Friday, February 22, 2008


Yawn! Sleepy sikit time nih. Got back about almost 2am semalam. Which was pretty early for me actually, because I really felt sleepy.

Fell asleep kejap and then awoke about three hours later from a nasty nightmare, which was me in a weird 28 Days Later setting. Ok, so maybe I need to lay off the horror movies.

So anyway, dropped by the office (merasalah dropped by) and headed for Bangsar home sebab my sis in Bali so had to check on the place to make sure everything ok.

Heh... a new neighbour must have moved in because there's a new wifi network that's unlocked. Used to be one, but it got locked after a while. So bagus gak ada jiran yang haram tau sangat bebenda nih. Lepak sini dapat Internet free (thus wasting my money spent on my own Streamyx and Maxis broadband account).

So decided to update lor.

Anyway, before I move on, ni ada pesanan khidmat masyarakat sat.

Of course the search for Sharlinie continues... and semalam, Suria FM a solat hajat and bacaan surah Yassin amongst themselves, along with artistes and personalities.

I thought it was touching to see recognisable faces muncul to pray for the safe return for the little girl yang still missing.

Let's see there was Erra Fazira, Fazura, Sheila Rusly and her husband Jinggo, Azwan Ali, Radhi OAG, Betty Banafe, Mila, Farah, Sasha Saidin, Jamal Abdillah, Diana Danielle, Hattan, Aswad, DJ Sumo daripada Fabulous Cats, Ajai, Syed Azmir, Norman Hakim, Atilia dan Salamiah Hassan.
Engku Emran headed the Suria FM family which included KC Ismail, Zhana, Mira, Azreen, Zizi, Lin and Bob, as well as many others.

Joined them a little late, but it was nice to see so many friends present to lend their support, especially since Sharlinie's dad was there as well. Tahniah la Suria FM sebab amik inisiatif seperti nih... hope they continue their community services and continue helping our entertainment community give more and more back to the people who've supported them.
Here are a few pics I snapped. Tak banyak pon. Layan jer ek...

It was also nice to see Sheila Rusly sebab lama da tak jumpa. Sebelum dia gi menunaikan Haji lagik. Dapat ler catch up sikit. Erm... since Azwan was there as well, their first meeting after the much publicised exchange of words in the gossip columns, aku salute at kak Sheila because she just put everything behind her. Yeap... that's the way to go! We're only human and whatever disagreements, satu hari kang, you have to move on kan? Azwan pon kata dia da move on.

Takyah nak cita lebih pon yang lepas la... kan kan kan? Anyway, kak Sheila... all the best - and I'm glad you look so much more happier and calmer of a person.

Selain tuh, there was a little gossiping (sempat tuh) time. Salah satu gossip yang kami nak terjah (matilah aku) was kononnya Michelle (merasalah Michelle Karat) akan menjadi pengacara baru Melodi.

Betul ke? Kita usik Michelle puas puas... but no info. Heh... apapon, if she does end up as a new host for Melodi, kita sokong jerk. She is a sweet girl and fun - not to mention that she isn't a bimbo like most on-air talents... so here's hoping that for once, someone with talent makes TV. Matilah statement!

Anyway kami mintak abang Nas jerk terjah Michelle tanya konperm ke tak jadik pengacara Melodi. Merasalah no komen jerk dedua. Heh... satu malam Michelle kena torture. Love you, girl.. jangan marah ek!

Got quite a few things to do today... so getting on with them. Post later jer ek. Ta all. Have a good Friday... and TGIF!