Saturday, February 09, 2008

Balenggang pata-pata

Stayed for most of the day, idling away. Well, not really, sebab nak work some stuff out. Biasalah. Nak carik makan so kena plan betul-betul kan.

Takkan nak dok je harap kengkawan yang tolong. If there's anything I learnt, it's not to depend on anything from anyone.

Saja nak isi time, decided to try out the poco-poco. As you might ave noticed - that's what's playing on my page at the moment. While ramai tatau where it actually comes from, Poco-Poco was written by Arie Sapulette from Ambon, and made popular by Yopie Latul sometime in 2001 in Indonesia.The moves are Madura in nature and not so complex as other dance forms.

Konsep ala ala Macarena dan sebagainya were an infectious tunes, comes with easily followed choreography, harus la meletup kan?

Ada member bagitau orang Minang do this at weddings too, and of course kat Malaysia, da cam jadik tarian rasmi gituh tuk weddings, VIP events and yang biasanya get down on the dance floor tuh mak datin mak datin ler.

Still, not too unlike country line dancing which I learn a little off (think zaman Billy Ray Cyrus and Achy Breaky Heart - yuck!), this was fairly easy kalao you pay attention.

And fun. A lot of unis do this for workout, the National Service does it too - and a lot of Indonesians are pissed off because we have again made something that's theirs - ours.

I'll sit out the Rasa Sayang debate, and just enjoy the Poco Poco, thank you. Fun!
Choreography dia banyak siot nak belajar. Basic ko nak ikut a few tuh leh la, but total there are over 50 known routines (merasalah nak invent satu and add on to it tuk adik adik berpesta) It can get pretty challenging for the harder routines, but tetap sronok!

If you notice yang kat blog aku nih punya mix is almost half an hour or so, so, aku pun spend the time ler nak poco-poco sikit. Heh!

My doggies are not amused at my Poco-Poco attempts.

So kalao sesapa nak belajar, ni some references. So you have the music playing da kan in the background of my blog (unless you don't have a sound, have rap speakers or are at a cyber cafe takleh nak joget along to this.

Merasalah kalao ko kat cafe ko nak wat tiba tba mesti ada orang terus call Tanjung Rambutan mintak hantar ambulans satu.
So - after scouring the net, here are some references for the basic routine.

Not very challenging - unless you have two left feet, or gravity is so irresistible to you lah.

Here are the directions, and the diagrams to follow to.

Kalao korang nak lebih idea of how it's done, aku ada add two Youtube videos of the Poco-Poco, one done by Indonesian university students for a show in Japan, and another omputeh kat Sweden - I think uni students taught by an Indonesian.

Ok let's start.

Remember ek, the steps are repeated in four directions, just like line dancing, so start kat utara (or just facing front lah, whichever your front is, irregardless of whether utara ke tak).

Take note ek, this is not original tutorial dari aku ek, but from one of the limited resources on the Internet on this topic. Aku nak kredit pun tatau sapa original copyright holder of the work, because a lot of people seem to running this same version of the tutorial. Takper.. ni basic. Pasni da rajin poco-poco carik expert lak ajar betul-betul.

Welcome to Poco-Poco For Dummnies!

Mengadap ke Utara : a, b, c, d. 4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Barat

Menghadap ke Barat : Ulangi a, b, c, d, 4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Selatan

Menghadap ke Selatan : Ulangi a, b, c, d, 4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Timur

Menghadap ke Timur : Ulangi a, b, c, d, 4d, membuat kita menghadap ke Utara

GERAKAN VARIASI 1: Lakukan a, b, c, (k, m), d menghadap U, B, S, T dan seterusnya.

Had a meeting later in the night for dinner with a friend to discuss some options and all about work. Wasn't too bad. Both the dinner and the meeting.

Decided to meet up in delicious kat Bangsar Village II. Penah ke sini once before, but this outlet aku suka sebab luar dia lebih selesa and memang boleh lounge and relax. With throw pillows and all - the smoking section memang comfortable gila.

So armed with my carbonara spaghettini, mango smoothie which opened with my wild mushroom soup - and a box of Marlboros at hand, I was ready to take on the world. The meeting was good for me because it prepared me more for what I plan to do - thank goodness for friends who I can depend on to share with and get opinions.

Made me a little more confident about things, opened a few more doors for me - and generally made me more relaxed about dealing with what choices lay in front of me as I plan to leave my current job.

Oh by the way guys.. I am leaving tapi officially lom agik. Heh... so relax ek. Don't jump the gun. Rest assured I will still be in the entertainment business, just perhaps in a more different capacity. But the b***h in me will keep going on! Tuh my solemn oath to myself.

I am never going to compromise my principles, my beliefs or my strengths.

Anyway, pas abih tuh, didn't really know where to go.

A few last minute hastily assembled plans tapi last last tak jadik.

Faz was supposed to be at the meeting with me, but ada hal sikit so ingat nak plan jumpa dia pastu. But lama sangat so picked up Ted, and we went on a joyride. To Bentong!

Why Bentong? Sebab tu kampung si Juan gituh. So saja ler road trip.

Spent the night jalan jalan, makan makan, dan merasalah!!! Karaoke kat warung tepi jalan! Was fun though to get away from the city. Dalam time tuh banyak ler nak carut kan kalao mulut lahar semua da berkumpul.

Sempat jenguk air panas kat sana which was 14 km from the town, in pitch black darkness! Horror movie setting ok! Ala ala tengah dalam hutan.

We thought ramai orang tapi sampai takde orang. Aiyo! Dalam panas sana, seram sejuk ok. Pastu takde orang nak celup kaki dalam the pitch black kolam sebab Ted mula nyanyi lagu yang berkias sesuatu nya. Aku start unggun api sebab horror with darkness yang tangan depan moka pun taj nampak.

As I started the fire, bayangkan lak with sight,what if we saw something scary! Like the guy wearing the overalls from the last entry!

Nothing happened, and last last kita gerak gi minum minum.

All in all - rather uneventful night.. sort of... but fun.

Oh by the way, korang tau medan selera kat sana tak? Very the cannibal ok!

Korang penah tak makan orang?

Hah amik ko gerai ni! Bukan je jual nasi ayam tapi juga...

Kesian Diana... tetiap malam asil rendam tulang dia ek jadik juadalah. Merapulah aku nih. Ok... nak sambung poco-poco session. Enjoy the vids and good luck guys!

Mute the song playing before you play these videos. Until tomorrow, guys.