a good laugh though... and I have to give everyone in the production credit. At least they know it's not easy.

And I hope they learn to develop thick skin because being in this business calls for it. Never expect it to be raining roses when it comes to reviews (especially not after that performance).

The well prepared displays. Not too bad seriously!

House of pain for the night!

Ok... now it's on to confession time. Masa the first act started, aku beriya nak amik pic... well, this ain't no Istana Budaya mah! So aku pun program down the shutter volume on my camera to mute so it doesn't scream CLICK when I take a photo.

And then... I aimed the camera... and pressed the button.

Oh motherf*ck*r!!!!! Sh*t!!!!!! I forgot to turn the flash off!!! Arghhh!!! Malunya tiba tiba my camera let off this blinding light! Aiyo!!! So salah... and I felt so malu! Tapi to make it worse - it didn't get me thrown out! Matilahhhhh!!!!!! Heh!!!

Went for supper after at Pelita and called it an early night. That just... wore me out. Give me strength... Boo mintak aku tengok lagik skali esok. Erm... I don't think our relationship can take that kind of strain. Heh...