Sunday, February 17, 2008

Marilah mari... kita mengundi... jangan lupa kewajipan... pada negara...

Yes, yes. election fever is back. But nope, am not going to touch a smidgeon about politics even. Tamau la. I've always been skewed more towards my personal life and the other more frivolous stuff kan... which is an escape from some of the harsher realities of life I would choose to ignore.

There are simply some things that event the strongestwords can't change and I for one have resigned myself to the fact that while I do want a better country, I will keep it to my vote, and leave the debates and such to the real experts like my former boss and this blogger who will be a candidate this election. Both of whom are great men with great minds.

Me....? Last I covered anything remotely political was when I was still doing news last in 2001. Argh!!! Seriously makes you want to mandi dan samak pelbagai when you hear all the stories. Politics. Yuck...

Anyhoo, since today aku malas nak kuar and decided to stay home, caught up with reading developments (just because I don't talk politics doesn't mean I shut myself away from the world), and just generally blog-hopping nak catch up.

Came across this really good site. For those of you, who like me, menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan MENGUNDI (and not just talk about it), CLICK HERE to check your details and where you'll be voting and such info. Erm.. sapa yang selama ni tak daftar sebagai pengundi.. just check, sebab baru baru ni ada kes pengundi hantu lak kan... orang yang nak daftar sebagai pengundi but found out 'the've' registered. Don't let that happen to you. Check out if your identity has been abused.

I did my check - and my info remains pretty much the same. Aku tak ubah alamat (sebab I like to vote in that area - which falls under the same parliamentary constituency tapi DUN lain).

All you need is to key in your old or new IC

My info di kosongkan for obvious reasons la... but I'll be voting for DUN Kota Alam Shah and Parllimen Klang.

The thing I hate most at this time of year (or this time every five years) are those who whine and grumble about the buzz about the elections and simply don't care about it.

These are of course the same folks yang tak jalankan tanggungjawab mengundi and then bitch to high hell about the 'state of our country' until the next election.

So vote then lah... heh... anyone can talk. Obviously I'm pissed about this point. Tapi berapa kali aku da encounter you so-called scholarly types yang nak project their intellectualism gituh by saying, "sebenarnya kan... aku dulu wat thesis etc"...

But the funny part is - they don't even practise and exercise their basic right as a Malaysian. To vote.

I read that there are only 10.9 million eligible voters in our country with a population of 27 million people. This coupled with the fact that voter turnout is usually 70 and 75 percent, you have to say it's a pretty sad scenario.

Ok, enough rantings for today. Aku nak sambung blog-hopping, and then catch up on some movies I've been meaning to watch (28 Weeks Later and Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes - classic siot! and I managed to torrent it!!!)