Friday, February 08, 2008

Under my umberra... hey hey... erra...erra

Semalam, sebab ramai out of coverage area gituh, gi ngan Halim je kat area The Curve nak jenjalan pas aku abih jenjalan ke rumah sedara mara nak kutip duit - erm... angpow.

The Curve - the most useless mall in town, yang kedai kedai ala ala limited, dan tutup by 8pm or so, tak kisah la time celebration or not. Silly really.

Yang leh pakai area eateries dia jerk.

Sempat pusing tawaf satu round after grabbed a pizza, which didn't take long - before moving on across the road to Ikea. Yeap, it was so boring, that even the SALE signs didn't entice me. Well not much anyway.

Kat Ikea - got a little depressed sebab nothing much new, not to mention that so called NEW items as tagged, actually da berzaman aku tengok da kat sana. Propah tau! Nama discounted pun ala ala manja jerk.

Anyway masa kita jalan tuh, I think it was in the furnishing department, saw this couple. Extremely the Siamese twins gituh tak lepas lepas memasing. Not that it was bad... could have made quite a romantic scene... if only they didn't....


Ok, so generally I hate overalls and I think they should be limited to be worn only bila nak wat somethhing that requires them. Not nak jalan jalan. Not especially when ko feeling nak lovey dovey nak konsep boria nak pakai sama ngan your couple. Kes kes camni cam time dulu masa Giordano ada buy one get one free, semua adik adik dan couple rempit dan bohsia beli satu t shirt, and then get one more bagik couple pakai sedondon. Eew!!!

Yes, for a while, that was known as the Giordanio-buy-1-get-1-free couples.

Anyway - back to the couple above. Yang pompuan ok la... cantik gak so dia pakai pon takde la horror sangat. Just I don't understand as a woman, how can you wear something so unflattering.
The guy? Ok, first of all the overalls he's wearing look like a woman's, it does not look unisex. Then he wore this crappy t shirt lusuh inside which didn't do anything but make it look worse.
Add that with slippers and moka tak mandi - aiyo! Scary!!!

What is the world coming to??

Tapi tu ok lagik... pas aku dan Halim da pusing satu Ikea (serempak ngan abang Jay Jay and family - thanks for the wishes bang), we were heading out to the checkout counter area.

Sana biasa la kan banyak agik display kan, so usha la. Among them was this outdoor setup, with a beach umbrella. So were looking at the stuff, when I was in berangan mode sebab memang tengah suddenly feel cam nak park my ass at a beach - when this Chinese guy came up next to me and practically grabbed the umbrella I has just put down.

And then without warning it happened.

I don't know if he has been watching too much Sesame Street, tetiba dia announce proudly to hmself, "UMBERRA!"

Aku tergamam... terbodoh sat. Erm... in your late twenties I presume, and still...


Dia senyum pada diri sendiri.

I turned around and saw Halim running away laughing. Mamat sebelah aku ni masih smiling to himself proud of his achievements, then out down the umbrella and sauntered off.

Caught up with Halim and gelak. Dalam gelak, mamat tuh jalan nearby us, and Halim couldn't resist it - UMBERRA!!!! UMBERRA!!!

For once bukan aku yang kaki carut. Tried to stop Halim tapi jawapan dia sambil jeling mamat tuh, "Umberra...umberra... motif? Umberra-ble adalah"

Matilah pecah perot aku gelak.

Decided to check out Meet The Spartans tapi sebab ramai sangat orang and tiket pun da sold out, so we decided to head up KL for supper. As we headed to the carpark, we were singing, "Under my umberra... you can stand under my umberra...hey hey hey.. under my umberra... erra... erra.. erra"


Wonder if he sings it that way.

Masa have supper, calling calling ngan Faz, dia ajak join nearby where she was planning to hang out with some friends. Ramai rupanya - but had fun with her. Thanks baby sis for getting rid of my immense boredom!

And also Dynaz - you rock la!

Had a fun night without planning anything.

Now... if only I could get that UMBERRA song out of my head!!!