Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the girl blah blah blah by Tyra

Today was being butt lazy day! Got some shut eye and rest ahead of the storm that I'm going to face - nay... whirlwind of work. So took a chill pill since we're heading towards the end of the week.

And what better way to do it, that indulge on an America's Next Top Model marathon!
First, layan the Part 1 and Part 2 of America's Next Top Model - Exposed!, the pre Cycle 10 special. Honestly, it was great, though I wished they had shown more of other cycles instead of constantly going back to the last three cycles so much.

Wish could have seen more Yoanna or Naima, my two favourite winners. Plus, they should have updated on where the winners are, though I suspect Tyra wasn't willing to put her ego on the line to let us know some of her pickings have been failing. Wonder whether Saleiha is getting any jobs (puke!) Still think she doesn't deserve to have won. Oops... ada yang lom tau result sebab sibuk ikut on free TV or Astro ke? Sorry...

The last nine cycles

I think they should have showed a little more on the bitch fights because I definitely remembered a lot more. Oh well. If you can get your hands on these, it's worth a watch if you're an ANTM fan.

Pastu da abih je, layan the first episode of cycle 10.

A total of 35 girls were shortlisted, including Marvita who didn't make Cycle 9, which I wished hadn't come back. I mean seriously... do we need another Grace Jones wannabe? What's so fresh about that?

Fatima from Somalia is the only one who remotely caught my eye, but what's with the hair? Still, she came with a sob story of being circumcised and a promise of a social cause to eradicate female circumcision, so I guess that made her politically correct to include. Besides, Tyra is always trying so hard to be seen fighting for something, so Fatima should do well.

Claire is scary - and not in a funky way either. Dominique is so bimbo with a horrid tan, though promising for a second.

Kim is just so dumb blonde with a face that looks like she's been chasing parked cars and Lauren looks like a hillbilly reject.

I think of them all - Anya is my favourite, along with Katarzyna. Maybe Amy too though I agree with Miss J that she has quite a dated look.

Oh God... Stacey Ann? Let's not start on the whiny ho.

The rest were pretty forgettable.

Oh yeah... Tyra extended the spots to 14 instead of 13 - supposedly because they were all so good... what a load of crap.

None of the girls stood out, unlike last season when I immediately liked Heather, Lisa and Chantal.

And what's with model prep. Ah.... I miss ANTM. Without it, I'd have nothing to bitch about on and on (siap repeat sebab nak tengok balik and kutuk). This is actually therapeutic.

Model prep? What would be the motto? In Photoshop we trust????

The models for Cycle 10

The second episode was quite ok to watch though because the action started early. One thing for sure, the whole feel and styling of the production had gone a notch up.

The model loft was happening!!! Damn that giant bed! And the lighted catwalk with the video screen!

And for the first challenge... well, I thought it was, but it wasn't really strangely enough, as it didn't appear to weigh so much on the judges decisions nor did it have a winner... was a fashion show for... Badgely Mischka!!!

Oh my God! The models get to parade their latest collection in the middle of Times Square! Gila lah ANTM skang.... makan ati!

Horrible on the catwalk - Marvita (bitch appears to be on crack and staring at her crack), Amis (was she even walking) and Lauren (she walked like she had balls)

The rest were ok or fab but my faves were Dominique, Katarzyna and Claire in trms of their walk. Fatima looked good though she didn't work it on the runway.

I wanted to bitch slap Kim the most as she griped about the price of fashion and so on... come on! What did you think you were entering for, bitch!

But Fatima accidentally did that to Marvita for us. Puas... and this whole conspiracy theory by Marvita konon si Fatima saja nak panaskan dia so she would go past the boiling point and blow up.

However that drama just fizzled out when they later made up after Marvita gave her side of the story and Fatima apologised and they ironed things out.

The models popped by Elite Model Management and met Paulina Porizkova for the first time - who is replacing Twiggy.

And yes, she was right. Dominique looks like a man. Matilah ko!

The homeless theme was whacked - cause for some reason Tyra thought she made a positive difference. Er... pray tell how in stiletto heaven,Tyra, did you just play Oprah there.

Anyway back to Kim. It finally came out during judging whenshe mengaku she didn't want it. Boo ya Tyra! Didn't you see that coming during the weeks of pre-competition???

So Kim decided to LEAVE! Great... sucks for the other girls who didn't make it because of the ho who looked like she'd been chasing parked cars.

In the end poor Atalya had to join the loser ranks of Kim when she got eliminated. No loss really. But considering some of the other girls couldn't walk AT ALL, this was a serious f**k up!

P*ssed off, J rips Kim's picture! While being cool as a cucumber.B*tchy elegance!

Notice his jacket? It's got velcro bits with the girls names. He takes them off when they get eliminated. Nice idea... butt ugly though.The jacket... erm.. and whatever else you think is too.

So it's two models down so far

Atalya's shoot. Not too horrendous actually. Seen worse in ANTM history.

Also managed to watch a couple of movies.. tapi malas review. Nanti jer la esok aku update on something else. Malas siot nak update blog. The lazy bug bites! I promise later over the weekend ada something interesting ok. Ta.