Sunday, February 03, 2008

Omar and Ning - Part II

Ni second part of my pictorial gituh, this time focusing on the guests. Of course ramai nak pic yang celebs kan, so as not to overshadow or take too much out of the bride and groom, this segment (macam feeling show lak main segment nih) is dedicated to friends of the happy couple yang ramai kenal yang muncul. Enjoy!!! (cam takde perkataan lain skema jerk)

Married divas to see another diva get married

Siti and Datuk Khalid.

Ziana and... what's the name of that guy who hates cameras again?

Ziana slalu senyum cantik jerk

Pose sweet dan pose vogue

Manisnya Siti

Linda, and MrManager ngan Jovian Mandagie

Abang Dale... oops Datuk Mahadzir Lokman MC for the night

Earring Jac... besau siot!

Jac and Yasmin Ahmad

The best wedding gift - from Yasmin Ahmad

Kak Fati, abang Syed and Aryana and Alesya

Wedding planner extrodinaire, Datin Faridah

Adi Fashla - terclose up lak

Haziq pun ada

Cat mai ngan bini dia skali (not in this pic though)

Ifa Raziah and husband - and Azwan mencelah pose

To be continued in Part III...