Monday, February 11, 2008

Hooters? Me???!!!

Woke up to a call this morning saying my big meeting supposedly going down on next Monday has been pushed to this Thursday! Damn! So unprepared - and looks like memang Wednesday aku tak tido la nak prepare sakan tuk nak bersedia tuk meeting yang bakal (mungkin...) ubah masa depan aku kot. Aku da ingat minggu ni nak focus nak schedule meeting lagik satu da tuk discuss another option da, tapi nampaknya nih kena priority wat skang la sebab a lot to do before I meet the head honchos.

Biasalah... kalao nak meeting ni kita kena buktikan kita sentiasa bersedia... so I guess I have to pull my act together and prove to them that that little time they're sparing for me will be more than enough to wow them.

My future could possibly be decided this Thursday. Well... kalao rezeki tuh da milik aku da kan... maybe this is it.

I'll just have to make sure I go in ready. Still cam upset sikit sebab banyak preparation sebenarnya aku nak wat sebelom, but nampaknya I'll have to make do and perform the best I can. Time to change the future. My future at least. I thank the people who have believed in me and I'll do my best not to let you guys down (sempena bulan anugerah nak ala acceptance speech)... you know who you are. Love all of you for your advice, faith and support.

Since I'm thanking people, nak ucap tima kasih. Adly yang baru balik dari LA from covering the Grammys (dok sana seminggu aku dok dua hari kat SIngapore cover The Amazing Race Asia 2 finale jerk... sentap!!!) ada beli hadiah for me since he's such a nice person (and since aku ugut dia kena beli something for me kat sana... merasalah!)

Since we won't be colleeagues anymore soon - dia janji nak beli aku hadiah even though dia tatau nak beli apa.

And he ended up buying me this. Erm... I suppose it's the thought that counts kan...

Thanks, dude... I think. Just when you think your friend understands you, he gets you a t shirt totally wrong for your character. Oh well.. thanks a bunch still, man. For those of you who don't know what Hooters is, CLICK HERE. I guess, I should be kinda proud that I have a Hooters tee from its Hollywood branch. Just to give you an idea what a Hooters Girl looks like, here's an ad.

For those of you who have finally realised what Hooters meant, congratulations. Moving on. Semalam gi lepak makan kat Pandan area ngan Boo tunggu si Juan settle keja. As usual budget pastuh lepak supper and drinks kat Pelita. Anne and gang semua da pun awal awal paring kat sana tunggu. That place is really starting to become our regular hangout. We need a new mamak to lepak at.

While about to drive off after makan and lepak, caught a sight of this.

No, this guy tak pengsan out of excitement at the sight of my Hooters t shirt. I think he was just a little tak betol. Either that or he must have really been tired.

Speaking of which... I need some sleep too. Esok ada event lak kat Astro. Event apa?

Well... pretty obvious for those of you who have been following here. Episod Fail Sulit Akademi Fantasia esok akan secara langsung and not just rakaman as always. So finally akan terjawab segala pertanyaan about the show. Maybe...

Motif maybe? Dah invite pun tulis MUNGKIN akan terjawab...well, yang janjinya memaparkan kejutan. I did some digging and apparently - it won't be much of a kejutan. About the host. Tapi bab nih I've sworn not to repeat, say or even type.

So tunggu besok je la tengok korang terkejut ke tak.

Aku kan da buat tilikan sapa akan dapat the job kan? Well, I may not always be right... but sometimes I am. We'll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow aku try blog secara langsung gituh dari Astro ok... tapi kalao aku tak leh, I will update ASAP! You can count on it.

Until then... nak tido dulu. If I don't have those 28 Weeks Later dreams again.