Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hasta la Vista, XP!

Wow! Today I did something that I haven't done in a long time. And I mean really long.
Nak recuperate tak cukup tidur balik dari Singapore, aku KO terus and basically stayed puas puas apart from supper je baru kuar. As usual kat Pelita.

So not much of an entry today. Just a little I been fiddling about with my laptop jerk sambil tunggu download of some movies to occupy time complete.

Came across some cool tools for my laptop nak ubah the look of my Windows XP to Vista - minud the bugs and the humongous space it eats up.

Ada beberapa program kalao korang nak saja jazz up your PCs Here are some you guys can fiddle about with to change the look of your desktop. Memang rupa sebijik cam Vista kang habih. Aku da try everything tapi dismantle it all - except for Rocketdock which I find not just all about style but also with substance.

Try it out guys... besh! Here are the programs you'll want to try out.

Vista Start Menu, Vista Transformation Pack, Vista Mizer, Stardock WindowBlinds and my favourite, Rocketdock. Ok la... nak sambung main game jap before my Xanax kicks in...