Monday, February 11, 2008

Funky teh tarik and bitchy lip balms

Eeeeeeee... menci tol la. Bangang punya streamyx nya pasal line asik time out jerk. Bayangkan da siap entry tekan publish, konon tengah sending pelbagai. Pas tunggu lima minit da agak da sangkut. Time tu nak copy save apa yang da taip - haram da sebab da ilang. #$%^&*!!!!!!

So I got to do this all over again. Ni yang tak larat... so banyak aku tempe pics with minimal text. Tak larat woo nak taip pepanjang balik.

Anyway seharian dok opis je. Mana tak nya... saja nak merasa orang dok opis 9 to 5 ni camna. Erm.. besh gak. You parade about konon wat keja, but eventually only end up doing things like surveying funky teh tarik. What's that?

This is what I'm talking about. My find in our office pantry.

This is funky teh tarik. Bebudak nih wat makan makan almost two weeks ago! Pastu teh tarik tak abih main biar jer. Loya terus tengok the layer...ugh!!! Tapi sempat snap pic sebelum I blow chunks.

Oh by the way lepak office today dapat a little bit of good news and bad news. The good news is that aku aan ke Singapore tuk the party for the finale of The Amazing Race Asia 2. Does this mean Singapore ke yang menang sebab party kat sana? Perhaps... don't really care.
Just really proud of Vanessa and Pam for being in the top three.

Bad news is, the party's on Thursday, which is Valentine's Day. So tak dapat spend my my Boo. So ari ni got a Valentine present tuk dia dulu.

Comel tak? Heh... thanks to Noi, the soon to be victim of the voodoo lady! Lepak untul about 6pm, then went up to the sports centre on the rooftop ngan si Halim (and Dumbo) layan futsal court where artistes playing against Harian Metro.

Sempat ler snap pics for you guys.

Fasha and friends

Fasha nampak Dumbo terus layan.

Nabila tak ready nak amik pic konon nak amik again for pose ANTM. Beza? Sembunyi muka dan kaki angkat lebih.

Minyak anginnnnnnn!!! Takpe Saerah, janji ko ada score!

Once we finished, it was almost 8pm. So decided to shoot to Pelita kat Bangsar (mana lagi.. port biasa la). There was moi, Halim, Juan and Danial. Iqram joined us shortly and more and more friends singgah as the night progressed.

Tunggu Faz arrived, konon before 10pm, berejam kemudian baru muncul. Heh.. janji sampai kan.

By the way guys, her court case is on Wednesday, so say a little prayer for her that things will be alright ok.

Oh by the way ladies, if you go out at night, make sure that you have the funkiest accessories. Like this one...

Have you tried... total BITCH lip balim? Kawan Faz bagik. Wow... erm... different. Heh. You'l definitely make a statement wi h this this. Ok la.. tak larat. Be posting tomorrow. Not feeling very well.