Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sebab time aku nak spend the last few weeks keja nih mungkin lebih relax dari normal... walaupun still ada deadline pelbagai, smalam, brought a couple of friends gi layan preview movie, Jumper, yang bermula in the cinemas on Valentine's Day.

Aku, Juan, Danial, Nafi, Anas, Intan, Lat dan Halim jumpa kat GSC Pavilion, thanks to the eight tickets I had in hand to watch the movie, two days before it opened.

Basically the movie was so-so jer. I mean, it's about people teleporting from one spot to another. So kira 'jumping' la. Basically it revolves around what a person would do with the ability to blink themselves... well not really blink - that would be too Hiro Nakamura da... but kinda imagine themselves in one place and just appear there.

The effects were eye candy, buat seronok nak tengok, but story line was a little loose here and there. I've never read the books it was based on, but I can bet it's a lot better than the movie.
Overall, worth a watch - if you've seen every other movies you wanted to watch and there was nothing else to see, or you're the type who wished they would show more of the monster in Cloverfield. Leh?

Kira effects driven la... and also kalao ko nak entertain the fantasy of being in several places almost instantaneously.

Pas movie jerk, everyone gathered outside the panggung nak retrieve our phones and cameras and such yang kena deposit kat security (biasala kalao procedure pre-screening nih).
Ternampak dua orang 'teman rapat' nih. Matilah aku!!! Heh... Linda dan Fahrin agak-agaknya bila nak seal the deal nih? Lama kitaorang nak nunggu tau!

By the way, sempat snap this sign. For a shopaholic like me, I know my version of heaven would be a well stocked mall, with sales all over, but this was such a revealation that I had to snap this.

Merasalah Seventh Heaven is just up the escalator kat Pavilion. Heh!!! Naik tangga pun leh sampai syurga ketujuh!!!! Al-Firdausi atau syurga Firdaus gituh!

Anyway, quick supper and back for sleep sebab esok ada kes Fazura kat mahkamah where she'll take the witness stand.

Thank God for the Xanax and the Norjesic muscle relaxant. Petang tadi gi urut bahagian tengkuk dan bahu still sakit.. so definitely need the help to get some sleep after last night's shut eye asyik terganggu sebab asik terjaga.

Night all...