Saturday, February 02, 2008


Have you ever woken up from a nightmare, kick and screaming, sweating profusely - as you scramble for the light switch - hoping to throw some sense of reality and relief into the horror that you've just encountered?

Only to realise that - you are awake.. and the diabolically evil situation was for real, in your waking moments, and not just something that occured in your safer moments of sleep?
I had that... and I'm still having it.

Ada sumber memberitahu yang AC Mizal will be hosting Akademi Fantasia... oh sorry.. aku pengsan agik. Saying that name does that to me every time. It's the equivalent of a cocktail of Prozac and Xanax in very large doses mnus the numbness and kehilangan kesedaran. Arghhhh!!!

So everyone's worst fears has been realised. Astro decided that sebab rating AC Di SIni tinggi, AC was more than suitable for the job. Too bad they never considered that the Akademi Fantasia fans were a whole ballgame altogether. Oh well... sometimes they never get it right.

I don't dislike AC, though despise is not a word to be discounted.
He can do the job - if you think that a live TV host needs not to be funny, spontaneous ala bersahaja, witty and just overall seronok.

I guess, sometimes a clown in matching apparel and ridiiculously ironed out hair shouting at every oppotunity crude, juvenile jokes adds flavor to a show - though I'm thinking more along the lines of two week old soup left with flie settling in.

I hope my sources are so wrong.

But if they aren't perhaps things are all that bad, because there's also Sarimah.
Yeap... you head me - there will be two hosts for the show this season.

Yang aku dengar, masih belum ditetapkan who will go on live. Ertinya, one is supposed to go on live melalui Konsert Akademi Fantasia, dan sorang agik akan kendalikan Diari Akademi Fantasia (and most probably program lain yang berkaitan seperti Tirai, Debat dan sebagainya)

God help us.. I feel like this season I may NOT be tuning into all the programs to avoid a severe case of diarrhea (wat dosa jerk aku nonton carot satu program for sure kalao ada someone like AC yang host)

Are these two names confirmed?

Sort of.

Sebab selain berdua meka nih, ada satu lagik nama tak disebut yng mungkin dapat tugasan too, or perhaps even in place of one of the two.

Masih ada sorang lagik dirisik - tapi dengar khabarnya pendatang baru sebab Astro nak mua fresh katanya (AC is as fresh as a vulture's dinner but they seem to have overlooked that)
So will it just be these two, atau akan sorang agik yang akan masuk sebagai kejutan? At the moment, the info aku letak kat atas is as good as it gets

So, do you guys like Astro's choices? Ke korang ada pilihan lain. Sapa nak Ogy sorry, but apparently kak Ogy da booking satu tempat duduk pengkritik tetap.

Let me know guys.. post in the Comments area what you think - though doubt it will make a difference cause production gets very strange ideas at time which they feel the need to execute.
Still - no harm. Do you like the replacements for Aznil Nawawi, and are they capable to wear the crown for the most popular show on TV?