Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weird musings

Spent time last night in Pelita semalam with friends and had a ball pas abih lepak kak Ara melantak sebab Farihad ngan Wan nak jumpa lepak skali.There spotted something I haven't put into my blog for a while. Butt crack!

Yes, yes, ni la dia the next episode for the Siri Perosak Selera, or butts that kill your appetite when you're eating in a public place.

Why do I like snapping these kind of pics. No I don't have a perverted festish for butt cracks - they do kill my appetite when served along with my favourite food. But I love observing people, because more often that not, they provide more laughs than any gossip of the day.

Masa kat Pelita, caught several other people on camera, and here they are.

Ok, the first is a fashion faux pas that comes right out of the Eighties. Guys, if you wear a cap, please make sure you pull it down on your head, and not let it just sit there, making you look like a cast of The Coneheads. Salah sangat tau nak pakai topi camni. It automatically brands you as a rempit, especially if you have a single gold earring (possibly a clip on) hanging from one ear.

The other pic ni si makcik sorang ni. The picture speaks for itself. Now, I normally don't judge people apart from their fashion no-nos, but I think this was just such a wrong sight yang send the wrong message to a lot of people.

It was a kick-off-your shoes and relax night, despite it being Saturday night, cause I just wanted to have fun the way I know best - with friends.

Went back earlier than usual, got some sleep and spent the whole day, sleeping, reading (doing two books at once, don't ask me how) as well as doing some work (nak abihkan some paperwork).
Hope to be awake (probably won't sleep and try and finish my work) to watch the 80th Academy Awards at LA's Kodak Theatre live on E! and Star World to see who picks up the Oscars.

I'm rooting for Ellen Page and Juno to pick up a few despite not being critics' favourites because it's such a feelgood movie.

Back to work tomorrow and more in the next entry..Also something om Akademi Fantasia that hasn't been announced yet.